Shatner: MacFarlane ruins the Oscars

Two of the first jokes fired off Seth MacFarlane’s lips at the Oscars fell flat Sunday night. The first off-color jibe was made at Rihanna and Chris Brown’s expense, while the second barb targeted Mel Gibson.

The Gibson joke, when McFarlane said the reason there were so many n-bombs in the script for Django Unchained is because it was based on Mel Gibson’s voice mails didn’t earn many fans early on. In fact, it garnered more boos than anything. Apparently it’s too soon to joke about the actor’s terrible verbal attacks?

Shortly after going after Gibson, William Shatner dropped down on a big screen to warn MacFarlane to step up his game, lest he be marked down in history as the worst Academy Awards host in history.

How do you think the Family Guy writer is doing during his first hosting gig?

13 Responses

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  3. Shawn says:

    haha, standard responses from the same old conservative, right wing nutjobs that still inhabit the U.S.A. I think the fact that north america is about to sink would garner more attention than Seth McFarlanes jokes about Lincoln. Seth was awesome. Get over yourselves!!

  4. Kim says:

    Is it really a suprise that the writer of the most tasteless, reprehensible show ever to be broadcast would represent himself this way. No doubt, some of the defending commenters are the same people that do, or would allow their children to watch this toxic trash. After all, it’s only a cartoon, right?

  5. Arriba says:

    Macfarlane was disgraceful. The “joke” about Boothe and being inside Lincoln’s head was an abomination. Why didn’t ABC S&P review and delete these most heinous, offensive remarks? Not funny. Ill willed. Will not look at Oscars again. Stay at your computer, Macfarlane, stay off the stage.

  6. jim says:

    Does any of this really matter?? The govt is about to be shut down and you are all worried about this clown being the worst host of all the glorified over paid hollywood liberals? Its amazing that this is all a major news item in this country. Get over it everyone. It really does not matter

  7. LaserGuy says:

    Seth was GREAT.. A breath of fresh air into the old stuffy Politically Correct B.S. the Oscars usually are.

  8. Don says:

    I think he was great and I laughed out loud numerous times. I think the bigger issue is how many awards Hollywood has…. They want an award for anything and everything but Seth was the only reason I tuned in. I fast forwarded the speeches but listened to him…

  9. doc tari says:

    Seth was great. Sounds like most of you did not ‘get it’ possibly you probably would not get half the jokes in family guy…or sesame street for that matter.
    His job was to turn things on their head a bit because hollywood has become even more of a joke of pretentiousness than it used to be. Sock puppet Flight video was a riot….and seth can sing!!!

  10. Ajax says:

    Look. You can’t really believe the producers didn’t know what he was going to say. Like someone else mentioned, the purpose of the dark humored jokes were as a lead-in to the bit that followed. If they didn’t want edgy they should have hired Crystal back. We thought he was just fine. It even took Fox three times to understand why he is so popular so it doesn’t surprise us that people who take themselves too seriously have trouble with him. This is our modern times, get used to it.

  11. CSB says:

    I thought he did pretty good compared to recent hosts. The Lincoln joke was a complete setup for the lines that followed it and the really bad jokes to open up the thing were a setup for Shatner. Come on folks, not everyone is going to be Billy Crystal.

  12. Bob says:

    You might as well add Michelle Obama who had NO business crashing the Oscars. MacFarlane was offensive and not entertaining. His quips, although scripted, were often offensive. That’s 3 years in a row for poor hosting.

  13. Chris Cook says:

    Seth MacFarlane is in so deeply over his head tbat he just should just be allowed to drown like an ill-fated, unwanted kitten in a coffee can punched full of holes, and be forgotten.
    There were so many offensive remarks, such bad taste – his what’s-in-Lincoln’s head comment being the apex – that I hope we never see him in this role again. Whose rotten idea for a host was this guy anyway??
    Christopher Cook