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bunnellYou guys are incredible.

Of the few entries I’ve posted this summer, it is the one I wrote to announce my new position at the Connecticut Post/Hearst Connecticut Newspapers organization that’s been busy with activity.

As of today, there have been 27 comments since I posted the thing back in June.

That’s great Sean! Congrats and well-wishes?


It somehow turned into a debate about the Bunnell football program — topics ranged from a discussion about the best team in Bunnell history (I say 2006) to the merits of this year’s addition.

Kinda silly, I say (the location, not the debate). But I hear ya. You had a hankerin’ for high school football talk, you chose that spot to speak your piece.

It was 2 1/2 months ago, yet the comments are still rolling in.

It’s kind of silly to see such an ongoing discussion on an entirely unrelated post. So I decided to help y’all out and create (drumroll)….


Satisfy your fix for Bunnell football here. State your case, speak your mind, rap with us, jaw with us. What to you know? What do you see? What do you think? Who was the greatest player in Bunnell football history? The best coach? The best team? What do you think of this year’s upcoming season?

You’re welcome, guys. Go nuts here for the rest of the season. Knock yourselves out.

The rest of us will just…go over… here now.


Sean Patrick Bowley

29 Responses

  1. MasukRules says:

    Remember 10/24/08 when we beat the Bulldogs on their new home turf (42-20). I saw alot of Bunnell players crying after the game. However, it’s too bad because that revenge was so sweet. We got the rings and they did not. I can’t wait to see them poorly onside kick their way to a losing record this year.

  2. Do I need to create a Masuk posting page, too?

  3. MasukRules says:


  4. MasukRules says:

    The Bunnell fans are coming here in droves.

  5. I know, huh? Point taken, I guess.

  6. Skippy says:

    Best teams, I would say back in the day 82, Bunnell actually had to play some really tuff teams like Prep & ST. Joe’s.Bunnell needed one win against ST. Joe’s to play in the MBIAC that year & was robbed by really bad officiating.Most call it home field advantage.Even with all the shitty calls Bunnell still almost won.God forbid the league did not get there Prep vs ST. Joseph’s title game.Money talks.

  7. pat says:

    Bunnell got dominated today by Staples. Staples looked good.

  8. Skippy says:

    Most teams have to rebuild after a couple of stellar seasons.

    I think both Masuk & Bunnell are down this year.Yet it is only scrimmages.We shall see in 2-weeks when they take the field of real.

    Go SWC……………

  9. bill says:

    they didnt get dominated .. they had minor errors just wait until they open up against newtown .. newtown is in for a rude awakeing

  10. MasukRules says:

    Newtown will beat Bunnell!

  11. bunnellalum says:

    masukrules.. go somewhere n kick rocks… u are just mad because no talent comes out of monroe. thats why none of your players go play div 1 football. Look how many players have played div 1 football from bunnell, we even have a guy who went to the nfl and is now a superstar in the cfl(shannon james). nevermind all of the talent that comes from stratford high too.(torrey mack, ox mccoy, dudley laporte) just to name a few imagine if there was one high school in our town. do you think masuk would ever beat us??? NO

  12. MasukRules says:

    That is weak! You know nothing about The Masuk Panthers.

  13. THS99 says:

    Bunnell gets rocked by trumbull in a scrimmage 28 0. From my reports bunnell stayed out of the redzone. It was a half field scrimmage.

  14. All Talk says:

    Bunnell did not stay out of the redzone. they had a few oportunites to score but just didnt capitlize.

  15. THS99 says:

    I wasn’t there, just basing it off what i’ve been told by a few sources. Last years scrimmage should have told everyone something about Bunnells upcoming season when Trumbull beat them pretty well as Bunnell held their pre season number one ranking. It still shows they have a good defense when you shut out a normally high powered Bunnell team in a half field scimmage. That being said i dont see Bunnell being very good this year, so we’ll have to see how both teams turn out.

  16. MasukRules says:

    Bunnell and Trumbull will not see the state playoffs!

  17. THS99 says:

    I can say Bunnell won’t and I kinda doubt Masuk will either, judging by the early season reports and some insight ive recevied from former Masuk players. I’ve heard this upcoming class lacks the seriousness it takes to be a top team. I’m sure they’ll be solid as usual, because of their coaching, but no way they repeat as state champions. If they do make the playoffs it’ll be because the SWC is extremely weak this year and as usual class L is not a strong state division. Trumbull, as usual, faces a tough scheduele, so they’ll have to prove themselves against Greenwich, Staples, Ridgefield and maybe even Central this year(who seems to be on the rise again, and as always has size and talent).

  18. MasukRules says:

    THS99, I lost all respect for you as soon as you typed, “usual class L is not a strong state division.” You have no clue what you are talking about. Ask SPB for his opinion.

  19. THS99 says:

    I don’t need his opinion (no offense SPB, feel free to throw your opinion in) i’ve seen the scores and seen the teams Masuk beat last year in the playoffs and was not at all impressed. Staples (the best team in L over the last ten years) and Ridgefield have recently moved to LL. You cannot seriously argue that the two teams Masuk beat in the playoffs last year were legitimate title contenders. These days the best teams seem to be ND West Haven (who is not a consistent contender but seems to be on an up year), West Haven, and Norwalk (who i believe missed their opportunity last year). I would actually like to revoke my prediction that Masuk misses the playoffs because I really do not see any good teams coming out of the SWC this year. Bunnell has no looked very strong(coincidently another usually strong if not great L team), Stratford seems like an average team and since the departure of the Trebiet twins i do not see Brookfield as a contender. Possibly Newton? but i really am not an SWC fan so i cant tell you. As far as any speculation on ND- Fairfield being good i can for sure say their program is in trouble as a whole and I cannot take New Fairfield to beat Masuk, although they do seem to have a good QB. So, Masuk may end up with a solid if not good record but it will simply be a product of their level of competition.

  20. mon78 says:

    You are absolutely correct THS99. Masuk plays in the worst league in the state. I don’t care that 2 state champions came out of that league last year. Most of the times the better teams that means newtown what a joke that is Shelton beat them last year and that was one of their worst teams in years brookfield and the great masuk dont even play each other. Anyone see Masuk’s schedule this year, it is a joke. To bad they had to play Shelton and greenwich in scrimmages and lose otherwise they will probably go undefeated what a joke. I am tired of hearing about Masuk. They have had one good team in 10 years and that was last year.Talk to me when they play some real football teams like the teams in the FIAC and the SCC.

  21. MasukRules says:

    The worst league in the state is the tech school one.

  22. Gotta ask says:

    First, SPB I think a website for JUST MasukRules is the best idea yet. MasukRules can stay on there all by his lonesome & talk to himself. Second, why are certain teams just being written off because of the loss of a few players while others are being built up over one player arriving? DONT GET IT. All I’ve heard all week is convo about either the new arrival at New Canaan & the new QB at Masuk. There are proven QBs already in the SWC yet they are being completely written off without even a second glance, whats the deal?

  23. Just because your team may not be in the top eight, doesn’t mean it’s being written off. There are certainly more than eight good teams in this region.

  24. Gotta ask says:

    True, its all so speculative at this point. Asked & got answered so now I gotta tell you – YOU make this so fun, so much information, speculation, its awesome. Mr. SPB, you contribute to every HS FB season as much as the coaches & the kids on the field! Thanks for doing what you do & doing it so well!

  25. CTFootball says:

    Anyone saying the SWC is weak is flat out wrong. Masuk, Bunnell, Brookfield and Newtown have all proved themselves as being well-rounded football teams who could play with just about anyone in the state. SWC is actually one of the better conferences in the state. When you look at the “state” which alot of you don’t seem to understand, there are many conferences, not just the FCIAC, SCC, SWC and NVL. To say the SWC is the worst is a joke. The FCIAC without a doubt is the best. I would argue the SCC next, but the SCC is a huge conference and their bad teams, are REALLY REALLY BAD. The good teams? Hamden, but over the last 10 years they haven’t been dominate as Masuk has. Prep, they are a JOKE. Hand? They will be decent, but on any given year Masuk can run with Hand and most likely beat them. ND-West Haven and West Haven are great teams traditionally, but lets say what they have to offer this season. Shelton and Cheshire? They are good, but have been streaky.

    The NVL is a joke. Ansonia and Seymour are all that league has. They have a strong tradition but they play horrible schedules. HORRIBLE.

    Masuk atleast goes out and proves themselves by scrimaging the best teams in the state. Greenwich, Darien and Shelton, and they do this to make themselves better. They will do great in the SWCs and be back in the L’s most definitely. The coaching at Masuk is some of the best in the state, and the kids know that winning is the only option. Masuk will continue to have success.

    As much as I hate to say it, Monroe is a football town. People are trying to push lacrosse in this town but it won’t happen, football reigns supreme.

  26. mon78 says:

    you are kidding me. Bethal barlow new milford new fairfied weston oxford immaculate now those teams are some power houses. SCC division 1 is the best league in the state. I would love to masuk play west haven, and then the following week wilber cross, and then hamden then shelton then xavier what do you think there record would be. They had one good team and that was last year. I am sooo tired of talking about masuk I know for a fact that 12 kids quit and the back up qb just walked. you know what though they will probably still be 9-1. THEY PLAY NOBODY.Why do yo think the coach schedules those teams for scrimmages, because THEY PLAY NOBODY all year. The scrimmages they play are there toughest games all year. newtown, shelton beat them last year and that was a bad shelton team, funny though newtown ended being i think 9-2 what a joke. If newtown played in the scc they would be lucky to win 5 games. every league has its good teams and bad there are just a lot more bad teams in the SWC.

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  28. Alum says:

    Back in the late 80’s Bunnell played in the Coastal Conf. and their scheduled repeatedly included 3-4 top ranked teams in the state. Two years in a row they beat the state’s #1 ranked team. No they did not make the states but that was also when there were only 4 classes and no playoffs.