10 weird and wonderful inauguration images from Twitter

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Jeff Elder

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  1. Correction: Newtown Alumni Fund Website: http://www.newtownalumnifund.org

    Reunion website is correctly shown. :-)


    Your Hometown wants to see you! This December’s tragic event in Sandy Hook has opened a wound around the world. Let’s show Newtown and it’s students that although we’ve graduated on begun new lives, we have not forgotten where we came from. Without our wonderful educational system in Newtown, chances are we wouldn’t be where we are today.

    The students in Newtown need to know that one day their pain and fear will begin to give way to healing and strength.

    A MASSIVE ‘All Class Open Reunion’ is being planned for 2013. It is expected to possibly have 1000+ attendees!

    Event proceeds after costs will be donated to the Newtown Alumni Fund/Newtown Rotary. (www.thenewtownalumnifind.org) They are doing fantastic things that are helping those most imapacted by the Sandy Hook tragedy.

    In order to find out more, Alumni must go to the following website and complete a quick Questionnaire, NO LATER THAN FEB.17th!

    Reunion Website: http://www.thegreatnewtownctreunion2013.com

    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Great.Newtown.CT.Reunion.2013