Christopher Walken goes to Stew’s

Funny or Die posted this hilarious video Thursday, featuring Christopher Walken, Richard Belzer and Walken’s, um, assistants visiting Stew Leonard’s in Norwalk. The group then heads back to Westport, where Walken cooks up come sort of chicken dish with pears and onions. The highlight, however, is the group’s visit to Stew’s, where they act like children seeing “the world’s largest dairy store” for the first time. They even visit the petting zoo!

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Mike DeSalvo

4 Responses

  1. begtodiffer says:

    What’s with the two skinny, pasty white ladies? Are they his daughters? They both look like walking mannequins.

  2. fan says:

    I don’t get it. I thought he liked to have at least one dance scene in all his films? He could of danced with the cow….at Srew Leonards.

  3. Cat says:

    Stew Leonard’s has the BEST food!

  4. Test says:

    This is a test.