QB Prospect Turner Baty Comes To New Canaan

NEWCANAANFCIACfootball blogger Tim Parry and The Advocate’s Dave Ruden are reporting some intriguing news out of New Canaan, where a Division I football recruit has suddenly dropped into coach Lou Marinelli’s lap. His name is Turner Baty.

From Ruden’s latest blogpost, which can be found on our site here

Baty, a senior, passed for 1,800 yards at Menlo-Atherton High School in California last season. His father, Greg, is a former NFL tight end. Baty is 6-foot-2, 205 pounds and reportedly has an offer from Stanford and has drawn interest from Tennessee and Miami.

Baty, according to Marinelli, started this season at a school in Florida, but is moving with his family to New Canaan to be closer to his mother, who works for ESPN. Greg Baty is good friends with former NFL quarterback Terry Hanratty, whose son Conor is a junior tackle for the Rams.

Marinelli said he has known about the possibility of Baty transferring for about a week, has met him several times and will see him workout for the first time today.

“I haven’t seen the kid practice at all,” Marinelli told Ruden. “I hear he’s good. He seems like a nice kid. But I haven’t seen him do anything yet.”

According to Ruden, who apparently talked to the coach this morning, Baty’s sudden arrival has created some upheaval within the program. Players, a source told Ruden, are unhappy that an interloper would parachute in and take a starting job.  As of now, Marinelli said Willie Oulette is his starter, but anything’s possible. “I’ll do what’s best for the team,” Marinelli said.

You can watch Baty’s 2008 highlight reel here.

This is wild. We haven’t seen such a case ’round these parts since the day Carson Palmer transferred to St. Joseph for about a week in the late 1990s before heading back to California, where he obviously starred as a senior and became a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback at The University of Southern California.

Just like that situation, Baty has moved from one parent’s home, to another. But, unlike that situation, he’s likely here to stay–especially since football season is so close to starting. It’ll get tougher and tougher to make another switch as the days go on.

So Marinelli is going to be torn, especially if Baty turns out to be the better quarterback on the roster. On one hand, he’ll have Oulette–who has come up through the program, put in his time and earned the starting job in the preseason. On the other, Baty might be one of those exemplary players that can turn a good team in to a great one. In an upscale town like New Canaan, there certainly won’t be an easy solution to this mess.

Personally, Baty’s arrival in Connecticut already makes him the best quarterback in the state. I mean, sheesh, he has an offer from Stanford, and interest from Tennessee, Miami, Florida, Florida State, Ole Miss and Georgia. What other bona fide Division I seniors do we have running around out there? Khairi Fortt of Stamford,  DeVaughn Millington from Ridgefield…? Anyone else? How about QBs? Nick Merullo from Hand isn’t going Division I from what I understand. Even if there were other QBs of interest in this state, none of them are getting looks from practically every big Division I school of note.

New Canaan plays Bassick to start the season, so they technically have some time to figure this out.

Read the latest from both Parry and Ruden here:

Ruden: A potential quarterback controversy in New Canaan

Parry: Division I quarterback shows up on New Canaan’s doorstep

Sean Patrick Bowley

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  1. THS99 says:

    I remember the Carson Palmer era at St. Joes. He actually shopped around a few Southern Connecticut schools and ended up picking St. Joes because he was guaranteed the QB spot and was enamored by the St. Joes colors which matched USC’s (his favorite team and eventually school). He left within a week bc he realized he was bigger and stronger than every lineman on the team, realized how CT football stacked up to Cali football and I believe the breaking point was when he saw some of his lineman opting to eat candy in the weight room instead of lifting. I don’t know what turned him off other schools in the area but i know he opted away from Trumbull because Jerry McDougall told him he looked like a good Tight End and that Trumbull runs the football

  2. john depp says:

    lol @ eating candy in the weightroom,hopefully people will come out to the games and apreciate this talent,fciac looking stacked this year…

  3. JEFF says:


  4. NFBS says:

    How could you say he is already the best QB in the state when you haven’t seen him take a snap? We only know one thing, he couldn’t start at Thomas Aquinas. That is why he is in CT and not there. The rest of the story doesn’t make sense. He went to Thomas Aquinas in the spring and didn’t win the starting job and mysteriously he needs to be closer to his mother?

  5. Get Real says:

    He’s transferring because he can’t start at St Thomas Aquinas. He’s not that good!! If he gets a D-1 offer it’s because of who he knows not he’s skills. Do some research before you say he’s best in CT or a big time recruit!!!

  6. Doesn't mean he isn't the best, Get Real. says:

    You may be right…Baty may not be ‘that good’. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t the best QB in the state of CT, either. A claim, which is dubious at best.

    List the CT QB’s (or even players) that would get a sniff (let alone a starting job) at Aquinas. Very good QB’s haven’t won the starting QB job in the past. Many more will hold clip boards for them in the future.

    And let’s not forget, this is a kid we’re talking about. As a senior in HS, he couldn’t have picked a worse time to move to a place like Fairfield County.

    It seems ridiculous to me that a college bound QB would move to a public high school in CT for “FOOTBALL REASONS”. Which is why I am sure he didn’t. There is probably much more to this story. And I’m sure it’s none of my business.

    The real story can probably be found at the Baty house. And that’s where it belongs.

    Good luck Turner.

    (BTW, the Carson Palmer story is classic. I never heard about that. Kudos to Trumbull for seeing his true potential at TE. Just think of what he could have accomplished at the college level, if only he had played the proper position!:-))

  7. tj says:

    This from ESPN. Any questions??

    Now that he’s playing in the Northeast I hope he gives strong consideration to the Ivy League.

    Turner Baty | QB

    Scouts Grade76
    Hometown Fort Lauderdale, FL
    High School Saint Thomas Aquinas School
    Position rank QB # 56
    Height 6’1″
    Weight 196 lbs.

    Last Updated: 9/14/2009 Data provided by Scouts, Inc.
    Evaluation / Notes On the Trail / Features



    Baty has the size and athleticism for the quarterback position at the major level of competition. This is a player with good pocket presence, displays poise when under pressure; gets rid of the ball in a timely fashion with a catchable ball. We like his ability to drop back and set up quickly; shows nimble feet with the ability slide and avoid pressure while keeping the ball alive. Has a quick efficient release; no wasted movement patting the ball; good height tight release; shifts his weight when throwing with good follow through. Has adequate arm strength, can throw the out and up route. Displays good touch; can drop the ball over a defender on medium seam and fade routes. Shows enough arm strength to throw short / medium routes off the back foot; flashes a tight spiral. Can roll out and deliver ball on the medium comeback route. We like his toughness in run situations whether it the sneak, option or scramble. This is and interesting player; appears to be poised, tough and under control. His field leadership should serve him well at the next level of play. Baty has the potential to become a starter at the major level of competition. However this is not an immediate starter or early impact player, rather one who will need time and a red shirt year to develop his arm strength and overall skills.

    2008: Threw for 1,800 yards… Also plays basketball…

  8. prophet says:

    all i know is this, he is ranked 56th in his grade for the entire country. which other quarterback is even rated in the top 100 in his grade in the country………0 others….which = baty as the best qb in CT, sadley he may also be the best QB that doesnt play in CT i heard the Ouellette kid is pretty solid.

  9. FauxRealism says:

    Baty has already played in a GAME for St Thomas Aquinas this year –
    he played in STA blowout win over Upper Arlington of Ohio in the Kirk Herbstreit sponsored match-ups.
    Doesn’t that seem a little weird that you can play a game, then transfer to a new team – even if it is for legitimate reasons??
    Just seems a little odd, & perhaps the CIAC should consider tightening its rules.

  10. LB FAN says:

    If that is what rivals is saying he must be a pretty good player, we will see if this even goes through I am sure this is not a done deal yet. Do we have any QB talent this year in CT any bona fide Div. 1 players. I am sure this kid could probably play a small Div. 1 if he is coming out of St. Thomas. With that being said he could probably start for most CT schools if not all of them.

  11. Get Real says:

    There is a Football Reason he wants to play!! This is not the first time a QB leaves the south to come to north. Our season starts so late it gives them a second chance if there not good enough. Which he was not should have stayed in SO CAL!!!!!

  12. Cali football says:

    What’s up with this guy? He tried to take the starting QB position in CALI and when he didn’t get it, he went down to the Frosh/Soph then didn’t like that and went back to the Varisty and sat the whole season.

    Then he didn’t like how his team in CALI looked for his senior year and move to FL.

    That didn’t work out and now he is in CT.

    Why doesn’t he just stay in one spot and focus…. what is he looking for?

  13. PAL COACH says:

    This kid is not the Qb everyone thinks he is. Parents are paying big money to get this kid recruited!! His numbers are low because he sucked last season!!! He did not lead his team to championship, it was behind 2 great running backs the team had last season and because of academic issues both of those rb’s are at CSM college in San Mateo. Get the real facts not some paid story by his dad in Rivals!!

  14. Jeff says:

    Ridgefield is dealing with the same issue with the Millington kid that transferred in from NY. Millington is definitely the more talented of the two, but has not yet mastered the Ridegfield offense. He he has looked explosive at times though, especially when the play breaks down. Not a bad problem for a coach to have. Follow the Ridgefield lead and put them both on the field and let the kid who handles the team best run the team. I think you may see Ridgefield use two QB’s a running one and a passing one. Baty may find out that running a new offense is not as easy as just stepping on the field…no matter how talented you are.

  15. Rick James says:

    Do you believe everything that RIVALS says??
    Come on man.

  16. dannb says:

    Baty was average to low in Ca, Northen CA that is….
    Average in FL… not starting…
    Don’t let him ruin your team in CT. He can not walk in to a place he has no connections to and start. That would be very bad.
    It is all hype by his dad, i feel sorry for the kid

  17. Skippy says:

    Even if this kid is the best QB Conn has seen in a while the WR’s still have to catch the ball.

    If Ansonia did not have that great front line for Alex Thomas I highly doubt you would of seen his full potential.

    If Steve Smith did not have 3 really good wideouts I highly doubt Bunnell beats Staples in the State finals.Even with his amazing passes that night the WR’s still had to make the catch.

    I hope everyone gets my point.

  18. bowzer says:

    This is ridiculous. Your coach should talk to any person from Nor Cal, and they will tell you …. His dad has fabricated all of this stuff to get him recruited. Don’t ruin your season New Canaan. Do some research…

  19. prophet says:

    i went to New canaan’s practice yesterday…the kid is good…he has a cannon on his arm and if he learns the system watch out ouellette and everyone else who plays new canaan this kid is the real deal and if you dont believe me go to nc stand up top and just watch practice

  20. Gil Thorp says:

    I spoke with a friend whose son goes to Baty’s old school in CA. They said he was a good QB and that the Menlo Atherton High School team “sucks without him.”

  21. footballfan says:

    Interesting posts here. Turner Baty is a 17 year old kid- get a grip- let the kid play high school football. He will compete to play just like any other player- the coach will do what he thinks is best for team.
    I know a bit about Baty and his father. The post above are dead wrong. If you want to speak to someone in calinforia about Batys ability- contact Tom Martinez. Look him up on google and see his backround. He was Tom Bradys QB coach- Brady calls him before and after games. Martinez thinks Baty is outstanding and will be in college- i’ll take his word for it. Baty worked with Martinez for several year in California.
    His family has moved around- parents divorced- hes handled it better than most 17 year olds would. hes a great kid- excells academically- gets along great with the players on his team. Some of these posts seem like bitter people with an agenda.
    Let the kid play football hes a 17 year old high school kid- get a grip. His father paying to get him recruited is the most absurd thing i have heard of- i know his father – great guy. College coaches dont offer kids scholarships or recruit them because the kids father asks them to- he earned it. Ask Tom Martinez what he thinks about Turner
    “ruin your season”. Wow thats a pretty intense post. Do your research- your posts are wrong – your information is wrong- u obvioulsy have an agenda. let the kid play football- move on with your life- leave him and his family alone.
    Turner Baty is a great kid that any coach and teamates would love to have on their team- he dosent have an attiude -hes an unassuming kid despite the fact that hes a very good player. He’s the type of student athlete that we most would want their kids to be. He will do great at New Canaan

  22. Matt says:

    I agree with Bowzer— Stay with your team and tell Baty to get in the back of the bus.

  23. Get Real says:

    Anyone that believes what Rivals/Scouts.com says doesn’t know much about recruiting. College Coaches know that 95% of it is BULL. That’s why most kids spend the summer going to camps at the school they would like to attend. Example the Ridgefield kid that transferred in Rivals has him big time D-1 kid. That’s because he went to there combines just like Baty. Neither kid is going to start and there big time recruits that’s a joke it’s all about hype!!

  24. footballfan says:

    Baty has written scholarship offers from major division 1 football teams. Thats not hype thats fact- so the coaches must think hes pretty good. You are corect rivals/scout are tabloids for high school/college football recruiting college coaches pay little or no attention to their rankings- its for fans- not college coaches

  25. Jeff says:

    The Ridgefield kid is starting at DB. I believe that is the position he is being recruited at. Why are 17 year old kids being bashed? I think you guys are taking high school footbal to seriously.

  26. Jeff says:

    I take it that the Fortt kid has over 30 offers because of who he knows also. He has been to every Rival camp that ever existed. Even if neither kid, Baty or Millington don’t play college ball they will be no different than 99.9% of the kids playing high school ball now. “Get Real” maybe you should be upset with the press for putting these kids in the spotlight not the kids. Did Baty have a press conference indicating he was transferring in. Did Millington have one..in fact I never heard of the Millington kid until this blog wrote about him and I live in Ridgefield and have a kid on the team! Did he contact this blog to get a story written about him..probably not. Have you seen any of these kids play yet?

  27. MasukRules says:

    I would allow both quarterbacks to play. There are alot of softies on their schedule that will allow them both put up big numbers.

  28. Matt says:

    Who does baty have offers from? And if they are only kids why are they moving across the country and up and down the coast to find a team that will give them visability. I will not get into family issues but I wouldn’t belive them.

  29. Matt Sher says:

    Guys, you are all nuts. The kid left St Thomas’s because he got beat out by a Junior QB. He left Menlo in Northern California because the coach his Junior year was NOT rehired. He has one scholorship offer from Stanford that was extended his Junior year. Thus, is he panning out like Stanford hoped? Who knows. Is he good? Obviously the kid has talent. Will he be a Division 1 QB? Who knows, chances are against him, but that is true for everyone, even those with multiple scholorship offers. All I can say for certain is he is absolutely shopping around high schools to “showcase” his talents which is not uncommon in places like CA, TX and FL. Good for his father and mother if this is the best thing for him. Hopefully Coach M will do what is right for the program. My take – average talent, big name in northern CA which helped him get his offer from stanford (father played TE there), physically got big early Stanford projected growth which may or may not be appearing and he won’t garner a lot of other offers from the major schools.

  30. agendahater says:

    When I see this garbage about these NC kids, to borrow a quote from OSU Head Coach Mike Gundy’s rather eloquent rant from a couple of year’s ago, “it makes me want to puke.” Both boys are exceptional athletes, and if I had to bet will become good pals. They play for a very accomplished coach in NC, and this might give him, the COACH, the flexibility to play these two in roles that best utilizes their inidividual talents to make the team better as a whole. Because as athletic and instinctive as both boys are, rest assured they will each have their own shining moments during what should be another succesful campaingn for NC. Go Rams! Lastly, attacking a kid’s parents and the child in a public forum in the internet age is juvenile, deplorable, and in this case ignorant. The kid has game.

  31. Get Real says:

    Your right no one should attack kids but there moving for football reasons not family. Good luck to both kids hope you have a great year!

  32. NorCal dad says:

    I know Turner and his Dad and my son played Pop Warner for the Dad and with Turner. This is a great kid, no question. The Dad is also a great guy and a great coach to my son although a little nutty when it came to his son – a label that could be applied to lots of Dads, I suppose.

    Here’s what I know:

    He did throw for 1800 yards or whatever they are saying it was during his Junior year even though they had 2 electric RB’s. He did bail on his JV team sophomore year and moved up to the Varsity to sit. He started the first non-league game of that year and threw a couple of picks and was replaced for the senior QB who was previously unavailable and injured in the preseason. Not sure you could say he tried to take away the senior’s job and was unsuccessful. The senior QB was OK, not great and had a strong supporting cast.

    Not sure why they didn’t stay for Senior year – I don’t know the family that well. The high school in NorCal hasn’t had continuity in head coaches in a while. I’ll say it was 5 coaches in 7 years. To say that he wouldn’t get a good look from that school is probably not accurate, however. TC Ostrander came from that school. Say what you want about TC’s college career (also at Stanford), he was an Elite 11 QB coming out of high school.

    The bottom line is – the kid wants to play college football and wants to make a name for himself. What’s wrong with that? Maybe he is moving across the country to get a better look – probably not wise for your senior year – and maybe he had to because of his family situation. Either way, he’s a great kid and I wish him luck

  33. john says:

    This is a high school kid with a boatload of talent. Lets watch this young man play a game,and lets let the college experts decide whether this kid is the real thing or not.All the people who have a negative perspective on Turner should wait and see if he is truly a top QB.All you naysayers should talk to Tom Martinez,he speaks very highly of Turner,If any of you know who he is,Tom Brady calls him after every game.So I think he knows what he is talking about.Have any of you ever played football at a high level?I am not talking about the guys who show up on friday nights with your 1970’s varsity jackets on,I am talking about people who actually know what it takes to play this game.Not to say that you guys have not paved the way for the athletes of today,I am just saying that football is a completely different game now,and these kids are true athletes and work harder than you can imagine.They should be commenended for their dedication and work ethic,not to be beliddled by people who cannot comprehend the immense pressure put on these young men to perform every week in front of fans who scrutinize every play.In saying that,Turner has adapted very well to his new surroundings,and has been overwhemingly recievd by the student body at New Canaan H.S.Let the kid play this sport we all love and embrace his talents with open arms and let him lead his team to a championship.

  34. Country Boy says:

    I understand work ethic, but 3 states in 6 months is crazy.

  35. NorCal dad says:

    Hey guys, lighten up!

    Turner is a great kid. My son played Pop Warner for his dad in Atherton, CA. I got to see Turner up close off the football field many times. He is extremely polite, very comfortable with adults, shows respect to all. He is very kind to the little kids in the stands, often the only teenager keeping the kids entertained. He makes an effort to treat everyone well.

    I don’t know how good a QB he is in games(only seen him in practice, but never really watched him in games), but judging how he interacts with his team mates in practice, he seems to be very well liked. He is also an excellent student and definitely a wonderful kid that everyone will like.