Are puppies replacing people in Fairfield County?

Yesterday, we reported that while nationally, it looks like young couples are increasingly opting to buy dogs rather than have babies, that trend didn’t seem to be carrying over to Fairfield County. We decided to test those numbers with an admittedly unscientific poll on Facebook and Twitter—would our readers send in more photos of dogs or babies when asked?

Well, it looks like the human race may soon die out in southwestern Connecticut, because no-one seems to have a baby to show off. The pain of that harsh reality is softened a bit by how cute everyone’s dogs are, though. If you’d like to prove that Connecticut humans are not, in fact, headed for the scrap heap of history (or if you just want to reinforce the necessity of opening up job-training programs and higher education opportunities to dogs), send your baby or puppy pictures to us at, tweet them to us, or post them on our Facebook wall.

Now, meet the dogs who’ll be taking over Fairfield County as we humans die off: