Images/prints of the frontier

We saw “The Master” this weekend, which sent us on a Paul Thomas Anderson kick. I will say that while I liked “The Master,” I think my favorite PTA movie is “There Will Be Blood.” We were watching some extra features on that DVD (“There Will Be Blood”) last night, one of which was a […]
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A bookshelf obsession

I’m moving this weekend to what feels like my first grownup apartment ever. I’m a little late to this milestone, but I’m here nonetheless and am being careful and very picky about what I intend to furnish this Adult Place with. Bookshelves. I’ve decided shelving is going to be the thing that brings the whole […]
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What about magnetic wallpaper?

Chalkboards are dusty. Refrigerators get cluttered. There’s only so much stainless-steel furniture one can put in one’s house. But what about those of us who want to put magnets on EVERYthing?? OK, OK, this is magnetic wallpaper! And if you’re thinking magnetic wallpaper is for kids or magnetic-poetry addicts, you’re not exactly correct. Magscapes manufactures, […]

A blog that has it all

Came across this blog, Sew Many Ways, when looking for organization tips. Organization tips are something you can really never have enough of, and Sew Many Ways includes posts on closet arranging, craft storage, candle organizing, even magazine purging (something I need a lot a lot a lot of help with). There are also before-and-after-illustrated […]
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Hanging chair anyone?

I know I’ve been MIA. (And Brianna’s been filling in more than her fair share of posts. Thank you Brianna.) And I could offer a ton of explanations, but the list would be long and dreary so I’m not going to bother. Instead I’m going to call your attention to this blast from my past […]

Let Justin Timberlake decorate your house

I posted on Facebook about the Justin Timberlake home-decor project a couple of months ago, because it’s so funny!, but by then they hadn’t launched yet. But ladies and gentlemen, Home Mint is now fully launched. The idea of the site is to curate for you these hip, sexy items. Your curators are, of course, […]
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Friendship platters

I found these on Design Milk. Designed by Dombon-a-tanya, of Budapest, these platters are inspired by the Hungarian tradition of friends exchanging gifts of food served on platters. Each of these eight variations can be used for any big occasion: new babies, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. And the cool thing about these is that they balance […]
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DIY knockoffs

Someone recently asked a funny question on Facebook: When shopping online, does anybody really search prices from high to low? Probably not. Unless you’re looking for a good laugh. But it’s true that our shopping dreams are regularly dashed by budget-blowing prices. Cynical questions about manufacturing costs vs. retail start to stir in our brains […]
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