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(Football) Poll Day


While America votes and waits on the results for something much more important, the results are already in for both state football polls. Discuss:


1. Ansonia (8-0) (17)…….646………….1
2. New Canaan (8-0) (3)…594…………2
3. New London (7-0) (1)…566………….3
4. Seymour (8-0)………….506…………4
5. Darien (8-0) (1)…………486…………5
6. Hillhouse (8-0)………….448…………6
7. Glastonbury (8-0)………350…………7
8. Brookfield (7-0)…………308…………9
9. Masuk (7-1)……………..294…………8
10. Southington (6-1)…….263………..10
First-place votes in parentheses after record.
Others receiving votes:
11. Hamden (7-1), 240
12. Cromwell (8-0), 211
13. New Britain (7-1), 186
14. Ridgefield (6-2), 132
15. Cheshire (6-2), 94
16. Newington (7-1), 69
17. Montville (8-0), 57
18. Bunnell (6-2), 39
19. Ledyard (6-2), 23
T20. Greenwich (5-3), 17;
T20. North Branford (7-0), 17;
22. Rocky Hill (7-1), 14
23. St. Paul/Goodwin Tech/Lewis Mills (7-1), 12
24. Simsbury (6-2), 9
25. Shelton (5-3), 8
T26. Watertown (6-2), 7
T26. Wolcott (6-2), 7
T26. Xavier (6-2), 7.
The following voted: Bob Barton, New Haven Register; Bill Bloxsom, Hersam-Acorn; Sean Patrick Bowley, Connecticut Post; Don Boyle,; Bryant Carpenter, Meriden-Record Journal; George DeMaio, WELI; Mike DiMauro, The Day of New London; Matt Doran, Norwalk Hour; Scott Ferrari, Greenwich Citizen; Noah Finz, WTNH-8; Brian Girasoli, Norwich Bulletin; Ned Griffen, The Day of New London; John Holt, WFSB-3; Mark Jaffee, Waterbury Republican-American; Ken Lipshez, The Herald of New Britain; Mike Madera, Elm City Newspapers; Joe Morelli, New Haven Register; Paul Nichols, Middletown Press; Mike Pucci, New Haven Register; Dave Ruden, Stamford Advocate; Tom Yantz, Hartford Courant; Jimmy Zanor, Shore Line Newspapers


1. Ansonia (9) 8-0……………380………1
2. New Canaan (1) 8-……….352……….2
3. New London (1) 7-0………324………3
4. Seymour (1) 8-0………….286……….4
5. Hillhouse (1) 8-0………….284……….5
6. Darien 8-0………………….259……….6
7. Southington 6-1…………..213……….7
8. Brookfield 7-0……………..192……….9
9. Glastonbury 8-0………….168………..8
10. Masuk 7-1……………….126……….10
Also receiving votes:
11. Hamden (7-1), 125 points
12. Cromwell (8-0), 105
13. Cheshire (6-2), 93
14. Montville (8-0), 70
15. Ridgefield (6-2), 64
16. New Britain (7-1), 63
17. Newington (7-1), 60
18. Rocky Hill (7-1), 33;
19. Bunnell (6-2), 27
T20. Greenwich (5-3), 16
T20. North Branford (7-0), 16
22. Xavier (6-2), 14
23. Plainfield (6-1), 9
24. Ledyard (6-2), 8
T25. Berlin (5-2), 7
T25. Newtown (7-1), 7
T26. Shelton (5-3), 7
T26 Simsbury (6-2), 7.
The following coaches voted: Tom Brockett, Ansonia; Jim Buonocore, Ledyard; Dave Cadelina, Bridgeport Central; John DeCaprio, Notre Dame-West Haven; Chuck Drury, Pomperaug-Southbury; Steve Filippone, Hand-Madison; Tanner Grove, Montville; Jude Kelly, St. Paul-Bristol; Tim King, Valley Regional-Deep River; Bill Mella, Southington; John Murphy, Masuk-Monroe; Marce Petroccio, Staples-Westport; Bob Zito, Maloney-Meriden.

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Sean Patrick Bowley

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  1. Football Fan says:

    6 DARIEN
    10 HAMDEN
    12 MASUK
    17 NEWTOWN

  2. CTfbfan says:

    How are the coaches still putting Southington ahead of Glastonbury??? Can’t wait to see Glastonbury pound Southington this Friday. The Tomahawks will be the LL state champs this year.

  3. hamden football says:

    How are the coaches who vote chosen?

  4. gman says:

    Spb-Looking forward to the following games. New Canaan-Darien, Ansonia-Seymour, Southington-Glastonbury. Great games that will give us a clear picture as to the strength of these teams.

  5. Remmy says:

    Football Fan is on crack with that list!

  6. Fp Sam says:

    Nothing new here the 8 and 9 switched in the Coaches. And nothing new in the Media looks like we’ll have the same arguments.

  7. Dave k says:

    the team Hillhouse beat in week one ( Hoboken) now has a 6-2 record and is a top seed in their division/class of the NJ football playoffs. (See below the 45 is power points) Their other loss was 31-0 to the same School that beat greenwich 41-7.
    NORTH JERSEY, Section Two
    Group I — Hoboken (6-2) 45;

  8. Football Fan says:


    Fotball Fan on Crack = Ansonia #3
    40 teams or more would be undefeated against Ansonia’s schedule through week #8.This is not the team of the last 2 years.You must make an attempt to schedule some competition in an 11 game season.Let Ansonia drop out of the #1 spot and see how quickly they get an outside game when the season allows it.

    New London”s 11th game= @ Hand
    Hillhouse’s 11th game @ Hoboken NJ
    Ansonia’s 11th game @ Sacred Heart

    Enough said………

  9. gman says:

    FOOTBALL FAN-you are correct about Ansonia’s schedule however it is not their fault . The league does not permit them to play games outside the NVL. You said that 40 teams would be undefeated against their schedule-I dissagree-It’s more like 80 teams would be undefeated. To be fair the Ansonia fans and players know this. What are they suppose to do. It’s up to the commissioner of the league and the coaches in the NvL to upgrade their programs. Start youth programs in Waterbury and see them through. A league is only good when there is competition across the board. I feel bad for the coaches and players from Ansonia when you look forward to only one game all year including a sub-par S division state championship.

  10. RAY BROWN says:

    hand?four losses? and prep would have brrn a hell of a matchup wouldnt it?

  11. Football Fan says:

    I do not think Ansonia truly wants outside NVL competition .I think they carry some weight especially when we talk football.Why should they force the NVL to let them play a talented team outside the NVL when they can stay in league and be dominant and win mostly all their games and consistently be ranked very high in the polls ?

  12. tj says:

    Dave K, can we conclude from your arguement that Hillhouse is three points better (the point diffential from the games you noted) than a 5-3 Greenwich team. If so, does not support a ranking higher than where they are currently placed.

  13. Rob says:

    The NVL is not as weak as it is portrayed on this board. The CT Post covers the SCC, the FCIAC, and the SWC extensively. It only covers Ansonia, Seymour, and Woodland out of the NVL. You think this clouds the argument a bit? Of course it does. Out of sight, out of mind. If you have never seen Wolcott play or read anything about them, they might as well not exist, yet they have a realistic chance to make the playoffs this year.

    And what evidence do people have to back their claim that the NVL is weak? I read it alot on here, but what is it based on? For the last three years, the league has had two teams in the Top 10 in the state in every single poll.

    Scrimmages don’t count, and the NVL does not allow out of league games. So that means NVL teams are only playing each other. And the only time the teams do go out of league is for the state playoffs, where the NVL teams have won a combined 5 state titles over the past three seasons. And the league only has 12 teams!

    I think the NVL stacks up just fine.

  14. HSFB FAN says:

    i understand that you can’t blame Ansonia for beating the weak teams on their schedule year in and year out. however, how can they receive first place votes for being the BEST team in the STATE when there are numerous teams that consistently play competetive games week in and week out? i don’t believe having an undefeated streak of any amount of games should warrant the status of BEST in the STATE. the coaches know better. class S, yes. but better than teams from class LL, L, MM, etc.? no way. give them their due credit, but be realistic. do you really believe that they are on the same level as hamden, glastonbury, brookfield, masuk, new canaan, hillhouse, southington, etc.? i don’t see it.

  15. gman says:

    RAY-Hand High School would give Ansonia a heck of a game and they have four losses. They play in a tough league that hurts them as far as making the state tournament. Plus, they openned with New London as an extra game. If Ansonia played ST. JOsephs of Montvale , like Greenwich did they would lose. Southington played Bergen CAtholic and lost. CT. is a small state and compared to New Jersey teams we are far behind. Hillhouse did beat Hoboken but Hoboken is fair at best. Simply put, this particular Ansonia team is not as good as the past two years but they are still good-just not worhty of being the best team in the state.

  16. HSFB FAN says:

    interesting hsfb rankings site. not the gospel, but their criteria is solid. what do you think?

  17. steve says:

    Interesting. Same people as Laxpower I think. Facinating that when you factor in strength of competition a certain team drops to fourth…among class S. Go figure.

  18. Masuk Rules 2.0 says:

    The “Mad Scientist” is going to Seymour after this year. The talent there is better than his half of Stratford. When it happens remember I said it first. He knows he can’t beat Masuk for another decade with the abysmal amount of talent at Bunnell lately. It’s showing up this year.

  19. Rob says:

    What do I think?

    I think that website says Hyde is better than Ansonia in the small enrollment group. It also says Newtown is 7 spots better than Shelton in the large enrollment group.

    Therefore, the site is useless.

  20. tj says:

    Big week for Bunnell’s state hopes:

    New Britain (LL) at Simsbury (L)
    Weaver (MM) at Windsor (L)
    Ansonia (S) at Crosby (L)

    Need two of three (L) teams to lose, hard to do with all the L teams playing at home. However, you heard it hear first, Crosby beats Ansonia 40-28 and RAY BROWN is banned for life from the blog. Okay a week, I would miss his rants.

  21. tj says:

    Of course Bunnell may lose to Bethel.

    I was disappointed in their performance against Brookfield. After losing to Masuk they came out dominating, which you would expect after a big loss, then Brookfiled made a big stop and score before half and that was it. They were spent, and Brookfild put them away in the 2nf half. We’ll see if they have it them to finish the season strong.

  22. Dave k says:

    My point with Hoboken being 6-2 and top ranked in their division is that they are a good team of about the same size as Hillhouse thus there is creditably to HH’s 24-6 win. The fact that they play St Joe’s of Montvale enters the fact that they play a competive schedule

  23. Dave k says:

    My point with Hoboken being 6-2 and top ranked in their division is that they are a good team of about the same size as Hillhouse thus there is creditably to HH’s 24-6 win. The fact that they play St Joe’s of Montvale enters the fact that they play a competive schedule

  24. Dave k says:

    The NVL has two top ten teams every year because every year Ansonia and Seymour or woodland go undefeated into week 8 or 9. By that time the good teams in the rest of the state have played other good teams and have lost games at the people that vote are swayed by the 0 in the loss column. Can some one from the NVL tellme when was the last time if ever Ansonia lost one of these teams:
    Sacred heart

  25. Kris1 says:

    Is Ansonia the best team in the state? Maybe not. Does Ansonia play the toughest regular season schedule? Maybe not. But, Ansonia does one thing better than any other team CT……WIN. I don’t care what league you are in. It is very difficult to graduate 19 starters and have a chance to win another state title the following season. You can knock their schedule all you want, you can knock the Class S competition, and you can bitch about how they don’t deserve to be ranked #1. The fans care, the coaches and kids don’t. They care about one thing….Hoisting that Championship Trophy in December. And last time I checked they had 16 of those, far more than any other school in CT. They also have the most #1 finishes of any school (4). In fact, if you look at the history of the New Haven Register Poll, which started in 1961, small schools ( S-MM) have finished in the top spot 16 times. Of those 16, Class S schools have finished #1, ten times. L schools earned 12 and LL schools have earned 19. Since 1989, S schools have been ranked #1 seven times, L schools six, LL schools four, M schools once, and SS once. So to say smaller schools aren’t worthy of the top ranking because they don’t play the schedule of the larger schools is stupid. History shows that the smaller schools, in particular, S schools are rich in winning tradition and well respected amongst voters. You can also argue that best CT team ever (Bloomfield) was an S school. The size of the school and the level of competition are irrelevant. People remember teams that win, and Ansonia has done that more than anyone over the last three years. Remember, these are high school kids who are easily swayed by outside influences. It’s hard enough to win on a week to week basis, never mind 35 straight. Having grown up, played, and coached in the Ansonia tradition, I can tell you the streak means nothing to these kids, championships are what they strive for. After stepping away from that tradition and viewing it as an outsider, the streak and the success of the program should be marveled. This is not the Ansonia team of the past two seasons, the names and faces have changed yet the outcome remains the same. They are still one of CT’s elite teams in 2008, there is no denying that.

  26. RAY BROWN says:

    simply put all the state writers vote ansonia high every year-the coaches poll which includes masuks murphy,staples petroccioand centrals cadelina vote ansonia high in the polls every year ——so what your telling me is all these guys are clueless?

  27. hs football fan says:

    HSFB quote: “…give them their due credit, but be realistic. do you really believe that they are on the same level as hamden, glastonbury, brookfield, masuk, new canaan, hillhouse, southington, etc.? i don’t see it.”

    is this a joke? is anyone on this board capable of an ounce of objectivity? you, sir, do not know football. i have seen two state games every week of the season, including scrimmages, and ansonia is one of the top 3 teams in the state (and last year was one of the top 3 teams in the past 20 years). even tim parry – whom I did not feel was capable of an objective thought – wrote that THIS year’s ansonia squad as the best team in the state after seeing them play in a LL preseason game. in the past i’d have to agree that ansonia’s dominance may not have translated ANNUALLY in the fciac or scc…but with the weightlifting program they have had in place for the past 5 or so years, they have and will continue to be a STATE power.

  28. PBL says:

    I agree 100% with your last post tj about Bunnell.

    I seriously thought Bunnell was going up 20-3 or more by halftime.

  29. Dave k says:

    Prep 36 Xavier 35 another great SCC game. Prep scored with 1:19 left and made the 2 point conversion. The road continues to haunt Xavier.

  30. chris says:

    Does the winner of the Ansonia v. Seymour game get any respect on this blog? We will see.

    I will be interested to see what this blog will say when New London, who very well may have the best talent and coach (say what you will about him but he is a winner)in the state stakes their claim for #1 if they beat Seymour in Class SS. A team from a small class and a below average league, New London may be head and shoulders above everyone. Fairfield and New Haven county football fans, any thoughts?

  31. kris1 says:

    Dave k,

    Ansonia lost to Watertown in 2005, when Thomas, Kuraczea, and Co. were sophomores. Ansonia finished that season 7-3. Their other two loses were to Class SS Semi-Finalist, Holy Cross, and Class SS State Champs, Woodland. Ironically, that is the last season Ansonia lost a game. They were beaten by Woodland 35-28 in week 9.

    For the record, Hoboken is not a top team in NJ. They are a top rated team in their Group, not the state. There is a difference. They are ranked 10th in in Group 1, they are ranked #2 in Hudson County, and they are nowhere to be found in the NJ Top 20.

    Here’s the latest rankings from The Star-Ledger…

    #1 Don Bosco Prep (6-1)
    #2 St. Joseph (Mont.) (7-0)
    #3 Shawnee (7-0)
    #4 Mainland (7-0)
    #5 Wayne Hills (8-0)
    #6 Irvington (7-0)
    #7 Bergen Catholic (6-1)
    #8 Elizabeth (6-1)
    #9 St. Peter’s Prep (6-2)
    #10 Cherokee (6-1)
    #11 Piscataway (6-1)
    #12 Freehold Borough (7-0)
    #13 Immaculata (7-1)
    #14 Washington Twp. (6-1)
    #15 South Brunswick (6-1)
    #16 Sayreville (7-1)
    #17 West Essex (8-0)
    #18 Hunterdon Central (7-1)
    #19 Lakeland (8-0)
    #20 Westfield (5-2)

    They are ranked #96 in NJ according to MaxPreps.

    Hillhouse is very good (the best in the SCC DI and DII), but they haven’t played anyone in CT with 6 wins, and they won’t until Thanksgiving.

    As for New London having the best talent and the best coach, I will say this….The best doesn’t always win. New London had better talent and the same coach in 2007 and we all know what that got them….An ass-whippin’, by a vastly smaller, and far less talented, Ansonia team. And for the record Cochran was out-coached in that game. Would they beat Seymour? Probably, but playing Seymour and playing Ansonia are two entirely different battles and styles.

  32. Rob says:

    In the modern era since state playoffs began in 1976, the last time Ansonia lost to:

    Wilby – never
    Kennedy – never
    Torrington – 1987
    Sacred Heart – 1988
    Crosby – never
    Wolcott – never
    Watertown – 2005

  33. Dave k says:

    The subject of this blog is the weekly HS football poll. No one doubts that Ansonia is a very good football team with a storybook type history. 16 class S titles is a tremendous accomplishment regardless of the competion. This is a season of what I think is many suprises. The rise of teams like New Cannaan, Darien, Brookfield and Hillhouse being a few of the suprises. Yet their wins over quality programs are not factored in by the poll voters albeit media or coaches. It would be nice if strength of schedule be used by the polls instead of the subjective process being employed.The media guys only see the teams they cover and the coaches i would think are wrapped up with the teams in their respective conferences. It looks like you are a man who likes to use facts so wouldn’t it be better to be objective and devise a rating system that uses metrics such as strenght of schedule?

  34. footballkid says:

    show bunnell more respect . They deserve it just because they lost 2 games doesnt mean there out of everything. In my eyes there still in the top 10 . and they should be back . After beating bethel tonight they will win out and enter the play offs this season . Bunnell is not done

  35. Dave k says:

    thanks for the reply. That would make Ansonia 228-3 against those seven teams if they played every year since 1976. And the NVL is competive because……?

  36. Dave k says:

    hoboken played #2 and will play #9 on11/28 from the NJ top 20.

  37. chris says:

    Kris 1,
    In 2007 Ansonia had better talent than New London, and easy argument that they had the best talent in the state. MVP of the state, all staters on both sides of the ball, and a senior laden group means Ansonia had more to work with than New London. That New London team last year was all juniors and that one year makes a big difference. New London was not much bigger than Ansonia, weight does not always equate to better if you cannot get off the ball.
    Regarding coaching, Cochran as an individual may be the best coach in the state but no one can match the Ansonia staff so I think the two cancel each other out. Cochran has done it at three places now though, we cannot take that away from him.

  38. jt says:

    I think we have too many classes for football. I mean to have six state champions in a state this small to me waters down the meaning of the states best in football. I feel we should have a class L state champion and a class S champion. The top 12 in each class faceoff in the playoffs. The top 12 that make the playoffs in each division is based on W-L record as well as strength of schedule. That way some of these schools will have to schedule some tougher out of conference games. I think that gives better credibility to what kind of football has been played during and at the end of the season.

  39. PBL says:

    Bethel will beat Bunnell tonight.

    So yeah, Bunnell’s out!

  40. gman says:

    ROB–What does that interesting post of yours tell you about the NVL. When you never lose to four or five teams and hardly ever lose to anyone else does it show more about how good Ansonia is or how poor the NVL is. I don’t know !! If the
    coaches and the media pick Ansonai #1 prior to the season then they will never leave that position because they are never tested. Having seen Ansonia this year I would rate them in the top four or five. If they played in the SCC they would have one or two losses. I feel they would beat Hillhouse because Hillhouse is a one dimensional team. They run -run and run. Cheshire-Hamden and Daniel Hand would give Ansonia all they can handle.

  41. RAY BROWN says:

    prep beats xavier——————-shows how bad the scc really is–its got nothing to do with road games—-theyre isnt a strong team except maybe for hillhouse in that league——–OVERRATED

  42. Butch says:

    DAVE K,
    That was a great post about the NVL. 228-3. Thats embarrassing!!!

  43. Rob says:

    If you people have followed CT high school football at al over the course of the last 30 years, I don’t see what is so surprising about Ansonia dominating the worst teams in the NVL. Ansonia is by far the best team in the NVL and an elite program in the state. I don’t find anything of note in their dominance of these teams.

    You could do this same exercise with any dynasty you wish and produce similar results.

    How many times did Chesire lose to Derby, East Haven, Branford, or Lyman Hall from 1992-1999?

    How many times did Bloomfield lose to Glastonbury, Hall, Wethersfield or Conard from 1993-2001?

    Ansonia should not be scorned because they have been a consistent winner since 1976 while other teams come and go.

  44. kris1 says:

    Chris, I have to disagree with you. Ansonia was not more talented then NL last year. Ansonia was stronger, more physical, and better prepared. Your argument that they were all Juniors falls on deaf ears. Ansonia won a state title and finished #1 with all Juniors the year before and most of the NL kids played for a state title in 2005 (in a loss to Hyde). I was on the Ansonia sideline for last years game. NL came in over-confident, got punched in the face early, and folded like a cheap suit. Ansonia was better at RB and in the trenches–True, but not nearly as big or talented at the skill positions. Let us not forget many thought Ansonia had met their match in that game. NL was going to be the team that finally knocked Ansonia off its perch. Preparation, both on and off the field, won that game not talent.

  45. kris1 says:

    I guess when De La Salle won 151 in a row their league and schedule were weak as well.

  46. SPB says:

    Guys, let me chime in here.
    I have no doubts that Seymour and Ansonia are good teams but… the league is just not good this year. Ansonia is clearly the best, Seymour is very good. Crosby is a distant third. …Then maybe Watertown? After that, good luck folks.

    The SWC is at least a little bit better at the top. In order Brookfield, Masuk, Newtown or Bunnell. Then it drops off before Pomperaug, Bethel, New Milford and even Stratford. I’ll take those four against anybody else in the NVL after Ansonia and Seymour, though.

    The SCC Division I is, top to bottom, a tremendous grouping. If you want proof, look at the records and average score against all the Division II teams. I mean, Foran is a pretty darn good football team at its level and I’d take them against most SWC and NVL teams.

    But Foran got absolutely destroyed two of the bottom feeders of SCC Division I. So did Guilford. North Haven, which Foran beat, has been OK but it still hasn’t won.

    The FCIAC is pretty even up until you get to the bottom four or five. I wouldn’t put them up at SCC I’s level. New Canaan and Darien are good, but not significantly better or worse than any of the other frontrunners like Brookfield, Masuk, Ansonia, Seymour, Hamden, Hillhouse. We shall see.

  47. Dave k says:

    where is Ray Brown when you need him?
    18-14 Crosby. Wow no one saw that coming!

  48. Rob says:

    Well the Ansonia at #1 debate is over.

    Congratulations to Crosby, and to New Canaan.

  49. bigmikebeats says:


  50. john says:

    Where are all the Ansonia backers tonight?Their 1st decent test and they get shut down by a team that Woodland had over 400 yards of offense on last week and Holy Cross almost beat.Lets hear it all you Valley fans,I can’t wait to hear how great Crosby is now.Bottom line is any team in that league[NVL] that played SCC D1 this year at best would be 8-3.Oh,I forgot ansonia beat them all in the controlled scrimmages.At least we won’t have to listen to the Valley Fans build up the Seymour game next week.The streak is HISTORY.

  51. CTfbfan says:

    What a fantastic night of football in the CCC! I know most of you hate on the CCC, but you all missed some great games…

    Glastonbury 25, Southington 21 (as I predicted above)

    Simsbury 28, New Britain 24 (knew this would be a close one)

    Windsor 16, Weaver 14

    Bristol Eastern 20, Newington 18 (one of the best games I’ve been to this year)

  52. PBL says:

    Had hope Ansonia would beat Crosby & New Britain would beat Simsbury for Bunnell to at least have a hope of a chance at states.

    Yet it looks that 2 losses are in Ansonia’s near future.

    Went to the Brookfiled-Newtown game.Boy what a let down.Left late 3rd quater.Newtown holding Brookfield on that 4th & goal.Brookfield fumbled the ball 5 times, 3 times recovered by Newton & 1 int for Brookfield.

    Brookfield-Newtown for the SWC Title in 2 weeks correct????

    I hate to say it Mausk better be carefull.A dangerous Pomeraug team.Than Newtown on Thanksgiving.

  53. SAD says:

    SPB,Nice post above breaking down the Conferences.The SCC D1 is still tops in my book also.Hillhouse should be in their[D1] as they arguably could be the best team in the state.Now that the paper champions have got beat, lets hear who has the inside track to claim #1.How about Newton tonight hammering Brookfield.Go Night Hawks.

  54. Rob says:

    Ansonia got beat. You can all rejoice, just like when Bunnell went down, but this will probably be even worse. All the hatred only justifies their status among the elite.

    I won’t offer any excuses. They played the game, and Crosby won it. The season is far from over and Ansonia has all the motivation it needs to play Seymour this week. Chargers not dead yet.

  55. Chris says:

    Hats off to Crosby for ending a 35 game win streak, they were the better team last night. And one must give credit where credit is due, 35 wins is an accomplishment and Ansonia should be proud.

    I know many of you are hoping Ansonia continues to slide and the glee for some of you today must be uncontainable. Let us Ansonia fans have it. That being said, the season is not over and Ansonia can recover.

    If we do not hear from Ray Brown soon than hes a coward.

  56. tj says:

    Sorry Dave K, one person saw it coming (see my Nov 6 2:45 pm post) Thank you. Ray Brown in now banned for a week though I expect a longer self imposed ban.

    SPB you have to see Crosby (oops on “distant thrid”), they are Bunnell times 4, playmakers all over the field and a QB with a stronger arm than Sloat. A fun, fun team to watch.

    Bunnell didn’t get much help for states, as usual the CCC beat up on each other. You never know who is the real deal up there. Perhaps Glastonbury.

    Brookfield, what happened! Missed that one completely. Though in hindsight Bunnelll and Masuk were both kicking there butts in the first half of their games with them. Props to Newtown for playing hard for four quarters.

    What hurt Bunnell for States has helped Newtown’s hopes tremendously. Now seriously in the hunt for a LL spot. Maybe, just maybe it’s their year.

    Masuk continues to play the best football in the area, paper said they NM did not get a first down until the fourth quarter!!

    You know what, forget last year with all the hyped up individual players, I love this year with all the upsets and parity.

    CHANGE is coming to America, or at least to CT Football!

  57. Peter says:

    I hate to break the news,but the best they will do this year is go 1-1 in their two “Big games”.They will beat two of them no name schools in the S title and you guys will think they are great again.
    BTW-Where is Ray Brown and Ansonia Vinny?

  58. Rob says:

    Thanks for the breaking news Pete, you are right on top of things. Glad you’re here.

    No longer #1 but still plenty to play for. NVL Title and Class S title still in reach.

    Yea, Class S is filled with weak teams. Not like the storied programs in Class LL and L right now like Glastonbury, Newtown, Simsbury, and Newington. haha

  59. Rob says:

    Ansonia Vinny will not hide from this blog, don’t worry. He is a big hs football fan.

    He will be spending Thanksgiving morning watching the Darien-NC showdown, and not even Ansonia. He is open minded

  60. kris1 says:

    I thought there would be a lot of happy posters on here after CT’s Team finally got beat after 35 straight victories. I think what is lost here is the fact the Crosby has taken a major step in hopefully turning it’s football program in the right direction. Many of you who are on here saying Ansonia was over-rated or a “paper champion”, have never see this Crosby team. I recommend that you do. If they play the remainder of the season with the passion, discipline, and intensity they did last night, they can beat anybody. They are bigger and more athletic than any team, including Hillhouse, New London, and Hamden, at the skill positions and their QB is tremendous. In their two losses they lacked discipline and frankly beat themselves, with dropped balls and costly penalties. The Crosby team that showed up last night is a top ten team and I hope voters look past their record and give them the respect they deserve. Ansonia was not beaten by some cupcake, Crosby is legit. So before you knock the Ansonia, give Crosby and it’s coaches some credit. Ansonia is still very good, they were beaten by a better, more athletic, team last night. That’s why the games are played. Ansonia has lost before, only a lot less often than other schools. They will recover. They will refocus with Seymour coming to town. Their ultimate goal every year is to win a State Title, they can still accomplish that by winning out. They are no longer #1, which makes plenty of people happy, but they are still an elite team. Crosby was just better and deserves the credit.

  61. SWCtruth says:

    SPB after the pasting last night please revise your order of SWC teams in your last post…Thank you

  62. you know says:

    Bunnell is not out .. they are going to the playoffs

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