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A decorating tip worth shedding a few tears over

Oh how I love, love, LOVE these fun, inexpensive objects to fill up big expanses of walls that allow for a flash of personal creativity.  The company in question this time around is the amusingly named Wallter (available through Wallter provides for a mixed bag of wooden shapes that you can mix and match, […] [Read More]

The best magazine rack ever.

In an earlier post I confessed to being a huge magazine junkie. As anyone who knows me can attest, they are all over my house in piles and stacks – sometimes organized, sometimes not. It is just nice to get them off the floor from time to time and organize them so you can find […] [Read More]
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zippered = secured, plus tidy!

  Have you done Muji yet? I haven’t – yet. After years of drooling over the products that they have on sale through the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website, the super-simplistic Japanese design company finally opened a bricks and mortar space in New York City. (Zippered folder/bags? Genius! Tidies everything up, and keeps it all […] [Read More]
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A drink in the hand….

I was kvetching before about the glass-top desk dilemma and how you need to have a lifetime supply of glass cleaner on hand to keep it looking tidy and clean. Well, The Asian pointed out to me that a simple coaster will solve so much of this problem and jumped to the rescue by sending […] [Read More]

Blank walls = bad!

I am always fascinated the McMansions on MTV cribs. You know the house had to cost upwards of $2.5 million and the rapperteenidolcelebutant must have spent another cool million on all the bad furniture, cars and de rigeur Ms. Pac-Man machine. (Apparently everyone has one. Friends of mine have one!) Did you ever notice the […] [Read More]