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Put some Pantone in Your Pocket

Edie sent this one along, sure of the solid design, but unsure if it qualified as a house thing for this blog.  My message back to her is, “Darling, Pantone makes it.  Of course it qualifies.” Granted, it isn’t a little object to display on a shelf, but these flash drives from Pantone certainly will […] [Read More]
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Destination Shopping

I caught a great bit of buzz on the Internets this weekend.  The Museum of Modern Art has launched a special shopping section in their online store: Destination Japan. For all of you that caught previous posts about the glory that is MUJI (click here for some great news about them) the buyers at MoMA […] [Read More]

A glamourous designer dress!

If you asked an individual to name something that wealthy people have in their houses there would be few things named before ‘a chandelier.’  The hand-cut crystal chandelier in a high-ceilinged hallway or over a long dining room table is THE standard cultural design statement that says, “I’ve made it – bigtime.” Welcome another victory […] [Read More]

Print is not dead.

I’ve started buying newspapers again on a regular basis. I really haven’t done that in a very long time, but since I work in PR I need the paper version in front of me from time to time. I actually forgot how satisfying it is to turn the pages and get a bit of ink […] [Read More]
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Friday Fantasy: A 100th birthday present that never forgets.

Eames. The revered name in design.  Even if you aren’t a scholar of mid-century modernism or a unrelenting obsessed freak for all things 50s and 60s you probably know the name of Charles and Ray Eames who brought  many amazing thing to the world of design including film, furniture and plywood. Plywood? How completely unsexy […] [Read More]
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It takes a village to raise a ‘modern’ child.

Alas, no kiddies in my house. Cats – if you’ve been reading this blog – invade my space. That does not in any way diminish my love of the younger among us and, fact being, only expands the shopping potential of the web.  I have sent along many web sites with amazing children’s things to […] [Read More]
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Let there be lighting!

Sometimes you just have to TRAVEL to get good lighting – thank the stars for the Internets! How many times have you walked into yet another lighting store to be greeted by the SAME fixtures over and over and over.  The same little bubble-shaped globe.  God forbid, the same halogen pole light that has that […] [Read More]
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Dirty Linens

How freaking amazing! I have to say, I’ve know about the folks at GroovyQ for a very long time every since they introduced their Tom of Finland toile a few years back. (OK. Tom of Finland..think amorous muscle men doing their thing…in leather; don’t say I didn’t warm you if you decide to have a […] [Read More]