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Video purports to show Russian bigfoot

A new video that shows a bipedal bear-like figure walking through a snowy woodland area is creating excitement in the sasquatch enthusiast community. The footage was captured by a group of bigfoot

Report: ‘7th Heaven’ star admits to child molestation

Stephen Collins, the actor who played the dad on the long-running TV show “7th Heaven,” has confessed on tape to molesting children, according to TMZ. The tape recording, from a 2012 couples therapy

4-year-old banned from Connecticut doughnut shop

A 4-year-old in Monroe learned the hard way Tuesday to never ask a woman if she’s pregnant. According to WFSB, Monroe’s Doughnut Inn has banned Justin Otero, 4, for being”rude,” a day after he asked a

Video: Derek Jeter poses for selfie with fan

Ever wonder what it’s like to be Derek Jeter? The video above, shot outside the Trump International Hotel, offers a hint. Bet you didn’t think The Captain drove himself around New York.

‘The last Crumbs cupcake’ sold for $255

Someone paid $255 for a Crumbs “birthday cupcake” on eBay last week, likely the most anyone has ever paid for a frozen, days-old cupcake. The cupcake reportedly came from the Crumb’s Bake Shop on 42nd

Crumbs cupcakes going for big bucks on eBay

The Crumbs empire has fallen, but the gourmet cupcakes are still for sale on eBay. Just don’t expect to pay regular prices. A search of the online auction site late Monday afternoon turned up more

Erykah Badu interrupts live news broadcast

A Grammy-winning singer made a bizarre, unscheduled appearance on New York’s PIX11 last week. Erykah Badu video-bombed Mario Diaz’s live shot Friday, then attempted to kiss Diaz before he rebuffed

City: Conn. dog’s life isn’t illegal

The living conditions of a dog in northern Bridgeport have generated some buzz on social media this week, but city animal control officers have been to the owner’s home and say they don’t see anything

Designer reimagines Connecticut flag

A talented designer with perhaps too much time on his hands took it upon himself to redesign the 50 state flags after discovering they lack unity. “I was immediately bothered by how discordant they

Are these the best Halloween decorations in Connecticut?

Greenwich Time photographer Bob Luckey snapped these fantastic photos of a house in the Chickahominy section of Greenwich. It got us wondering about what other great decorations are out there. This is