Staples, Central clinch FCIAC Championship game berths

FCIAClogo 3a According to Connecticut P0st calculations, Staples and Central have clinched berths in the FCIAC championship game.

Staples clinched with a victory. With Stamford and Greenwich winning, and a guaranteed 10 more points from Westhill-Ludlowe, Central’s minimum league point total will be 1090, for an average of 121.11.

New Canaan’s minimum point toal will be 960, for an average of 120.00.

Since Central shares the final 20 available bonus points with New Canaan, there’s no way the Rams can outpoint the Hillhoppers.

This will be Central’s second FCIAC championship appearance in school history. The last was in 2004, a 42-27 loss to Greenwich. Staples last reached the FCIAC championship game in 2007. It’s last FCIAC championship victory was in 2003.

Here’s the final total.

(Through Friday)













New Canaan












St. Joseph




*Clinched berth in FCIAC championship game, Friday, Nov. 20 at Wilton Trumbull.

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Sean Patrick Bowley

23 Responses

  1. Last 2 Cents says:

    So if NC played another game they would be playing staples in the FCIAC?

  2. GHS Fan says:

    What a season!
    They beat us, so I should not root for them too much, but I have to say I like Central! Go all the way (unless by some weird calculus we get back in)

  3. MasukRules says:

    Can Central carry the momentum from beating New Canaan into the FCIAC championship or will they have a letdown? It should be a great game.

  4. Bunnell Booster says:

    Weather, obviously, played a huge factor in the Central vs. New Canaan game tonight. QB Baty was like a fish out of water trying to pass. No offense to him, but that field was like a wind tunnel. Central’s offensive game plan was executed perfectly. Without the pass, New Canaan could do nothing. Staples is better than I gave them credit for. Their defense is very good and may bottle up Central’s speed. I don’t see alot of points being scored, maybe 17-14 or something like that.

  5. Read8834 says:

    Um. Central snot beat New Canaan. King beat Central. King can play anyone. Haters taste my juice.

  6. ghsgrandpa says:

    I really believe Central will crush Westport, and make it a trifecta over the 3 teams they really want to beat the most, from towns that they perceive as cultural opposites…Go Hilltoppers, and give something for Bridgeport residents to cheer about, and be proud of…You, and they could certainly use it…I could see you ride this all the way thru the State playoffs, if you stay focused & humble…Until you win it all…lol

  7. gmen56 says:

    hmm now that NC is 8-1 with their sole loss coming in the form of a blowout on the road to a top FCIAC team will they get hated on daily like Ridgefield?

  8. fciacfootballfan1 says:

    Central has a very legitimate chance to win the FCIAC Championship, but it seems unlikely that they’ll crush Staples to do so. Staples has played dominating football the entire season, outscoring opposing teams 338-25. It beat its two best opponents, Ridgefield and Trumbull (who defeated Central 21-0) by a combined score of 64-0. Central is an explosive football team and was able to totally outphysical an inferior New Canaan front on both sides of the ball. It probably won’t be able to achieve the same level of domination against a rough defense like that of Staples. Nevertheless, congratulations to the Central players; you guys have played your hearts out this season. We should be treated to an excellent FCIAC Championship game matchup this coming Friday.

  9. Nameless says:

    Don’t think anyone is hating on the prep schools. We just realize that there is no point comparing apples to oranges. If you for example rank the PG schools in with the four year schools you might as well rank UCONN as the number one high school team in the state…

    The comparison isn’t valid so we shouldn’t even bother wasting thought on who can play with who when the playing field isn’t even close to being the same.

  10. WARTIME says:

    I do not know who is writing this false information about King beating central. Central scrimmaged King a the Wilton Jamboree and beat King 4 scores to 2. The scrimmage was 10 plays and 10 plays starting on the 40 going in. Central scored on its first 3 plays from scrimmage and then scored again. King did not score until their 8th play and they scored a second time because the refs let them start from the 25 instead of the 40. This King beating Central thing is totally untrue.

  11. Manny says:


    no….you’re wrong…New Canaan went on the road and beat Greenwich…..where’s Ridgefield’s signature win? NC also beat a quality St. Joe team.

  12. Dave Choate says:

    Turner Baty did very well in the rain against St. Joseph just a few weeks ago, so let’s give Central the credit they deserve. Central dominated the line of scrimmage and had their way with New Canaan all-night-long and rain doesn’t have a thing to do with what happens in the trenches (at least on artificial turf). I thought the game was more lopsided than what the final score showed.

  13. fan says:

    42-7 seems pretty lopsided to me

    Even if NC’s offense had been at it’s best, their D could not stop Central (at all)

    So I am not sure this was ever going to be a game even in perfect conditions

    NC’s defense got exposed last week and it was just confirmed this week – it’s not too often you get a chance to score on NC like this

    Central made NC look very uncomfortable all night – NC looked like they did not even want to be out there

    In high school football, everyone should have to go through a game like this at some point – get your butt kicked to set you straight – NC has not had one in a while – Central was more than willing to provide it

    In this day and age of the spread, it will be fun to see to teams try to run it down each others throats next friday night!

  14. Read8834 says:

    King has no PGs. So its apples to apples. Central did score on 3rd play. King ran all over field as did Central. At the very worst, King is competitive with anyone. At the best, they are King.

  15. ray brown says:

    the weather changes a lot of things but central physically punished new caanan

  16. HighRoller says:

    Staples has shown a solid if not modest or quiet team-concept for a change this season, with a backup at QB not missing a beat these last few weeks and complementing what looks like a tight class of fellow senior starters. Central, under Coach C, has always been about strong values and team-play. That clearly continued in last night’s deserved and well-played smackdown — with some of their standout players taking a backseat to great, ego-less play especially on the line. And speaking of ego, New Canaan finally got its own well-deserved piece of humble pie. Looking forward to the FCIAC match-up and not having to hear from the Ram’s condescending coach (Though I’ll admit it was refreshing to hear him admit he got completely out-coached and out-played last night — Stanford scholarship-winner and all notwithstanding. Lucky it never rains too hard or gets too cold in the temperate Bay Area. Not so in Bridgeport. Welcome to our part of the county, Lou.)

  17. Dr. Von Nostran says:

    Dave Choate-
    That’s a good point. Baty looked great against SJ and found wide open receivers all day. Was he pressured last night or were the receivers well covered?
    Great game in Greenwich last night. Too bad the weather kept some people away.

  18. MasukRules says:

    Is the King fan trying to piggyback on Central’s success? I think so and it’s a shame to still be talking about scrimmages.

  19. Let me say this about the New Canaan players and coaches: They took their lumps and took them well. They knew it would be tough playing there, it really wasn’t their night. They all found and congratulated the Central players after the game. They’re far from finished. They’re still a good bet to win the Class MM title.

    Although, that Darien-NC Turkey Bowl game looks very interesting now. Should be a good one.

  20. jjs says:

    Whoever wins the state championships have the last laugh. Our area will be well represented in the states. We have possibly Masuk, Pompy, New Canaan, Staples, Central, NDWH and Ansonia. Win the states and then you can talk the talk. Everything that happened before the states means very little.

  21. fan says:

    sorry, I have to bitch about this

    Last laugh in the FCIAC is not winning states! Ask the NC guys, they’d much rather have the county than the state

    County Championship still means a lot – NC has a lot more state championship titles than county titles – b/c of the ridiculous classes in state, it’s much easier to go on and win states than it is to win the county

    SPB, does Darien have a chance to knock NC out of the playoffs if they beat them?

    Nothing beats drama added to the already heated Ram/Blue Wave rivalry

  22. PatPatriot says:

    Anyone who can’t acknowledge that Redd and KPL are the best two backs in Fairfield county should turn in their license to blog.

    How the team would do in the FCIAC is a more difficult question and your not going to answer it by going back to pre-season scrimmages.

  23. John d says:

    Even if the blue wave wins, I’m pretty sure they can’t catch the rams. It will be a great game none the less!