Ten Years Gone: What are your top moments in southwestern CT’s scholastic sports, 2000-2009?

With 2010 and a brand-new decade just weeks around the corner, everybody and their grandmother have started to get out their top 10 lists of the decade. I’m seeing it everywhere in the media, in newspapers, in magazines, heck even The Daily Show with Jon Stewart published a montage of their stories from the last 10 years on its website.

Ugh, 10 years. Has it been that long since we all celebrated the new millennium either at lavish parties (me in Times Square) or cowering in our  basements awaiting Armageddon from the Y2K bug?

Yeah, I’m feeling a little nostalgic. So why not we all gather ’round and figure out what were the top moments from high school athletics in southwestern Connecticut over the past 10 years?

I’ve been a member of the local sports media for (gasp!) almost the entire time since coming home from Syracuse in 1999, first in New Haven county as the sports editor for Elm City Newspapers, the New Haven Register‘s weekly division and then, after a brief stop at the Torrington Register-Citizen for the 2004 spring season, I took over for Dave Agostino at Connecticut Post.

So while I’ve been around, I didn’t get into the Greater Bridgeport and Southwestern Connecticut until the decade was almost half over. So last night I enlisted the help of Dave, who pretty much covered it all before me. Dave gave me a few ideas, I contributed my own and we’re in the process of publishing our master lists.

But what about you? What are your top moments of the decade? We want to hear from you, especially since my mind is going in my old age and since Dave’s been out of the game for most of the last five years.

We’d like to have your Top 10 in the following categories: Top 10 Games of the Decade, Top 10 Players of the Decade, Top 10 Stories.

That last one is more for us media types who revel in the stories our young athletes have produced over the years, but if you have some general stories, we’d love to hear it.

There are no hard rules, you can just post your Top 10 in list form, or you can just give us a single game, player or moment that sticks out.

REMEMBER, however, that we’re really only interested in Southwest Connecticut stories — i.e. Fairfield County and Western New Haven. There might be a huge story statewide that impacted us all (for example, the 50-point policy in football; the ill-conceived Division structure for basketball).

And, it’s just dawned on me, that today’s high schoolers were mere 7- and 8-year old tykes back in 2000. …I don’t know what you guys remember, but feel free to give us your thoughts, too.

So  fire away and enjoy.

Sean Patrick Bowley