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Gorgeous handmade rugs

Like wallpaper, rugs can add texture and excitement to a room. Also like wallpaper, rugs can be old, gross, outdated and distracting. So when I came across these rugs at Amy Butler Design, I had to share them. These are beautifully detailed — handmade!!! — and so interesting to look at. See for yourself: and: […] [Read More]
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Small cool place

Apartment Therapy‘s is one of our favorite blogs and a must-stop in the design/home decor blogosphere. Seriously. Bookmark it now. Every year the site runs a Small Cool Apartment contest and every year I lust over the creativity of the people who making big things over very small spaces. It’s inspiring on many levels. One […] [Read More]

Top Three Thursdays

Kicking off our weekly (or mostly weekly since I know I haven’t been as consistent as I would like in recent months due to a ridiculous workload) lovefest with Etsy on Top Three Thursdays is this striking mid-century Scandinavian sofa from Open Air Modern‘s shop. It looks to be in terrific shape and will seat […] [Read More]

What concrete can do for your garden

Concrete seems like a tricky area of experimental yard art. I know it’s irrational (probably?), but whenever I come across wet pavement, I assume if I step in it I’ll get stuck like it’s quicksand and someone’ll have to come jackhammer me out and it’ll be painful and I’ll have concrete boots and my feet […] [Read More]
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Chair lust

Regular readers know I find it almost impossible to click past a multi-colored chair. Here are a few that caught my eye recently. Which one would make the cut for your living room or den? [Read More]

The magical vase

Found these at Design Milk.
Made by the Rotterdam duo, Nightshop, these POV vases change colors as you walk around them.
Pretty cool, right? (Videos on the original post.)

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The Finnish line: Get your stuff From Finland!

My best friend Tuuli is Finnish. As in, of the Finnish people, from the land of Finland. She’s Nordic. She’s a Nord! She speaks Finnish(!). At Thanksgiving, her mom Inke served a lot of smoked fish; Finnish pop music played on the stereo. If you’ve ever hung out with a bunch of Fins, you know […] [Read More]
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‘Stitchagram’ Makes Pillows From Your Instagram Photos

Instagram’s been making headlines these past couple of weeks. First, the photo-filter/sharing program opened its (free) services up to users of Android phones, which, weirdly, made some snobby iPhone users really mad, and then this week it was announced that Facebook bought Instagram for, oh, the bargain price of $1 billion. Instagram’s kind of a […] [Read More]
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