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: September, 2009

Live HS football chat tonight, 8:30

You know the drill, kids. Get your homework done, your chores completed. If you’re my age or older, put your kids to bed and kiss your wife (or husband… I know you ladies are out there, too) and hop

Wilbur Cross 21, Amity 14 (The Movie)

Boy I was impressed when I heard Wilbur Cross torched Xavier up at Palmer Field in Week 1. A few of voters upward and outward told me they really liked Xavier as a sleeper in the SCC Division I. So

Cheshire 49, Shelton 31 (The updated Movie)

Before the season started, we had a pretty good idea about Shelton. With Ray Pendagast, Paul Piccirillo, Mike Georgalas, Ryan DeAngelis and Co., the new spread offense was going to score some points.

Behold! The mighty high school football polls (Week 3)

The polls have been released. Take a gander and tell us what you think… ¬† The Top Ten Media Poll Compiled by New Haven Register¬† Team Point Last Class 1. New Canaan(2-0)(16) 642 1 MM 2.

Transitive Law High School football logic (a.k.a. Who-Beat-Who-Beat-Who-Beat-Who Game)

Full disclosure: I’m no mathematician. I never considered joining the debate team. …When it comes to math and logic, I’m more James T. Kirk than Mister Spock (right). But here’s a concept we can all

Week 2! Week 2! Week 2!

Man, these last seven or so days felt like an eternity. Can we start playing football again? Why, yes. Yes we can. Tonight as a matter of fact, we fully integrate ourselves into the 2009 season. Week

MSG Varsity goes live

It used to be that high school athletics were covered by their local newspapers and local television, and that’s it. Then, maybe 15 or so years ago, came the rare high school TV highlight show, which

Ansonia 41, Hillhouse 12 (The Movie!)

Not much needs to be said about this game. Since the two schools agreed to play each other earlier this year, perhaps no season-opener gathered as much interest or intrigue as this battle between one

Oxford 20, Notre Dame-Fairfield (The Movie!)

Nobody said playing and coaching on a high school football team was easy. Sometimes we forget all the blood, sweat and tears (to coin a phrase) that go into getting 40-or-so young men to work together

Connecticut Sportswriters Poll Released

Didn’t get this in my email, and completely forgot about it until right now. Here’s the latest from the new Connecticut Sports Writer Alliance high school football poll. Rank Team (First Place Votes)