Google Maps easter egg for ‘Doctor Who’ fans: the TARDIS

As a treat for fans of a show that everyone seems to like except me (flame shield on), Google has seen fit to reward the legions of “Doctor Who” devotees with an easter egg in Google Maps. Travel to the Earl’s Court subway station from this link here and click the double-white arrows that appear  
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You are the 10 percent: International Left-Handers Day

Aug. 13 might be the only day that it’s OK to lean to the left. That’s because it’s International Left-Handers’ Day. Yep, there’s a day for it, set aside to highlight the people who for eons have been relegated to living in a right-handed world. It’s not just a day, though, it’s a movement. Google  
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Detroit PD accidentally releases bra sizes of female officers

A Detroit Police Department employee inadvertently released the bra sizes of all female officers to the entire department. See how:

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Ashton Kutcher on the ‘sexiest thing in the world’

Ashton Kutcher picked up a Teen Choice Award on Sunday, and then he began dropping knowledge. “The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart. And being thoughtful. And being generous.
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Near-death study: Brains explode with activity as heart stops

“Near-death experiences” or the sudden rush of a feeling of peace, seeing dead relatives/angels, a light at the end of a tunnel … These experiences – if the explosion of activity in brains of rats as they die is any indication – might just be physical noise. In a new study released this week –  
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Video captures lightning striking Tokyo commuter train

So, how was your commute? Probably not as eventful as this commuter train ride in Tokyo. This video dramatically captures lightning striking the train as it crosses a bridge today. Remarkably, no one was believed to be hurt, the UK’s Daily Mail reports. Another train was struck by lightning in Tokyo as well, the Daily  
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Model strips in New York restaurant in name of art

Houston model Shelby Carter did more than ignore the standard “no shirt, no shoes, no service” policy of most restaurants when she stripped at the Salon de Ning, a posh Manhattan dining spot on the rooftop terrace of the Peninsula Hotel, on Sunday. According to the Daily Mail, Carter, a model, artist, writer and fashion blogger, took  
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Fake service dogs sully reputation of real K-9 helpers

Fake service dogs are a real problem, akin to a perfectly able-bodied person hogging a handicap parking spot. An undercover reporter added to the problem one recent afternoon to prove a point – well, two points, really, one of which was that it was a slow news day. New York Post reporter Tara Palmeri ‘fitted  
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