Ron Jeremy hospitalized with heart aneurysm

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Legendary porn star Ron Jeremy is in critical condition in a Los Angeles hospital after suffering a heart aneurysm.

The adult film actor admitted himself into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Tuesday, complaining of severe chest pains.

His condition worsened overnight and he has since been receiving treatment in the intensive care unit.

Jeremy’s manager, Mike Esterman, tells the 59 year old is currently being prepared for emergency surgery.

The star, who has appeared in over 2,000 porn movies throughout his career, had been booked to appear at a Super Bowl Sunday party this weekendin Dedham, Mass., although it is not yet known if he will be well enough to honour the commitment.

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  2. pink says:

    Was he working when his heart gave out?
    Come on Hedgehog pull through!!

  3. Ruby says:

    What has Ron Jeremy have to do with Newtown and gun control???

  4. garry roman says:

    i hope he pulls out ok—-threw ok—— lets all get on our knees and prey—-ya right —– keep it up , dont let us down Ron— you are a big shot—- the biggest .You bring gun control to a whole—————new level. I know your heart is on—– in bed i always looked up to it

  5. ArthurEmeritusky says:

    THose of you who get your news from someplace other then MSNBC and local liquor impared editors now know the Newtown father was not heckled. THERE IS NOTHING MORE CORRUPT THEN THE AMERICAN NEWS MEDIA.