Designer reimagines Connecticut flag

A talented designer with perhaps too much time on his hands took it upon himself to redesign the 50 state flags after discovering they lack unity.


Connecticut’s state flag, left, and Ed Mitchell’s reimagined version, right.

“I was immediately bothered by how discordant they are as a group, and I wasn’t surprised to learn they break just about every rule of flag design.” designer Ed Mitchell said on his website. “When you look at them all together, there’s no indication they come from the same nation.”

To solve this dilemma, Mitchell’s reimagined flags use only the colors red, white and blue.

So what’s going on with Connecticut’s flag?

Our real flag bears the seal of Connecticut, which contains three grape vines. Those vines symbolize Connecticut’s first three towns: Windsor, Wethersfield and Hartford.

Mitchell’s redesign features only a single bunch of grapes, a small holdover from the state seal.

In fact, many of Mitchell’s state flags sacrifice historical imagery for the sake of unity. Changes to these long-standing symbols certainly don’t sit well in places where state pride is a way of life, e.g. Texas.

You can see all of Mitchell’s state flags in the gallery below. Make sure you check out New York’s flag — it’s actually pretty cool — and take our poll under the gallery.

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Mike DeSalvo