It’s HERE: The Official Bunnell Bulldogs Football Posting Page

bunnellYou guys are incredible.

Of the few entries I’ve posted this summer, it is the one I wrote to announce my new position at the Connecticut Post/Hearst Connecticut Newspapers organization that’s been busy with activity.

As of today, there have been 27 comments since I posted the thing back in June.

That’s great Sean! Congrats and well-wishes?


It somehow turned into a debate about the Bunnell football program — topics ranged from a discussion about the best team in Bunnell history (I say 2006) to the merits of this year’s addition.

Kinda silly, I say (the location, not the debate). But I hear ya. You had a hankerin’ for high school football talk, you chose that spot to speak your piece.

It was 2 1/2 months ago, yet the comments are still rolling in.

It’s kind of silly to see such an ongoing discussion on an entirely unrelated post. So I decided to help y’all out and create (drumroll)….


Satisfy your fix for Bunnell football here. State your case, speak your mind, rap with us, jaw with us. What to you know? What do you see? What do you think? Who was the greatest player in Bunnell football history? The best coach? The best team? What do you think of this year’s upcoming season?

You’re welcome, guys. Go nuts here for the rest of the season. Knock yourselves out.

The rest of us will just…go over… here now.


Sean Patrick Bowley