Glenn Beck plans to create his own city

Glenn Beck is thinking big with his latest idea. (AP)

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck is known for having some “interesting” ideas and his latest could literally be his biggest one yet. Glenn Beck is planning “Independence, U.S.A” , which is a city/ community based on free market, limited-government model according to .

Beck, who now resides in Texas, has toured “three possible sites in three different states” and has talked to two governors already.

From :

While Independence is very much a dream at this point, the proposed city-theme park hybrid would bring several of Glenn’s seemingly disconnected projects into one place. Media, live events, small business stores, educational projects, charity, entertainment, news, information, and technology R&D – all of these things would have a home in Independence.

Beck explains his plans some more in this video.

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5 Responses

  1. Fontaine says:

    Are we *sure* this isn’t a promo stunt for Bioshock Infinite?
    If not, I call the franchise concession for the Ammo Bandito!

    A nutty right wing utopia? That should end well…
    Go Galt, just… go!

  2. cactiv says:

    Glenbekistan here we come!

  3. irishpalms says:

    Sign me up and when Rashomon wakes up I’m sure you’ll accept him too….

  4. C says:

    sounds great….he is a smart man with wonderful incite.

  5. Rashomon says:

    Why stop with a city – find another country and be done with it. I’m pretty sure you won’t be missed.