Heat wave leads to nudity-related police calls?

Above: New York and Connecticut residents cope with the heat on Tuesday.


It’s been a hot one on the East Coast this past week, but just how hot? So much so that Connecticut has racked up a couple of calls for nudity-related offenses.

A 60-year-old man was arrested for nude sunbathing in his backyard in New Canaan. The cops say he’s been up to it for years, but apparently today was the final straw for an 80-year-old neighbor, who called in to report the offense on August 25.

Although there were sheets blocking the view to his backyard from the ground level, police said the man could be seen from higher-level houses in the area.

Over in Fairfield, police were called to a home after a man retrieved his newspaper in the buff on Sunday.

Police believe he is the same man about whom they received a report in August, when a caller said a man was walking down the street, completely naked, at 2 a.m. one morning.

Chris Preovolos