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: April, 2012

Vintage and Modern furniture

V&M, for Vintage and Modern, is in a high class of online shopping. Established in 2006, if you’re cuckoo for pieces like these, you’ve likely already stumbled on the site. If not, here’s some pretty (eek, sorta pricey!) things to see:
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In Lieu of Messy Dyes, Try The Paperbag Egg

It’s a nifty idea, the paperbag Easter egg. A nice deviation from the hardboiled norm. This blog, You Are My Fave, has a neat post on how to change it up a bit this Sunday. Using just paper grocery bags, scissors, sewing machine (or double-sided tape), you can make little customized egg-shaped pouches full of […]
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‘Mad Men’-y stuff on Etsy

Are you watching “Mad Men”? I’m watching, from the edge of my couch. Eye candy is a big pleasure element of “Mad Men” — Joanie totally inspired me to change the way I do my makeup — and though last night we saw Betty ballooned to plus-size(ish) proportions, her pretty features seemed strangely enhanced by […]
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