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Batting champ or batting chump?

It had all the makings of a coronation. It was the only reason Met fans were interested in following the team for the last few weeks of another hapless season. But in a shocking turn of events, they

Irene leaves strange sights: Look, it’s a…BOAT!

Tropical Storm Irene pounded Fairfield County’s coastline Sunday, leaving in it a wake of flooding, historic power outages and widespread damage. Irene exposed us New Englanders to things we are not

Eyewitness to Disaster: Tropical Storm Irene blasts Fairfield

Tropical Storm Irene came ashore in Fairfield, CT on Sunday morning, blasting the coastline with strong winds and a destructive tidal surge. The Long Island Sound turned Fairfield Beach Road into an

Video Slideshow: Irene strikes the CT shoreline

Hurricane Irene battered coastal Connecticut on Sunday causing historic power outages, widespread downed trees and severe flooding. Follow the historic storm through the lens of residents who

Have you experienced a Hurricane in CT?

When you hear the word Hurricane, most think of names like Andrew and Katrina and states like Florida and New Orleans. Connecticut residents usually are drawn to their televisions, watching the