City: Conn. dog’s life isn’t illegal

The living conditions of a dog in northern Bridgeport have generated some buzz on social media this week, but city animal control officers have been to the owner’s home and say they don’t see anything that breaks state or local animal laws.

A Brooklyn woman named Leslie Levenson Dau wrote on her Facebook page that a friend had told her about the dog, kept in an enclosure in the 700 block of Frenchtown Road near the Trumbull line.

Dau wrote that a friend told her the dog is constantly caged and crying and isn’t let out to relieve himself on the grass on the property. She said the dog’s owner doesn’t let the dog out and hoses its feces and urine down a drain in the cage.

She encouraged friends to contact police and city officials and called for the dog’s surrender.

But the city says they’ve already been out to see the dog. Spokesman William Kaempffer said that city animal control officers have been to the house where the dog is kept “at least four times over the last two weeks.”

He said they’ve inspected the site and documented it on video. They also checked the dog and said it appears to be in good health.

Kaempffer said the animal officers found the dog is kept in an enclosure with two sections: a concrete slab where the dog can walk around and a second section with heat, hay, food and water.

“At this time, however, the owner is not violating any law in the care of his dog,” Kaempffer said. “We absolutely will continue to monitor the situation.”

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Mike DeSalvo

2 Responses

  1. Gene Corey says:

    This story is too sad. Why have a dog and keep him penned up? Dogs are not meant to be held in captivity that way. If the law allows that kind of thing then it’s time to change the law. Something is wrong here and the poor dog gets to suffer.

  2. I just don’t understand and never will why anyone keeps an animal and gives this existence!! This is not living!! This is a living breathing soul!! To me, this is no different than locking your toddler in the basement and giving them basic bare essentials! I’ll give this guy $100 out of my own pocket right now if he’ll give me his dog and I’m fairly certain other people will get behind me and offer as much if not more! This just enrages me! What is wrong with people!? This is how you show love to a dog?