Duct tape over nipples could keep women out of prison in N.C.?

Strategically placed duct tape is the latest addition to the ongoing story of North Carolina lawmakers’ attempt to imprison women for six months if they bare their breasts in public.
N.C. state lawmaker Tim Moore has suggested women can take their shirts off and stay out of jail with the help of a couple of strips of duct tape. “You know what they say: Duct tape fixes everything,” Moore is quoted as saying.
Moore’s helpful comments came in discussion of North Carolina’s House Bill 34, introduced the day before Valentine’s Day and now headed to the statehouse, which makes it a felony to expose “private parts” in the Tar Heel State.
Indecent exposure is already illegal statewide, and many cities and towns have their own laws restricting the baring of women’s breasts. Not Asheville, a liberal town in the N.C. mountains, which is where this all began.
Back in August a dozen women took their shirts off at an Asheville rally to promote gender equality. Little did they know the anarchy they were revealing.
Rep. Rayne Brown (R), co-sponsored the bill, saying that while it may seem frivolous and even funny, “there are communities across this state, there’s local governments across this state, and also local law enforcement for whom this issue is really not a laughing matter,” according to WRAL in Raleigh, N.C.
(If you need a cultural contrast to the furious N.C. legislating, consult San Francisco’s legal nudity ban, which is simply trying to get men to put some pants on around town, and which is considered by some to be unfairly restrictive.
N.C. taxpayers who think this is not the most important issue in the state are taking to Twitter to lampoon the issue.

Meanwhile, this guy at an N.C. State basketball game and captured in a GIF by SBNation, appears to be well within his rights.

SBNation GIF

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Jeff Elder

7 Responses

  1. d head says:

    what about the short hair,s

  2. LaserGuy says:

    Ha.. So what about MEN with bigger man boobs than half the women being arrested. God forbid a child (or obviously some adults) should see a breast, and think it’s feeding time..

  3. Kim OHalloran says:

    A felony!!!
    You must have lost all common sense. These lawmakers need to take a poll at one of their meetings and ask their membership if they have ever mooned anyone as a joke. A misdemeanor maybe but our society needs to have another look at what REAL crimes are like shooting innocent people in a school or movie theater. THAT’S A CRIME! Go NC State!

  4. Storm says:

    Just make it equal. I’m not sure why people get so upset about the female form. Make topless legal or illegal for both sexes. Though I think we be better of making topless legal, and in a hundred years having our descendants considering our ways quaint.

  5. Bill says:

    I’ll stand behind a woman’s right to go shirtless. Better yet I’ll stand in front.

  6. George says:

    I am surprised to learn that San Francisco has a ban on public nudity, since NYC passed a city Ordinance several years ago, giving everyone( women) the right to be bare breasted in public. I think it is disgusting, not private nudity, but public nudity. I am a progressive conservative, if there can be such a political preference, but enough is enough. Be nude at home. Invite me over and I’ll look, but not in public please.

  7. Melissa Bishop says:

    Duct tape? What about when she takes the tape off at home? Do you want that stuff attached to your manly parts?