For your eyes only!

I like the For Your Eyes Only mirror because its object is to provide reflection for those days when you’re really not up for looking at your full figure … or full face. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but sometimes I totally just grab the rearview mirror when I’m at a stoplight and check my […]
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Giveaway time!

We are happy to report at House Things Central that we were contacted about doing a gift card giveaway for either Bed, Bath & Beyond or Home Depot — your choice. All we’ve got to do is tell you a little about Mint Market, a new smartphone app for IPhone and Android users that lets […]

Sweet Paul

If you want to spend some time scrolling through some just eye-catchingly gorgeous photos and great ideas for food, crafts and summer fun, click on the new version of Sweet Paul magazine. It’s relatively new and about to start being available in print at Anthropologie with this issue. But I’ve read every issue online and […]

My own private kitchen island

I’m going to be moving in the next few months, and I’ve decided I’m not going to settle for anything less than my dream apartment. (Pretty reasonable, right?) Look, I just want what very human wants. Hardwood floors, high high high ceilings, big windows, a fireplace and a kitchen island. Happily, I’ve seen places that […]
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Katie Ridder’s ‘Rooms’

Today, I’m interviewing interior designer Katie Ridder, whose book “Rooms” came out late last year. Ridder’s known for her fabric and wallpaper patterns, and her modern room designs, which often feature interesting antiques and other cool-looking furniture pieces. I’m going to be asking her about “Rooms,” how she comes up with some cool ideas, what […]
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Top Three Thursdays

I’m not entirely sure what I think of this first item from Etsy for Top Three Thursdays but I figured it’d grab everyone’s attention and then you call can weigh in. Is this a yea or a nay? The brainchild of Leopold von Yorga, the coffee table lamp has 9 linking pieces that you can […]

Erie drive

That’s Erie Drive, as in interesting eclectic website for home goodies rather than a place somewhere. The brainchild behind what’s featured here is Alexandra, who is the creative director and buyer. I love the diversity of what’s there and that means price points for everyone rather than a bunch of stuff you can drool over […]

What CAN’T maps do?

Somehow I acquired a Pacific Ocean-centric map. I love it. I hung it on my bedroom wall to fill the blank space there, and I’ve gotten used to seeing and looking at it, but I haven’t quite learned to easily read it. Aside from just this map’s unusual (for us) orientation, I’ve realized my geography […]