FOX CT criticized for Women’s Day coverage

Fox CT is apologizing for it’s coverage of Wednesday’s Women’s Day at the Capitol. The affiliate’s story featured closeup footage of women’s breasts and little else.

The event’s organizers, Hartford-based Permanent Commission on the Status of Women, released the following statement:

“We are appalled at the level of sexism this incident shows. It is an insult not only to the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women and to all who attended Women’s Day at the Capitol, which marked the PCSW’s 40-year battle against gender discrimination, but to women everywhere who are tired of being objectified. Anyone who doubts the existence of the ‘war on women’ need look no further than Fox News. We invite the executives at Fox to ask about our Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention trainings, which would help them and their staff learn a little more about what goes on above a woman’s shoulders.”

Fox CT took to social media to issue an apology, tweeting this statement at least three times Wednesday afternoon:

H/T Huffington Post

Mike DeSalvo