Trayvon Martin attacked Zimmerman, new report says

Trayvon Martin, left, and George Zimmerman. (File photos)

Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman, knocking the man to the ground, jumping on top of him and slamming his head against the ground several times before the tables turned and Zimmerman shot him, the Orlando Sentinel is quoting law enforcement authorities as saying this afternoon.

Martin, 17 and unarmed, was killed Feb. 26 in the altercation, after Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain, followed Martin through his Sanford, Fla., development, sizing him up as a criminal, and telling a 911 dispatcher as much.

Sanford police told the Sentinel:

Zimmerman … had turned around and was walking back to his SUV when Trayvon approached him from behind, the two exchanged words then Trayvon punched him in the nose, sending him to the ground, and began beating him.

… Zimmerman began yelling for help.

Several witnesses heard those cries, and there’s been a dispute about from whom they came: Zimmerman or Trayvon.

Lawyers for Trayvon’s family say it was Trayvon, but police say their evidence indicates it was Zimmerman.

Zimmerman had a bloody nose, swollen lip and bloody cuts on the back of his head, according to police.

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Laura Weisman

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  3. deb says:

    This is to Stacy…wow is he a hoodlum because of his race?

  4. ct guy says:

    the woman who wrote this has never been in or seen a fight because if someone bloodies your nose knocks you to the ground and then beats your skull into the pavement.your not going to be able to “turn the tables”.that person is making the decisions.i know ive been there and my life was spared.and secondly i looked like i had been in a fight for a month.and if you have a gun why wouldnt you shoot the guy foot or something instead of going for the kill shot? this man is not normal.any normal guy would be trying to get laid or partying with his friends on a sunday night and this guy was out prowling his hood with a gun and the reason?because he always wanted the excuse to shoot someone

  5. Stacy Riccio says:

    I knew it! The little hoodlum got what he deserved.

  6. John Frank says:

    Now the prosecutor is denying that he went to the police station that night and ordered the un-arrest of Zimmerman. One of his on-call assistant prosecutors did speak with investigating officers, and she will not now speak with reporters. There is no explanation why the investigating officer’s initial decision to arrest Zimmerman was overturned, no indication of any injuries ever being documented, and the mortician that handled Trayvon’s body is saying there wasn’t a mark on it that would support the story of a fight. Clearly, if he was shot in the chest, there was some face to face interaction. It sounds like Zimmerman was never authorised by anybody to be part of a neighborhood watch, much less a captain. The fact that he calls himself a neighborhood watch captain, carries a gun, followed Trayvon, against 911 operator’s advice, and got out of his car, points toward Zimmerman as the aggressor who initiated a face-to-face confrontation that went horribly wrong. The way Florida’s stand-your-ground law is written, he may never be convicted, or even arrested as that law grants immunity if the use of defensive deadly force is based on a reasonable belief of imminent danger.

  7. concern citizen says:

    eastsideguyq, who raised you to be a demonized racist idiot? according to the 911 calls and video tapes at the police station, zimmerman and some of the police officers who appeared at the crime scene and at the police station that evening are trying to cover up the true nature of this hellish and senseless murder. i have a question for you and all who think and behave like you, how often in your life time have you heard reports of a cop killing a white male who had done the same crime as a black or latino male? or was driving or walking while white? send me some factual satistics, and i’ll send you recorded history of malicious injustice done to black and brown males every day. is there any room in your heart for the truth about others that are not like you?

  8. Vulture says:

    From the news footage of Zimmerman being brought into police headquarters, he doesn’t have a scratch on him and there is also a lack of ANY blood on his clothes.

  9. psychologist says:

    Police officers do not let suspects go if they have committed an offense of this nature without justifiable cause. Alright, the neighborhood watch was doing his job by watching his neighborhood. The victim did not like the close watch that he was getting from the suspect..the fight broke out, and zimmerman self defended himself with a gun. However, a more dangerous weapon can’t be used if their was a way to escape from an unarmed individual(the victim was unarmed). THE CHARGE IS NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE.

  10. Eastsideguyq says:

    The police have the evidence to support not making an arrest. It will go to the grand jury and they too will decide there is no evidence of a crime here. And when that all happens I hope that people remember the real racists here, spike lee the black panthers, al sharp ton and Jessie Jackson. These clowns all cry racism every chance they get and time and time again are proven wrong. And they never acknowledge the fact they are wrong,yet they are first in line to jump on a white guy for making a comment on air and demand they be fired. White people should wake up, no matter how hard we all try, all the pc bs and all the affirritive action crap, blacks are always going to hate and blame us for everything wrong in their life. And they are the first ones to sepperate themselfs into their own communities and they alway refer to it as the black community. So the writing is on the wall racism is a black issue, not a black and white issue at all anymore.
    And I wonder what Obama is going to do about the black panthers calling for an outright hit on Zimmerman? I wam pretty sure if the KKK did that the nation would be in an uproar. Rightly so! But why the double standard. So is short No Justice, No Peace. Ha I say bring it on.

  11. zenone says:

    So, there is a shooting victim, allegedly the aggressor. Next we have a so called man,(Zimmerman), who was supposedly beaten and the police just let him go? Many holes to fill and looks like thiose holes are filling up with BULLSH*T!!! Did these cops go to the Mark Fuhrman school of police work or did they get their certifications from the KKK? @Hammond Egger, I dont think I would have shot that young man if in fact Zimmerman was stalking him, then approached him and was a smart ass to the 140 lb kid, Zimmerman at 250 lbs. The kid probably jabbed Zimmerman in the nose then realized the victimizer had a gun. Thats when Trayvon yelled for help before being executed.

  12. Not Convinced says:

    Would the Sanford police like to share there evidence with anyone or should we just take their word for it? SO the man with the 9mm who was following the unarmed kid was attacked and was screaming for his life? It doesn’t pass the smell test, so lets see if it passes a lie detector test. Oh, wait he hasn’t been arrested and has fled the scene.

  13. Freedom 123 says:

    The town’s name is Sanford? Starting to look more like Salem.

  14. Hammond Egger says:

    If this account is true,then this was clearly an act of self defense.But everyone is painting this Trayvon as a helpless victim.If someone was pounding my head on concrete,and I was fearing for my life,I would probably do what Zimmerman did.They should have released all these details sooner,we are reliving the Rodney King hysteria,20 yrs later

  15. Geee O'grapher says:

    Is it too late to call off the BLACK panther bounty?