Chris Rock calls Barack Obama a “white president you can trust”

Chris Rock went on the Jimmy Kimmel show with a “special message for white people.” The provocative comedian then went on to describe Barack Obama as a “white president you can trust.”

The pre-recorded video message has since gone viral with many viewers questioning if the clip is in good taste. Your opinion in the comments below.

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Francisca Ortega

2 Responses

  1. Vulture says:

    Chris Rock and tq are morons.

  2. TQ says:

    No no no. President Obama is a president (period). One must judge a man by his intrinsic values and what he has done for the country and the Rest of the World (which by the way appreciate HIM more than his compatriots for ending violence and the Nobel Price awarded by anticipation is now considered WELL DESERVED, a jolly good job well done by the Nobel Price Committee).

    On the subject of Price awarding: a Lucifer Price can be awarded even now (to you know who) for sending the US Boys to war under false pretenses.