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Video: TV station crew takes shelter from tornadoes while on the air

KSN-TV employees and meteorologists in Wichita took shelter from a tornado Sunday, May 19, while continuing to broadcast from a safe place. AP has the raw video.

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Viral video: A baby monkey takes a bath

As if a bathing monkey weren’t enough, this video has a bonus: The newscasters have some great ideas for other baby pets, plus they invent two new words while on the air.

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TV: Cancelled Shows We Won’t Miss One Little Bit

By David Weigand This week, the broadcast networks finish the annual upfronts, the process by which networks try to woo advertisers with bright and shiny objects called “New Fall Shows.”
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The wacky world of the Eurovision Song Contest

Forget all that E.U. ‘we are all brothers’ nonsense, Europeans are fiercely patriotic and right now a battle royal of nationalism is brewing…in Malmö, Sweden. But this ain’t the Euro Cup, we’re talking about the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest and it’s your chance to see some seriously entertaining musical acts duke it out for the  
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Reporters say video shows Toronto mayor smoking crack

After facing accusations of violating campaign laws, making obscene comments, public drunkenness and squandering public funds, it didn’t seem possible that a controversy existed that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford hadn’t faced. At least until two news sources came forward, Thursday, claiming to have seen a video they say shows Rob Ford smoking from a crack  
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Geotagging shows where the haters are

The eastern half of the U.S. must be sippin’ on haterade. A group of academics, adorably and somewhat mysteriously dubbed Floating Sheep, came out with a study called “Geography of Hate,” a color-coded image that maps out racist, homophobic and anti-disability tweets. California’s Humboldt State University helped the group analyze geotagged tweets, manually reading through 150,000  

Campaign uses homeless to undermine Abercrombie’s image

Angry at Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries’ exclusivity, a Los Angeles filmmaker decided to give away the brand’s clothes to the homeless. Greg Karber caught his charity rebranding mission on video, uploaded it to YouTube and asked others to join him in the marketing effort to undermine the company’s uppity image. Karber’s not the only  

Gazan smugglers going underground to bring in KFC

A smuggler carries food from Kentucky Fried Chicken to be delivered through an underground tunnel linking the Gaza Strip to Egypt   Finger lickin’ good it may be, but this is taking things a little too far. Some residents of Gaza have taken to smuggling in fried chicken and all the fixin’s from neighboring Egypt  
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You can turn anything into a taco

Taco Bell’s new experimental waffle taco inspires BuzzFeed to turn everything into a taco:

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What European country is the most arrogant?

The French are the most arrogant people on the planet, right? Just look at this totally non-fake example of an actual Parisian. That’s the stereotype anyway, but now Pew Research has actually released polling data on stereotyping within the European Union — and it’s interesting. According to Pew, the French even think they are the  
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