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The state media has spoken…


And the state media has spoken. Your new No. 1 is…

[Dramatic chord]

Yes, the mighty Rams have assumed the top spot now in both the state football polls.

And here’s the final tally:


Team (record) (first place)………………….Pts….Last
1. New Canaan (9-0) (12)…………………..602……2
2. New London (8-0) (2)…………………….541……3
3. Hillhouse (9-0) (5)…………………………522……6
4. Seymour (9-0) (1)…………………………518……4
5. Darien (9-0) (1)……………………………488…….5
6. Glastonbury (9-0)…………………………412……7
7. Ansonia (8-1)………………………………376……1
8. Masuk (8-1)………………………………..311……9
9. Hamden (8-1)……………………………..304……NR
10. Cromwell (9-0)…………………………..182……NR
Dropped out: Brookfield (8), Southington (10).
Others receiving votes:
11. Cheshire (7-2), 174
12. Crosby (7-2), 153
13. Southington (6-2), 143;
14. Newtown (8-1), 116;
15. Brookfield (7-1), 91;
16. Montville (8-1), 81;
17. Simsbury (7-2), 66
18. Bunnell (7-2), 53
19. New Britain (7-2), 47;
20. Ledyard (7-2), 38;
21. North Branford (8-0), 35;
22. Rocky Hill (8-1), 26;
23. Shelton (6-3), 23;
24. Ridgefield (6-3), 19;
T25. Greenwich (6-3) and Wolcott (7-2), 17.
The following voted: Bob Barton, New Haven Register; Bill Bloxsom, Hersam-Acorn; Sean Patrick Bowley, Connecticut Post; Don Boyle,; Bryant Carpenter, Meriden-Record Journal; George DeMaio, WELI; Mike DiMauro, The Day of New London; Matt Doran, Norwalk Hour; Scott Ferrari, Greenwich Citizen; Brian Girasoli, Norwich Bulletin; Ned Griffen, The Day of New London; John Holt, WFSB-3; Mark Jaffee, Waterbury Republican-American; Ken Lipshez, The Herald of New Britain; Mike Madera, Elm City Newspapers; Joe Morelli, New Haven Register; Paul Nichols, Middletown Press; Mike Pucci, New Haven Register; Dave Ruden, Stamford Advocate; Tom Yantz, Hartford Courant; Jimmy Zanor, Shore Line Newspapers.
The following did not vote: Noah Finz, WTNH-8.

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Sean Patrick Bowley

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25 Responses

  1. CP3 says:

    Told you guys it would come eventually.

    Cromwell Panthers crack the Top 10

  2. Masuk Rules 2.0 says:

    Masuk would beat New Canaan. Who cares about them? Is anyone afraid to schedule them? The FCIAC is down this year. It is a joke this year and they won’t have one state champion.

  3. RAY BROWN says:

    anybody seen brookfield or bunnell?

  4. bigman says:

    new london will drop without their star. Masuk will be moveing up the charts every week.

  5. jeff says:

    How does ridgefield recieve votes in both the media poll and coach’s poll yet norwalk does not? Did Norwalk not beat ridgefiled 24-10? I was at that game and to me norwalk proved that it was a better team than ridgefield.

  6. Fp Shea says:

    It always amazes me that New London always places one seed higher in the media poll than in The New London Poll.

    Any explanation?

  7. Willy says:

    jeff….at first I agreed with you about Norwalk, as in saw the same thing in the polls. I know Norwalk beat Ridgefield head to head, but look at each team’s 3 losses: Ridgefield lost to Norwalk, Darien by only 3, and New Canaan. Norwalk lost to New Canaan, Wilton (at home) and Ludlowe (at home). LUDLOWE!!

  8. A-Rod says:

    Bunnell’s in north Stratford, Ray, they don’t hide from anyone. You may be hiding after Mr. Osiecki gets a hold of your Chargers. Brookfield may be back for Newtown, too.

  9. Rob says:

    My thoughts:

    1. New Canaan – They deserve it, but will be tested to prove it over the next few weeks.

    2. New London – Should have lost to Montville but they survived. A credit to them that they did. With Reed, they win that game easy. Without him, different story. I’m sure he will be back.

    3. Hillhouse – Crossed the thin line between underrated and overrated fairly quickly. Guess it helped when Dave Solomon plugged them a few weeks back in his Sunday column.

    4. Seymour – Needs to prove itself on Thursday night against Ansonia. Good enough to win that game, but will be tough on the road.

    5. Darien – Needs to prove itself on Thanksgiving against NC. Good enough to win that game, but will be tough on the road.

    6. Glastonbury – Seems a fair ranking. The most respect a a northern CT team has gotten in a while.

    7. Ansonia – Surprised they stayed this high. Does not matter though, because they won’t be here for long. A win over Seymour pushes them higher. A loss drops them out completely.

    8. Masuk – This was going to be the year they got over the Bunnell hump. Did that, but tripped up before the big game. Still the favorite in Class L.

    9. Hamden – Survived the SCC Div I battle royal so far. Playing at WCross won’t be easy, and anything can happen in the Green Bowl.

    10. Cromwell – It’s easy to sneer at the Pequot League’s best team. But be careful. The Pequot champion (Hyde) trounced a Jack Cochran led New London team in the 2005 Class S final.

  10. JazzyJeff says:

    Brookfield,Newtown,Masuk???? Newtown is turning out to be the power of the SWC and you guys have been arguing for 4 months. Get a woman. There are about 6 or 7 teams in New Haven County that would make Newtowns players wonder why they play football. West Haven is 4-4 and at this point of the season they would trounce Newtown because they have too,too, much speed for them. Hillhouse,Shelton beat them already,Hamden,a mediocre Hand team,Cheshire,Xavier,ND-WH,Cross

  11. gman says:

    For New Canaan or Darien to win out they must win three BIG games against good teams. It seems hardly unlikely. If one of them does win out then they are by far the best team in the state.

  12. Do the Math says:

    If Brookfield and Southington lost a game how do they drop out of the whole listing, wouldn’t they be listed in 11-20 ranking. If they just lost one game how is it that other with 2 and 3 losses are still listed. Guess that is the high school math that the coaches and writers learned. No wonder this ranking system stinks.

  13. SWCtruth says:

    JazzyJeff very educated comments. How many high school games have you been to this year…Obviously not many

  14. LoveThisGame says:

    Why when Brookfield beat Masuk, everyone called it a “hiccup” on Masuk’s part. Now that Newtown beat in them in terrible field conditions, everyone is calling Newtown an SWC Power? Can’t have it both ways. Can’t wait to see the Masuk Newtown game on Thanksgiving (AFTER SWCs what a joke that is)

  15. valleyfootball26 says:

    I actually agree somewhat with JazzyJeff’s comments above, I have seen Newtown play a few times this year and I saw them get pounded by a subpar SCC Shelton team. The SCC has too much speed right now for most SWC teams. I think that Newtown and Masuk for that matter would have a very tough time with teams like Hamden, Hillhouse, Cross, Cheshire and Shelton. If Newtown wins out there is a chance they can prove me wrong by possibly playing and beating a solid Hamden team in the LL playoffs.

  16. Dave k says:

    Any truth to rumor that Ansonia seymour game may be postponed if the weather is bad? Word is Ansonia want to give Roberts and Co. a couple extra days to get well.

  17. valleyfootball26 says:

    Hey FP shea, are you going to be the FP coach next year now that Magdon is leaving?

  18. master of meaningless information says:

    I am a Masuk fan but I have to admit, after viewing Hillhouse’s victory over Guilford at Bowen Field in New Haven, they are my number 1 pick. They are talented. And more power to them for being an inter-city team where life’s obstacles confront them everyday. Go Hillhouse!

  19. TMac says:

    Tristan Roberts for Ansonia is not hurt. If they cancel the game it is because the weather is bad and they don’t want that to decide the outcome. If you feel you are a better team, you don’t want to play in rain because it is an equalizer.

    Whether Ansonia is a better team than Seymour is yet to be seen, but they probably feel that they are.

  20. pretty sure says:

    masuk beat up shelton in a controlled scrimmage. are we putting faith into those or no? I cant remember with all the back and forth on that one.

  21. Cats 1 says:

    If the weather is bad, then yes the Ansonia Seymour game will probably be cancelled. Over the last ten years these teams have turned into each other’s biggest rivals. It is two Top Ten teams and they will draw a good crowd. The players and coaches work hard and look forward to this game as do the fans. If it is possible to avoid the game being turned into a sloppy mess then it should be cancelled. If they play the game in a storm the attendance will be hurt and play will suffer. This Seymour fan would be fine with it being cancelled.

  22. RAY BROWN says:

    bunnell doesnt hide from anyone? why didnt they play a shelton or west haven this year——–they took 2-7 middletown

  23. bigmikect says:

    jazzy jeff,1st off theres still a big swc game left to be played to determine who the POWER is,2ndly,what makes u think westhaven would trounce newtown-confidence high coming off that 7 point loss to cheshire last week? please.when u break it down,newtown gave shelton a better game than westhaven did,look at the score,plus it was week one,maybee later in the season the results would differ? who knows but you got your westies jersey on a little too snug brother.

  24. A-Rod says:

    Bunnell beat Staples after they beat most of the year #1 West Haven 2 years ago(James Alford). Not afraid of W.H. I don’t think Middletown is 2-7 year in and year out. Just stop already. Masuk handled Shelton right before Shelton handled Newtown. Bulldogs are afraid of no one.

  25. John says:


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