Beyonce blasts press corps with national anthem to quell controversy

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Beyonce strode into a Super Bowl press conference packed with perhaps 500 journalists from around the world and belted out the national anthem on Thursday to quell the controversy around her inaugural lip-syncing.

Upon reaching a brightly lit stage in the New Orleans convention center, Beyonce asked the press to stand, then gave a commanding rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner” that rocked the press corps on its heels.

For a minute.

Then reporters asked about the inaugural, and whether she would sing to a backing track at halftime of the Super Bowl, where she is the featured performer. “I will most definitely be singing live,” she said. “I am well-rehearsed.”

She also explained — and admitted — her lip-syncing at the inauguration because “I’m a perfectionist” who felt unprepared to make her country and president proud, due to the weather and rushed preparations of the inauguration. She said she did sing, but along with a pre-recorded track. It was her first statement about the controversy since the inaugural.

The oddest question of the press conference came from a Danish reporter who asked Beyonce what color her toothbrush is.

The answer: Multi-colored.

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  1. TheVolleyballGod says:

    sHE IS IN DAMAGE CONTROL she does not want to get boo’ed at the Superbowl when she lip synchs yet again, the song she sang sucked and no one saw the lady singing behind the curtain to help her out

    Hey Beyonce.. SUCKAH