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FCIAC Championship postponed to Thanksgiving


FCIAClogo.jpg That’s right. For the second straight year, the FICAC FCIAC championship will be held on Thanksgiving morning and not at Boyle Stadium the week before.

With its 29-6 victory over Trinity Catholic, New Canaan (9-0) clinched its first berth since 2006.

With its 12-0 victory over Staples, and Wilton’s 28-17 win over St. Joseph, Darien (9-0) clinched its first berth since 1997.

That means the Thanksgiving Day game has morphed into the 43rd FCIAC Championship Game at Dunning Stadium.

Now, the game will also be for critical positioning in the Class MM playoffs.

New Canaan, Darien and Hillhouse have all clinched CIAC Class MM playoff berths. The loser of the FCIAC championship will likely go to New Haven to face Hillhouse in the CIAC quarterfinals.

The winner will get home cooking against some scrub with three or four losses.

(Don’t look now, but it might be Wilton… if they can beat New Canaan next week, that is.)

As of right now Class MM will be for the state’s No. 1 ranking.

Of course, New London and Seymour may get a say from Class SS, maybe even Glastonbury in Class LL. But it looks more and more like No. 1 is coming out of MM.

Check out all the CIAC playoff standings here

Just so we’re clear, because somebody questioned whether Darien was really in or not.

Here’s how it looks:

x-1. New Canaan…….8-0……..1,090………136.25
x-2. Darien…………….8-0…….1,070……….133.75
3. Greenwich…………..6-1……….810……….115.71

Greenwich is at 810 points. If it beats Westhill it gets 120 points (100 for winning and 20 for Westhill’s two FCIAC wins). Then it gets 20 guaranteed points from Central-Stamford and Trumbull-Danbury.

Greenwich can get 20 more bonuses from McMahon (over Ridgefield) and Wilton (over New Canaan) for a maximum 970 points… or an average of 121.3.

Now, should Darien lose to St. Joseph next week they would be left at 1,070.

The Wave get 10 points guaranteed from Bassick-Trinity. But that’s it. They can also get as many as 60 bonuses from wins by Ridgefield (over McMahon), Wilton, (vs. NC), Central (vs. Stamford), Warde (vs. Harding), Staples (over Ludlowe) and Greenwich (over Westhill).

But, in a worst-case scenario that assumes none of those bonuses come in, Darien can only get as high as 1,080 points or an average of 120.00.

Woah Sean, doesn’t that mean Greenwich CAN beat Darien in points?

No, smarty pants, because look at who Darien gets its bonus points from.

In a best-case scenario for Greenwich, the Cardinals need to beat Westhill and then get bonus wins from Wilton and Ridgefield in order to outpoint Darien’s minimum of 1,080.

Well, in that scenario, Darien’s minimum point total also must increase!

Darien PICKS UP 10 points for Greenwich’s win (they beat Greenwich, after all :), and then Darien gets another 10 for Wilton’s win over New Canaan, putting the Wave over the magic 1,100, a 122.22 average which beats Greenwich’s 121.3

Thus, Darien is guaranteed to outpoint Greenwich.



Thank you, thank you.

Oh, and by the way, I also just figured out that energy = mass x the speed of light squared. Or E=mc2. I’m calling it the Theory of Relativity. What do you think?

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Sean Patrick Bowley

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9 Responses

  1. mike says:

    SPB your are right. It will be hillhouse #1

  2. NCRams says:


    You say that New Canaan hasn’t been to the FCIAC championship since 2006. Please, don’t be like ESPN’s SportsCenter. That means that New Canaan just didn’t go last year….it’s that simple. You make it sound like NC hasn’t been in ages…”way back in 2006.” That just makes them absent for ONE year. LOL.

  3. peter says:

    the ficac championship?

  4. Rob says:

    This is the best scenario that Darien and New Canaan could hope for.

    One game that serves as both the FCIAC title game and their Thanksgiving matchup. Why add another game when its not needed? All this does is make the game even more special. These kids will remember it forever.

  5. RAY BROWN says:

    hillhouse will be ranked #1 by the new haven paper trust me ————they had hand ranked no.4 untill they lost four times —–im surprised theyre still not in top 10

  6. Rob says:

    The NH Register only collects the votes and publishes the poll. They don’t pick the teams in the poll. The writers across the state vote on it.

  7. Dave k says:

    don’t buy the new haven paper if you disagree with it that much. After all they had Ansonia ranked #1 until they played a quality team and lost.

  8. NonViolentLeague says:

    hahahaha RAY BROWN even stopped typing in capital letters. HIS LIFE HAS LOST MEANING!

  9. RAY BROWN says:

    i dont need to buy the new haven paper to find out where ansonias ranked.theyve been in the top 10 since the way dave werent you the one that blogged there were no quality teams in the NVL?THEY STILL ARE BY FAR THE BEST FOOTBALL PROGRAM IN THE STATE ——-CHECK THE RECORDS KIDS