QB Prospect Turner Baty Comes To New Canaan

NEWCANAANFCIACfootball blogger Tim Parry and The Advocate’s Dave Ruden are reporting some intriguing news out of New Canaan, where a Division I football recruit has suddenly dropped into coach Lou Marinelli’s lap. His name is Turner Baty.

From Ruden’s latest blogpost, which can be found on our site here

Baty, a senior, passed for 1,800 yards at Menlo-Atherton High School in California last season. His father, Greg, is a former NFL tight end. Baty is 6-foot-2, 205 pounds and reportedly has an offer from Stanford and has drawn interest from Tennessee and Miami.

Baty, according to Marinelli, started this season at a school in Florida, but is moving with his family to New Canaan to be closer to his mother, who works for ESPN. Greg Baty is good friends with former NFL quarterback Terry Hanratty, whose son Conor is a junior tackle for the Rams.

Marinelli said he has known about the possibility of Baty transferring for about a week, has met him several times and will see him workout for the first time today.

“I haven’t seen the kid practice at all,” Marinelli told Ruden. “I hear he’s good. He seems like a nice kid. But I haven’t seen him do anything yet.”

According to Ruden, who apparently talked to the coach this morning, Baty’s sudden arrival has created some upheaval within the program. Players, a source told Ruden, are unhappy that an interloper would parachute in and take a starting job.  As of now, Marinelli said Willie Oulette is his starter, but anything’s possible. “I’ll do what’s best for the team,” Marinelli said.

You can watch Baty’s 2008 highlight reel here.

This is wild. We haven’t seen such a case ’round these parts since the day Carson Palmer transferred to St. Joseph for about a week in the late 1990s before heading back to California, where he obviously starred as a senior and became a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback at The University of Southern California.

Just like that situation, Baty has moved from one parent’s home, to another. But, unlike that situation, he’s likely here to stay–especially since football season is so close to starting. It’ll get tougher and tougher to make another switch as the days go on.

So Marinelli is going to be torn, especially if Baty turns out to be the better quarterback on the roster. On one hand, he’ll have Oulette–who has come up through the program, put in his time and earned the starting job in the preseason. On the other, Baty might be one of those exemplary players that can turn a good team in to a great one. In an upscale town like New Canaan, there certainly won’t be an easy solution to this mess.

Personally, Baty’s arrival in Connecticut already makes him the best quarterback in the state. I mean, sheesh, he has an offer from Stanford, and interest from Tennessee, Miami, Florida, Florida State, Ole Miss and Georgia. What other bona fide Division I seniors do we have running around out there? Khairi Fortt of Stamford,  DeVaughn Millington from Ridgefield…? Anyone else? How about QBs? Nick Merullo from Hand isn’t going Division I from what I understand. Even if there were other QBs of interest in this state, none of them are getting looks from practically every big Division I school of note.

New Canaan plays Bassick to start the season, so they technically have some time to figure this out.

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Sean Patrick Bowley