Study: Oreos just as addictive as drugs (for lab rats, anyway)

Like many humans, rats go tend to go for the middle first when Oreos are offered to them, per a study conducted at New London’s Connecticut College. The research further revealed that the lab rats

Mexican announcer goes berserk as USA saves Mexico’s World Cup bid

Mexico was on the brink of being eliminated from the World Cup — which they haven’t missed since 1990 — but when the U.S. defeated Panama last night, their hopes were kept alive. The significance of the stunning U.S. victory in stoppage time was not lost on this Mexican announcer, who goes absolutely berserk in  

Video: Car hit by two trains, driver survives

This comes from Utah, but the video is still pretty shocking. The Associated Press reports that a woman was trying to evade police in Woods Cross, Utah when the first train hit her car. In the video

Students panic as Common App crashes

The blood pressure has jumped for thousands of seemingly healthy high school seniors as  Common Application’s website has encountered technical difficulties as the first early deadlines for some

All the world’s a stage at Disneyland: The theme park’s best entertainment

  . This Summer Mickey Mouse was in the limelight again, starring in the new musical stage show Mickey and the Magical Map, which opened at Disneyland last month. The curious character is once again donning his red wizard robe and reporting to sorcerer Yen Sid as he famously did in the 1940 animated film  

Here’s what to do with all that leftover Halloween candy

Here’s a Halloween postcard from the strange world of Big Appetites, a book that made its author, Christopher Boffoli, a finalist for a James Beard Award. Boffoli has shared a collection of his best candy-themed shots, in honor of the year’s sweetest and scariest holiday. Just be glad you don’t have to fix the peanut  

Fairfield County CT resident, Joe Scarborough, gets ‘quiet’ divorce

Sources are reporting that MSNBC morning anchor Joe Scarborough and his wife of more than 11 years, Susan Warren, have gotten a divorce. Documents show that they filed divorce papers last year but

Raiders fan strips, gets Tasered at British airport

Sounds like England’s ready for its own “Black Hole.” A 52-year-old guy in a Raiders T-shirt stepped off a plane at the Manchester Airport last week, denuded himself and proceeded to get Tasered by local authorities. The Manchester Evening news was all over the story, which went global, in part, because it was accompanied by