Doctor banned for prescribing drug as gay ‘cure’

Homosexuality still isn’t a “disease” that people can “cure,” but that doesn’t stop some people from throwing drugs at the “problem.” In a wild case in Australia, a teen was prescribed Cyprostat, a “chemical castration” drug that hampers testosterone, by a doctor affiliated with the Exclusive Brethren Christian sect. The doctor, Mark Craddock, was recently […]
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Audio: Bobby Valentine wants to punch radio host in mouth

This hasn’t been a banner season for the Boston Red Sox and first-year manager Bobby Valentine. The Red Sox and their $173 million payroll were never a factor. By August, they had fallen far out of
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Video: Cops steer cow off Colchester highway

Police in Colchester had their hands full trying to keep stray cows off Route 2 this morning, according to the Hartford Courant. The Norwich Bulletin confirmed the loose livestock had been led back
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Seattle cops fish slippery nude suspect out of lake

Seattle people like to think that they get the city back to themselves after Labor Day as most of the tourists head home. But some of the crazies remain. Seattle police say a man tackled a 16-year-old girl at a popular Seattle park on Tuesday and attacked a young man. Then he stripped naked and […]
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Meet Houston’s littlest 12-year-old DJ sensation

She’s only 4 feet, 9 inches tall and nearly a decade away from the legal drinking age.  But give her a box to stand on and a parent chaperone and 12-year-old Elle Morgan can be found at clubs throughout Houston getting the party started. The daughter of two parents who work in the club industry, […]
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Breaking: Bob Denver, still dead

Twitter has been afire with news of Bob Denver’s passing. Trouble is, the Gilligan’s Island star has been dead since 2005. But check out the tweets and remember, the internet does not lie: [View the story “Bob Denver is still dead” on Storify]
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International Bodypainting Festival

The human body became a canvas for artists at the 2012 International Bodypainting Festival in South Korea. The festival is the largest event in the field of body painting and spreads the art form to
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Supervisor Mar and wife ending 25-year marriage

This just in from Nicole Derse, the main political consultant for Supervisor Eric Mar re-election campaign. It was headlined  “Press Release — Supervisor Mar’s Divorce Statement” and sent on campaign stationary: “Supervisor Eric Mar and Sandra Chin-Mar are in the process of finalizing the end of their 25-year marriage.  Despite their separation, Eric and Sandra will share joint custody of […]
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