Man who accidentally drank gasoline burns to death

Gary Banning (

A man who had accidentally drunk gasoline died after he later lit a cigarette and exploded in flames.

Gary Banning of North Carolina thought the liquid in a jar on the counter of his friend’s house was a drink. He spit it out, and got some on his pants, according to the

Sometime later, he went outside to smoke a cigarette and burst into flames.

‘It was just a freak incident,’ said WK Preslar, investigator with the Havelock Police Department.

Preslar said Mr Banning was visiting his friend, a mechanic who had used the gasoline to help clean the grease from his hands.

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Laura Weisman

6 Responses

  1. Doug says:

    Another Darwin Award.

  2. Jon Anthony says:

    He knew the health risks of smoking by now….
    {cymbal crash}

    YouTube Please!!!

  3. carlos says:

    1001 ways to die

  4. LL says:

    A man who burns to death is a “Hot Topic?” Real sensitive way to put it.

  5. TheVolleyballGod says:

    Oh man i wonder if the trailer blew up too, thank goodness he wasn’t at Walmart at the time

  6. David says:

    Jonathan Rodriguez looks like a retired Abercrombie & Fitch model.