‘The last Crumbs cupcake’ sold for $255

Someone paid $255 for a Crumbs “birthday cupcake” on eBay last week, likely the most anyone has ever paid for a frozen, days-old cupcake.

The cupcake reportedly came from the Crumb’s Bake Shop on 42nd Street in New York City. The item’s description on the online auction site does not mention when the cupcake was purchased from Crumbs, but the seller assured prospective bidders the cupcake would be frozen to preserve it.

The cupcake was posted on eBay on July 8, the same day news of the cupcake shop’s demise broke.  The auction ended July 11.

The buyer actually outbid a fellow deep-pocketed Crumbs fanatic, who offered $250 for the cupcake.

Many more Crumbs cupcakes — ranging in price from $15 to $999 (buy it now option) — have gone unsold or continue to languish without bidders on the eBay auction block. They’re also getting older by the day.

Meanwhile, a shop in Paducah, Kentucky, is apparently still selling Crumbs cupcakes.


Crumbs had Fairfield County locations in Greenwich, Stamford, Danbury and Westport.

Mike DeSalvo