Ten Years Gone: What are your top moments in southwestern CT’s scholastic sports, 2000-2009?

With 2010 and a brand-new decade just weeks around the corner, everybody and their grandmother have started to get out their top 10 lists of the decade. I’m seeing it everywhere in the media, in newspapers, in magazines, heck even The Daily Show with Jon Stewart published a montage of their stories from the last 10 years on its website.

Ugh, 10 years. Has it been that long since we all celebrated the new millennium either at lavish parties (me in Times Square) or cowering in our  basements awaiting Armageddon from the Y2K bug?

Yeah, I’m feeling a little nostalgic. So why not we all gather ’round and figure out what were the top moments from high school athletics in southwestern Connecticut over the past 10 years?

I’ve been a member of the local sports media for (gasp!) almost the entire time since coming home from Syracuse in 1999, first in New Haven county as the sports editor for Elm City Newspapers, the New Haven Register‘s weekly division and then, after a brief stop at the Torrington Register-Citizen for the 2004 spring season, I took over for Dave Agostino at Connecticut Post.

So while I’ve been around, I didn’t get into the Greater Bridgeport and Southwestern Connecticut until the decade was almost half over. So last night I enlisted the help of Dave, who pretty much covered it all before me. Dave gave me a few ideas, I contributed my own and we’re in the process of publishing our master lists.

But what about you? What are your top moments of the decade? We want to hear from you, especially since my mind is going in my old age and since Dave’s been out of the game for most of the last five years.

We’d like to have your Top 10 in the following categories: Top 10 Games of the Decade, Top 10 Players of the Decade, Top 10 Stories.

That last one is more for us media types who revel in the stories our young athletes have produced over the years, but if you have some general stories, we’d love to hear it.

There are no hard rules, you can just post your Top 10 in list form, or you can just give us a single game, player or moment that sticks out.

REMEMBER, however, that we’re really only interested in Southwest Connecticut stories — i.e. Fairfield County and Western New Haven. There might be a huge story statewide that impacted us all (for example, the 50-point policy in football; the ill-conceived Division structure for basketball).

And, it’s just dawned on me, that today’s high schoolers were mere 7- and 8-year old tykes back in 2000. …I don’t know what you guys remember, but feel free to give us your thoughts, too.

So  fire away and enjoy.

Sean Patrick Bowley

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  1. cuoz18 says:

    The 2 SWC Title games featured undefeated teams and a great pre game build ups.

    2004 : Pomperaug/Brookfield
    2009 : Msuk/Pomperaug

  2. Gotta Think Bigger, Cuoz.

    Here’s a “for certain” top 10 game of the decade: The Class LL final between Greenwich and New Britain. One of the best I’ve seen.

    Remember, this is all encompassing: basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, everything.

  3. ray brown says:

    cuoz is a westie give him a break

  4. bethel says:

    bethel’s win over brookfield this year, and our win against #1 New London. hands down.

  5. 726541 says:

    2002 – west haven/greenwich title game…classic
    2006-bunnell/staples title game…classic
    2002-ridgefield/windsor title game …great game
    2003- west haven/new britian tiltle game …great defensive game by both teams kids knocking the dog out of each other
    2008-(baseball) saint joe’s/seymour game …huge upset
    2007- hand/new canaan title game down 17 going to 4th and the rams stun tiger high..

  6. cuoz18 says:

    I thought it read SWC not southwestern CT’s,my bad.Okay Ray lets go with the 2002 Greenwich/West Haven Final or as it is also known as “The Broken Trophy Game”.

  7. NCFan says:

    For lacrosse, you’d have to go with Fairfield Prep’s 15-14 3OT thriller over upstart Ridgefield in the 2008 Class L final. The finest game I’ve ever seen, with boatloads of D1 talent starring for both sides. The game also served as a coming out party for then-junior Matt White, arguably the best lax talent CT has produced.

    On a negative note, the Hand juicing scandal might be worthy of inclusion in the “stories” category.

    Player-wise, Jon Meyers (who led Greenwich to new heights in both football and lacrosse, and garnered national headlines for his decision to attend Princeton) is a good choice.

  8. GHS Fan says:

    Greenwich High School going to the USA Rugby Sweet Sixteen National Championship Tournament three years in a ros 2005, 2006 and 2007. Only public school in the country to ever do that.

    GHS – Staples on Thanksgiving was the best game I have ever seen, but the GHS – New Britain game was great too.

  9. theruler says:

    im gonna stick to what i follow(football)in no order
    1.frfld county finally beating nhaven county in 08 thriller
    2.watching new britain high beat up john sullivan so bad in 01 playoffs tht he was thowing up after the game,then watching him dominate year after.
    3.danbury ALMOST pulling off the west haven upset in 03 playoffs
    4.greenwich n britain game,mike mcleoad year 04-05? great game
    5.watching the jimmy hughes led staples team dominate for most of their season,then lose to shelton.i thought this staples team was unbeatable,even though hughes was hurt
    6.centrals win over trumbull that clinched their fciac berth(o3?),akeem wrights shifty cuts that year,hanging tough with greenwich in fciac championship,then nbritan coming into kennedy to dominate them,still great season
    7.central almost kncking off staples(06-07?)at staples ,alot of questionable ref calls this game(sorry guys )
    8.darien beating greenwich last year
    9.seing alex thomas play at least once(even if for whatever reason he did nothing in ct island and frfld nhvn county game)
    10.danburys 07 win over ridgefield on thanksgiving(escobar pick,sorry i gotta rep my city)
    hope i stayed somewhat within the rules and bought back a memory or 2 for somebody.

  10. Foran Booster says:

    The run Foran High in 2001….Last second feild goal to beat ND to get in SWC final and blocking the PAT to win SWC championship 7-6 after New Milford scored on hail mary on last play of the game.

  11. FauxRealism says:

    Girls softball – Rachele Fico’s entire career!

  12. shelton fan says:

    Any of the football coaching jobs filled yet ? Any thoughts on who might get hired, and where ?

  13. NCHSRamsFb says:

    I would have to agree with one of the posters above:

    2007 Class MM state football title game.
    Underdog New Canaan down like 31-13 heading into the 4th quarter against Hand. New Canaan’s passing attack takes over and their defense settles in. Wild comeback. NC wins.

    By the way, I find it very funny how people bash New Canaan for winning “the New Canaan Invitational”, also known as Class MM.
    While it is true that they always play a lesser team in the semifinals, the last 3 title games have been against good teams and the Rams were underdogs in two of them and the other game was against their #1 arch-rival, Darien, who was unbeaten going into the FCIAC championship game that year, ranked #3 in the state, before losing twice to NC.

  14. WavePride says:

    The 2001 SWC Championship between Foran and New Milford has to be included. One of the most physical football games I’ve ever seen. Two great defensive clubs. And what an electrifying ending. Far and away the best league championship game in the SWC’s short history.

  15. footballfan says:

    best moment was seeing the div I state hockey title back in HOCKEYTOWN CT Hamden last year

  16. 726541 says:

    The run West Haven Football had from 2001-2006 in SCC division 1 was incredible.

    2001- 9-0-1 (tied hand 7-7)
    2002- 10-0
    2003- 9-0-1 (tied cheshire 28-28)
    2004- 7-3 ( lost to shelton, nd-wh, hand)
    2005- 9-1 ( lost to xavier 21-0)
    2006- 9-1 ( lost to cheshire 49-21)

    Now that is just a great run … When you think about the decade that has to be one of the most dominating runs aginst top level play.. Just 1 state title, 1 state runner-up, 3 semi-final loses

  17. Bill says:

    Immaculate vs. Pomperaug swc championship game 2002. one of the greatest games ive ever seen. pomp won 13-17 with a little help from a rediculous clipping call while immaculate was going for the game winner late in the 4th. immaculate was a powerhouse earlier this decade and most people have forgotten that…

  18. localalum says:

    How about St Joe’s run to the title this year. Didn’t know they were in until well after Thanksgiving game and then roll to title with heavy hearts their last few games. Or how about the last few years for them, coach has heart attack and team just misses playoffs-some emotional times over there.

  19. localalum says:

    Is Sj the first to have a coach play on and coach then come back to school and coach team to title? Just curious.

  20. curious says:

    problem is westies and derby have same amount of state titles since 1990, 1 to 1

  21. ghsgrandpa says:

    The change in the CIAC State Football playoffs…Let’s hope it works out better this way…

  22. ghsgrandpa says:

    Oh yeah, This past Thanksgiving game Staples-Greenwich game…Like the MSG announcer said “If you’re watching the Detroit Lions right now, then you’re tuned into the wrong game”..lol..One of the most exciting & enjoyable games I’ve ever seen at any level, even though my team lost…

  23. 726541 says:

    to mention derby and westies in same breath ?? you don’t know anything…as far for sj great run and head coach is classy as they come

  24. staples08 says:

    top games NC Staples 2005-08, Mcmahon v staples 04 and 05, Staples v ridgefield 2005, Greenwich v NC 2009, Nc v Hand 2007
    Top Players John Sullivan Greenwich, Jimmy Hughes Staples, Rob Krauss Staples, Jon Meyers Greenwich, Mike Mcleod New Britain, Curt Casali NC, Brian Levine Staples, Andrew Kennedy Staples, Aaron Hernandez Bristol, Alex Thomas ansonia,

  25. 4wilcox says:

    Darien vs New Canaan Thankgiving Fciac final 2008.
    10,000+ at the game – the loudest & most attended HS game in CT I’ve ever attended.

  26. Remmy says:

    Ansonia 35 New London 0

    That is all.

  27. Biggo says:

    Best game was Bunnell beating Staples in the 2006 “L” football championship game. Bunnell was in uncharted territory when they faced the FCIAC powerhouse. The game lived up to all the hype. Best game I’ve ever attended.

    Best player was Steve Smith of Bunnell. Name anyone that created more electricity.

    Best story never told was Andrew Conroy for Bunnell, weighing in at 435 lbs as a senior. He went from a kid that couldn’t even walk around the track as a freshman, to a hulking mass clogging the middle during Bunnell’s two championship runs. He actually ran sprints, laps and hit the weights hard to get into playing shape. Congrats Andrew.

  28. Ichiro says:

    Curious, that is hilarious that you point out the fact that the Westies and Derby have the same amount of state titles. Who is the team of the decade? Answer: Any team Jack Cochran coached? The irony of him losing his job over baseball. Jack, if you’re listening, take the Prep job and win every game for the next 10 years. Go 130-0. You can do it!

  29. tom says:

    Over 10,000 on Thanksgiving day at Boyle stadium. The number one and number two team in the state-Two undefeated teams-arch rivals-BMW’s backed up in the parking lot-tans on every other female in the stands-Brooks Brothers clothing everywhere you turn-New Canaan vs Darien. Everyone in RED on the New Canaan side and BlUE on the Darien side. NC goes up twenty-one points early only to see the Blue Wave battle back. Great game and a better atmosphere. By far the biggest event of the decade.

  30. tom says:

    Best Athlete: Male John Sullivan Greenwich Football

    Best Athlete: Female Rachel Fico Masuk Softball

  31. Lot’s of great responses so far. I’m also looking for hoops, baseball, more lax games.

  32. Ole#65 says:

    726541- Is that guy serious comparing West Haven and the Derby Pink Raiders?? I mean come on now..

  33. Ole#65 says:

    How about SJ winning a Hockey title!!!! Theyve only had a team for 3 years

  34. bhsfootball08 says:

    1.brookfield upset over masuk last year
    2.brookfield winning state championship 2008
    3.brookfield winning swc championship in the same year
    4.brookfield beating pomperaug 2007
    5.newtown beating masuk 2009

    sure im a little biased, but all great feats

  35. roto says:

    localalum-no. Tom Marcucci (ND-WH)and Jack Hunt (Ansonia) come to mind. Also Sean Marinan at Xavier and Earl Lavery at Prep. I’m sure there are many more.

  36. roto says:

    Sorry localalum…upon re-reading your question, I’m not sure any coaches won titles as players since the CIAC playoffs began in 1976, then came back and won at the same school. I’m guessing there are, but the guys I listed all pre-date that era.

  37. There are a lot of pre-2005 games missing

  38. roto says:

    Sorry, last post on the subject. Jack Cochran won a CIAC state championship as a player at New London, then again as a coach.

  39. huskeis says:

    Dan Orlovsky and the Shelton Gaels 2000 State Championship Team, also Shelton beats Staples for 2003 State Title….Joe Benanto won of the top coaches although retiring after the 03 season

  40. Doc says:

    early decade FCIAC championship game hoop classics, both at the Pitt Center: St. Joes’s over Harding in 2OT….then Trinity over St. Joe’s in a thriller as Cadets finish just 9-of-31 from the free throw line (yes, you read that correctly). Zizek for TCHS was 11-of-11 from the line by himself in that game.

  41. prophet says:

    how about the 2002 NC Vs Greenwich 0-0 tie on greenwich’s homecoming at cardinal staudium, NC blocks the 13 yards field goal to keep the game a tie.

    Or the NC-Greenwich FCIAC Championship games in 1999 and 2000 (i know 1999 is not in this decade…but a great game)

  42. Clyde says:

    “Big City Upset” Central 14 Greenwich 13
    “Big City Beatdown” Central 42-New Canaan 7
    “Big City Letdown” Staples 14-Central 10


  43. Mr. D says:

    Best games : Football only

    . Greenwich vs West Haven State Finals

    Greenwich vs New Britain State Finals

    All four Staples vs New Cannaan games 2004-2007

    Bunnell vs. Staples State Finals

    New Canaan vs Greenwich 2000 FCIAC

    Notre Dame vs Xavier 2009 Regular season

    Central vs Staples 2009 Fciac

    Shelton vs Greenwich 2007 State Final

    Daniel Hand vs New Canaan 2007 State Finals

    The GRAND DADDY of them all: DArien vs New Canaan Thanksgiving Day 2008. 10,000 people (no lie) Then a week later NC vs DArien in the state finals at Trumbull.

  44. Shelton Fan says:

    2000 Class LL semi final between Shelton and New Britain. Shelton won 29-27. Beat Greenwich 22-8 in the final. Shelton ended up 12-0 that season.

  45. Glad you guys are going back. Shelton-Greenwich Class LL featured two guys now in the NFL.

    And Harding-St. Joseph, 2 OT FCIAC final… an instant classic.

    Anyone mention Trinity Catholic over Crosby in 2004?

  46. Theo says:

    New Canaan football—–team of the DECADE…four straight state titles!

    It looks likes Staples loses every big game they play! What is their record over the last 10 years in big state games? like 4-13?

  47. purist says:

    best atmosphere of the decade:

    2008 Thanksgiving at Boyle Stadium…..10,000 people there for the one of the great rivalries in the state…New Canaan vs Darien…dubbed “The Republican Bowl” or “The Mink Coat Bowl”
    Tons of celebrities there on the New Canaan side.

  48. The Boyle Stadium game was one of, if not the best, atmosphere I’ve witnessed. My only problem was that it wasn’t a *great* game. Good, yes. Exciting, somewhat.

  49. Box-and-One says:

    early in this decade (not sure which year)…boys basketball
    Trinity Catholic vs. Northwest Catholic in the state semifinals at Nauguatuck High School:

    I am rooting for Trinity Catholic and NW Catholic has 3 point lead with 5 seconds left. TC has to go the length of the floor to and hot a 3-ball at the buzzer to tie and send the game into overtime.

    I’m telling the TCHS fans around me that they have NO CHANCE to win this game if theNW Catholic coach does the RIGHT thing and fouls the TCHS ballhandler while moving the ball upcourt. Don’t even let TC get off a game-trying three-pointer. Send him to the line, where he has to 1- make the first, 2- miss the 2nd while drawing iron, mind you, 3- have the ball somehow rebounded by the shooting team, 4- hit a congested putback at the buzzer.
    NW lets Tory Thomas drive up the floor, pull-up for a 3-pointer and hit it! Overtime, TCHS wins in OT and goes on to win the state title in their next game.
    Coaches who choose NOT to foul when up by 3 points in the final seconds of the game should never be allowed to coach again! It happens everyday all over the country on every level….stealing wins from their own kids!
    You MUST do what the othetr team does NOT want you to do…and that’s foul. The team which is down three is PRAYING you don’t foul them….and that’s the EXACT REASON why you DO foul in you are the opposing coach.
    I will go to my grave saying this.

  50. yessiiiirrrr says:

    2003- west haven vs danbury semifinal ball dropped in the endzone or danbury would have won with 30 sec left.
    2003- danbury over ridgefield down 9pts with 7 min to go came back and won on a drive with less then a minute remaining
    justice hairston crapping all over greenwhich was quite the scene.
    kenny tinney by far the best pure athlete i have seen on a ct hs football field

  51. yessiiiirrrr says:

    also st josephs and the Pierce twins in basketball dominating Mark Konechtady or however his name was spelled in the 2001 or 02 state championship game

  52. The Doc says:


    You are CORRECT about coaches not fouling in that siuation…up three, final seconds, and the other team has the ball. It drives me nuts! All you have to do is foul and the game is over. Why letthe other team take a three??
    Did they not watch Memphis lose to Kansas? It happens everynight on tv in college and pro, too. When will they ever learn?!

    Anyway, another great lax game was Prep over Norwalk in FOUR OVERTIMES at BMHS in the state finals. I think that was the year before (maybe 2) Prep beat Ridgefield in 3 OT’s at BMHS in the state finals.

    Best pure athlete I have seen was Chris Evans from Stamford.

  53. Big Guy says:

    Scott Lutrus – Best Player

    Where is Tinney now ? – Anybody know ?

  54. staples08 says:

    well theo unlike NC they can’t lose 2-3 games and win a state title like the rams have in the past but I would say its an obvious pick for team of the decade between Staples, NC, and maybe Ansonia? Anyone know who has the best overall record in the last decade. Wouldn’t be surprised if one of those teams would have it

  55. ntown48 says:

    best player not even a question marcus tracy
    i know he’s a soccer player, but national player of the year in college… playing in europe currently

  56. ntown48 says:

    some other greats i know of torrey mack out of stratford and octavius mccoy.. in the same backfield.

    dan orlovsky, scott lutras,

    so many of the all american lacrosse players in ffld county (i only know of kyle mcnamara but their were countless more)

  57. Ooooh. Marcus Tracy. Excellent. Top 10 easily.

  58. NCFan says:

    Sean, here are your top lax games of the decade…

    1. Prep 15, Ridgefield 14 (3OT) -> ’08 Class L Final
    Jesuits stops Cinderella Tigers (and Matt White) in talent-filled final

    2. Prep 13, Greenwich 12 (OT) -> ’06 Class L Quarterfinal
    Jesuits stun tops-in-state Cards; springboard for unlikely L trophy

    3. New Canaan 5, Darien 4 -> ’07 FCIAC Semifinals
    Rams end multiyear instate winning streak for Blue Wave

    4. New Canaan 6, Prep 5 (3OT) -> ’01 Division 1 Final
    Absolute classic; Benedict ball at its finest

    5. Ridgefield 7, Darien 6 (OT) -> ’09 FCIAC Final
    Matt White singlehandedly ends Darien’s reign atop FCIAC

    For top laxers, it’s either Matt White (Ridgefield attackman, and the most skilled player CT has produced) or CJ Costabile (the most dominant single player I’ve seen).

    Storylines are either Howard Benedict’s ouster at New Canaan, or Darien’s absolute dominance in the 2000s. The Blue Wave upset a delicate, tripartite balance of power and absolutely manhandled their two “partners,” New Canaan and Wilton.

  59. theruler says:

    post #53 u HAVE to be a danbury guy,meet me @ tks or pippas so we can talk about it,ha.
    Spb on the money about the nc/darien game,atmosphere nutso,but game was good not classic.Mcmahon was involved in some real good games thru the years,(vs staples vs greenwich),danbury /stamford last year was pretty good too.Teams to note in recent memory 04 central,05 trumbull,07 greenwich.

  60. formergreat says:

    Great athletes of the past, way too many- male athletes a million- female loads of them- the girl who just graduated from joe’s, all state in two sports and dominated two sports, think she was the coaches kid- phenom!

  61. HolyCross06 says:

    How about Dan Mulrooney performance in the 2006 SS championship game 21 carries for 356yds and 4 TD’s with a 90yd TD called back,he embarrased the M&M boys and showed them exactly what true “speed” was.He also holds the state record for the most sacks in one game for good measure vs Seymour in 2004

  62. staples08 says:

    Sean any idea when the connpost all star squad is being released?

  63. ghsgrandpa says:

    As for players in the past decade, wasn’t Craig Austrie (Uconn basketball) from a Stamford High School in the past 10 years?..He had a had a pretty good college career at Uconn, and is probably playing in the CBA or Europe somewhere now…It may not be the NBA, but still impressive…I’m sure he was good in High School to be recruited, and get substantial playing time at Uconn…

    Also Sean, is the ConnPost football all star team separated into classes like the coaches poll?, Or is it regardless of school size & conference?…Probably a stupid question, but I’m new at stuff like this…I’ll buy the Sunday paper, anyway…lol

  64. ghsgrandpa says:

    SPB..Sorry to be a pain, but is that a “No” to both questions, or just the latter?

  65. No, it is all-encompassing for our coverage area: Fairfield County, Western New Haven. And it is divided into 1st, 2nd and honorable mention.

  66. ghsgrandpa says:

    Thanks for the info…I agree that’s the way it should be…1st, 2nd, and honorable mention…

    Did Craig Austrie play basketball in Stamford?…Or was he just from Stamford, and played elsewhere?…Considering his acheivement at a high level college basketball program, I thought he might at least be of consideration in the top ten High School players of the past decade, but I know nothing of his High School career, and where he played, just that he’s from Stamford, CT…

  67. ghsgrandpa says:

    Oh Yeah, and just to set the record straight, I’m also a Uconn alum, but from the pre-Big East days…We were in the Yankee Conference back then, and our big games were Yale & URI…Especially when URI got Sly Williams from New Haven, and we had Corny Thompson from Middletown…All home games were played in the Feild House with the pull out bleacher seats…Gampel, Calhoun, the Big East, and all that has followed since is something none of us could have ever comprehended back then….

  68. Bob says:

    Most underrated player of the decade…..mike kielt from pomperaug prob the most complete player the state has seen in a long time

  69. fciacfanatic says:

    best story the last ten years: st. joes wins title after 19 years; coach and son the QB win it together- what a story!

  70. oneopion says:

    good stuff

  71. Dr. Von Nostran says:

    Another top-ten story…Stratford’s win over Hartford Public in 2008 for their first State Basketball Championship of the “modern era”.

  72. fan says:

    Can we cool it with the matt white greatest ct product ever in lacrosse

    a lot of short memories in here

    you’re missing some MAJOR players from prior decades – namely some national team players that were all-world at one point or another

    Zach Colburn, Andy Towers, Dave Curry off the top of my head

    Even CJ Costabile has accomplished more

    Shoot, if we’re talking “skilled”, i could throw a bunch more names out there – billy bishop, andy roberts, jamie handford

    Matt White is a nice player who is going to play at UVA – let’s see what he does there


    how these:

    1-randy gress ndffd–3 sport all state

    2-nick pelligreno ndffd—5 tds vs masuk, 3 vs bunnell 2002
    9-2 ndffd lost to brookfield(twice)…

    3- scott lutrus–brookfield–capt uconn football

    4- steve smith–bunnell—just a big time player

  74. laxfan 2 says:

    for lax what about 2006 class L state championship prep 13 norwalk 12 4ot or should i say prep 13 john snellman 9 kid was on fire that game. no one could stop him, along with brent adams both went d-1

  75. GHS Fan says:

    You people should all get your heads wrapped aroung rugby. Rugby is an international sport that provides the hitting of football, the non-stop action of lacrosse and the skill of basketball. If you saw the Clint Eastwood movie “Invictus” you will realize that it evokes team play in a way no other sport can claim.
    And a national treasure is in your own backyard.
    The Greenwich Cardinals finished second in the country in 2002, and made it to the Sweet Sixteen three years in a row in 05, 06 and 07. No other sport in Fairfield county can clainm to represent like that.

    It is nice to know that Greenwich is still ahead of the curve for most of you burgs out there. I suppose after the highly commercial Olympics have made the sport more mainstream in the US, the rest of you will realize what a great sport rugby is, and you will all realize what an accomplishment GHS has in it’s rugby program. But still, it is scary that people from Greenwich recognize a great sport and pour their hearts into it while the rest of you need to be told by some network and some sponsors that it is a great game.

  76. ghsgrandpa says:

    To fan, and laxfan2,

    Don’t forget Jim Dunster from Greenwich High…He was both a very good football, and lax player for the Cardinals…2 time High School All-American in LAX, 3 time all state…Also, 2 time all state in football…He chose an LAX scholarship from North Carolina where he started 14 of 17 games as a Freshman last year, and was 7th on the team in scoring as a mid-fielder…The Tar Heels are a top National program in LAX, and made the NCAA quarter finals last year…They are ranked 4th in the pre-season 2010 polls, behind Duke, Syracuse, and Virginia…

  77. powerball says:

    2009- week 4 Cheshire vs. NDWH best game

  78. ghsgrandpa says:

    Geez Sean…I know you have no control over this…However, It’s still funny…I’m waiting for the FCIAC allstars, or there abouts…lol..Whatever…Give us something to use our constitutional rights…To get what we have a right to…But, I know that the coaches gangup in the “the Old boy network”…Too competitive now…Hell, you really have to farm the kids now…They are so big now..How are you going to wade thru that family mess?…You aren’t paid enough to be just Coach…Now you have to be Parental arbitrator, and field an inferior team due to hysterical, idiot parents..LOL…Hell, I’d quit before kneeling before them…But suit yourself…

  79. ghsgrandpa says:

    Oh yeah…By the way, Kaden Butler is going to be a big kid…LOL

  80. ghsgrandpa says:

    Sorry to rock all your boats…But let the big kid, Kaden throw the ball to you, eh?…It’s a tight spiral, but a little innacurate sometimes…The boy, Kaden, just needs practice throwing the ball to get it down…He’s so strong & big he will run over anyone…I’m just saying, expand your horizons with this kid…OK?…He can throw the ball, and run over anybody…

  81. yessiiiirrrr says:

    I have to bring it up and at a bad time but the most dominant program is danbury wrestling by far they hadn’t lost a match in ct in the last 2 decades not just this 1 until the other night against new milford i dont care what sport it is that is crazy

  82. FFLD CNTY FAN says:

    That 2006 Prep/Norwalk State Champion Lacrosse Final was a 13-12 Quad OT (thats 4 OT’s)with Prep winning. I think Snellman had 6 or 7 Goals, Courson from Prep had about the same…still quite a game and the Norwalk team put several players into D1…Snellman, Forite, Adams, Lanzaro, McGlochton, probably some i’m missing….Prep D1 players from that game…Courson, Cunningham, Rotanz, the Goalie and more that I am missing. Quite a bit of talent on the field that day!!!

  83. Jim Fuchcilli says:

    As a fan who spends every Friday in the fall watching the top games 3 games come to mind as the best of the Decade. Number three- 2000 LL Semi Final; Shelton 29 New Britian 27- An absolutely thrilling game where a young talented Hurricanes visited Shelton and almost shocked an undefeated Shelton team led by a Determined Dan Orlosky. Number Two 2001 Regular Season Foran 28 NdFfld 27- Game was to decide who would play New Milford in the SWC final. Foran a tradionally weak football program had used miracle plays to get by masuk and pomperaug that season had one more Miracle left as they called on thier back up RB to hit a long game winning field goal as time expired leaving the Lancers in shock. Number-1 2002 Class LL State Championship- West Haven defeats Greenwich- People think of these two traditional powers and expect them to play in the Finals. 2002 was actually supposed to be a down year for West Haven as they replaced alot of starters however after escaping NDWH 6-4 in week 7 in a game which they were out played and almost out gained 2 to 1 in total yardage West Haven steamrolled tough opponents till the finals where Phil Banks ripped off a thrilling 80 yard TD run to take him the title in an absolute classic and take home a number 1 ranking