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Move aside, Craig

There’s a new lady in town for those who like to shop online but don’t want to wade through the detritus that can be Craigslist. (And please, no hate mail defending Craig. The man is brilliant and has changed the marketplace. But, please, there is still a lot of trash among those treasures and sometimes […] [Read More]

felt mania

One of the things I deal with regularly as I troll the web looking for cool home things is a serious case of envy (followed closely by lust). I look at these things and just WISH I could have thought of the idea or then actually made it…..My latest focus of love are the felt […] [Read More]

Good ideas don’t always cost a million dollars.

  My messy desk is always a conundrum for me.  While I try to embrace the adage that “a messy desk is the sign of a genius/creative/busy mind” and roll with the ever expanding pile of stuff on my desk, there are times that I just want to drag my arm across my desk and […] [Read More]

Print is not dead.

I’ve started buying newspapers again on a regular basis. I really haven’t done that in a very long time, but since I work in PR I need the paper version in front of me from time to time. I actually forgot how satisfying it is to turn the pages and get a bit of ink […] [Read More]
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zippered = secured, plus tidy!

  Have you done Muji yet? I haven’t – yet. After years of drooling over the products that they have on sale through the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website, the super-simplistic Japanese design company finally opened a bricks and mortar space in New York City. (Zippered folder/bags? Genius! Tidies everything up, and keeps it all […] [Read More]
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Wave good-bye to clutter!

There’s something about the act of blogging that puts you at your desk – alot. (That is unless your one of those highly mobile netizens that sit in a cafe all day. I like the idea that, for the price of a cup of coffee, you can look terribly important.) I am, however, one of […] [Read More]
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