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100 most repellent celebrities of the past 100 years

Last week I asked readers to give me their most repellent celebrities of the past 100 years.  I nominated Dean Martin. Others piled on.  The results are above. Aside from Martin, the people listed are

Sexiest People in Movies — The Response

Last week I asked readers to respond to the Empire magazine list, which listed EMMA WATSON and BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH as the sexiest people in movie history. I asked readers to come up with their own

Movies with complicated endings

Some people have asked me what’s the difference between a complex ending and an ambiguous ending. An ambiguous ending doesn’t commit. It’s the worst. It says nothing, means nothing. It’s a refusal to engage. The usual endings you find in movies do commit; they end on a particular note. A complex ending ends on a  

R-rated movies that should have been rated PG-13

When I was a kid — like 14 — nudity sometimes occurred in PG movies (as in, for example, THE DAY OF THE JACKAL) and violence was sometimes enough to get an R rating. Now the R rating is routinely given for any movie with any nudity, or any movie with two or more F-words,  

When Bad Movies Happen to Good Directors

Terrence Malick’s TO THE WONDER is ambitious, occasionally inspired and often interesting, but there is just no way to call it a good movie. Yet he is one of the greatest directors in the world, the

The Most Annoying Celebrity of 2013 … Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway, who has won numerous acting awards in the last three months, is also the hands down winner of Most Annoying Celebrity of 2013, as chosen by readers of this blog. She took an early lead

All the Oscar scenarios

Well, here is your annual opportunity to see the sausage being made.  My Oscar recap — a fairly long article — is due less than 45 minutes after the Oscars are over.  And that’s assuming it ends ON

They Wuz Robbed — By the Academy

The Academy has made some mistakes over the years, some big ones; they’ve already made some big mistakes this year, and the awards haven’t even been given out yet.  And if you believe the prognosticators, it looks like they’re primed to make a few more mistakes at the ceremony on February 24. And so today