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Skate park’s noise too much for Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie is known for making loud music. But now he just wants some quiet. A few months ago, a small skate park opened at Hollow Park in Woodbury, Conn., near where the musician-turned-filmmaker lives with his wife, Sheri Moon Zombie. According to Patch, Moon Zombie complained about noise from the skate park at a  
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Exclusive photos of Sean Parker’s lavish wedding

If displays of opulence are your thing, you might want to take a peek at Vanity’s Fair’s just-published photos of tech billionaire Sean Parker’s elaborate medieval wedding. Highlights include flaxen-haired fairy-princess bride Alexandra Lemas, a nine-foot-tall wedding cake, Tolkeinsian costumes and Olivia Munn holding a bunny. Other notable guests included Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, Gavin  
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Russian proposal: Paid leave for menstruating

A Russian politico concerned with the well-being of the fairer sex proposed a law that would let women take two paid days off to suffer the agony of menstruation at home. Isn’t that sweet? Nationalist lawmaker and Moscow mayoral candidate Mikhail Degtyaryov – a 32-year-old with two sons – wrote on his website of his  
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Update: What would a Big Mac cost if McDonald’s doubled pay?

Update: The story this blog post was based on: “Doubling McDonald’s Salaries Would Cause Your Big Mac To Cost Just 68¢ More” on The Huffington Post was based an faulty data. The Huffington Post says on its site, “The research used as the basis of the story contains significant errors that cast doubts on its  
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Korean parody takes fake-name revenge over KTVU gaffe

KTVU just got a taste of its own medicine. Sort of. A South Korean TV newscast parody (evidently akin to The Onion) took a jab at the San Francisco Bay Area station’s epic Asian-names blunder when an anchor obliviously read obviously fake pilot names like “Wi Tu Lo” on air, a screw-up that cost three veteran producers  
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‘Oz’ dress fetches a whopping $300,000

Although eclipsed by the Sound of Music costume lot, which sold for $1,300,000, the Oz dress brought in a whopping $300,000! Another highlight of the auction was a cane used by Charlie Chaplin as part of his Little Tramp costume, which sold for $350,000. Not bad for a piece of bamboo. There were over 450  
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Stoli boycott protests Russian anti-gay laws

Russia’s been making headlines lately for its draconian homophobic legislation and systematic persecution of LGBT citizens and foreign nationals, which prompted some U.S. bars to boycott Stolichnaya vodka in protest. For an idea of how bad it is, look at these photos of the bloody beatings of gay rights activists at the St. Petersburg pride march this  

62% of women check phone during sex, British survey finds

We use our phones to take pictures during meals. We text on the toilet. We check for missed calls and messages first thing in the morning. We take one last scroll through Facebook before drifting off to sleep. So perhaps unsurprisingly,  many of us also answer the phone during sex, according to a survey recently  
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Digg founder, defending his dog, chucks raccoon down stairs

Google Ventures partner and Digg founder Kevin Rose can add “hero” to his resume. The tech mogul was awoken in the middle of the night Saturday when a raccoon attacked his dog right outside his San Francisco home. Rose quickly, instinctively intervened by scooping up the raccoon and hurling it down the stairs, saving his  

Who’s older: Selena Gomez or Kate Upton?

Actress Selena Gomez, who started her career on “Barney & Friends” before moving on to the Disney Channel, celebrated her 21st birthday on Monday. But can you tell if she’s older or younger than
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