SPB’s Elite 8 (Week 2)

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Elite 8 for Week Two.

Coupled with Xavier’s 22-15 victory over No. 1 Notre Dame-West Haven, and its breeze of a Sunday afternoon game with New Milford, Masuk has assumed the top spot in our weekly power rankings for South-Western Connecticut

We also had plenty of movement among the rest of the teams.

Notre Dame didn’t drop far with its loss. But Staples leap-frogged New Canaan into the No. 2 spot.

Moving up (way up) is Central, which went from a ‘Just Missed’ all the way up to No. 4 in this space based on its thoroughly dominant victory over Ludlowe.

(By the way: In case you missed it, Central punted on 1st down in that game adding more blight for the CIAC Football Committee’s crappy 50-point policy. Again: Can we at least try a running clock? Echo…! echo… echo…)

Anyway, also moving up is Darien, which roasted Warde 31-0 and now claims the No. 6.

Moving down, is Notre Dame-WH (to 5) St. Joseph (just slightly to 7) and Greenwich, which is now completely gone.

Moving in are Norwalk, Wilbur Cross, Oxford, Ansonia, claiming tenuous spots among the “Missed”

And, in addition to Greenwich, moving out is Shelton, Brookfield and Bethel.

Staying put is Newtown (8) and New Canaan (3).

Sean Patrick Bowley

15 Responses

  1. Kyle #25 says:

    Im glad to see the hilltoppers getting some respect I feel they are 1 of the more underrated teams in the state this year

  2. truth says:

    masuk will pull far ahead of any other team in the state when they blowout pomperaug tomorrow. theyre going out lookin for revenge for losing last years swc championship. look for casey cochran to shatter his school records

  3. Fan Zant says:

    Mssuk will beat Pomperaug by at least 25, but they will get challenged this year – in SWC play.

  4. masuk is just to good to be stopped, they will easily dominate the SWC and most of class L. Looking some what better then the 2008 Championship team

  5. masuck says:

    Everyone loves Masuk, SPB must get paid by them to speak so highly of them. Remember when Newtown destroyed them last year. Big deal that they have Cockran. Central would destroy Masuck. I’m so glad Oxford opened up a school so Masuck will lose players

  6. CT Football Rocks says:

    Masuck, don’t bother reading the column if you are personally offended by what SPB has to say. Time will tell whether or not his predictions are accurate. SPB is obviously doing a great job as he got you to respoind, no?

    I think you need to get out a little more often!!!!

  7. SCCFAN says:

    Masuk plays in a weaker than usual SWC, maybe 2 or 3 decent teams. Come to SCC, play our schedule, see what happens to you. Coach Cochran doing a good job running that team, he even allows Murphy to take the credit on the field. But that is Coach Cochran’s team now, no doubt about it. Let’s see if he messes up another program. Or just continues coaching the team while hiding behind the little puppet Murphy.

  8. frank costanza says:

    Masuk will not beat NDWH if they play them. They have too much team speed for anyone in the Class L title chase.

  9. frank costanza says:

    SCC Fan,

    That’s a very poor and disrespectful comment you made about Coach Murphy, Jack Cochran and the Masuk program. You are off base with comments like that.

  10. SWC Fan says:

    SPB don’t worry, these SCC guys won’t know what hit’em when the SWC train rolls through. Confident, not cocky.

  11. MasukRules says:

    Don’t be jealous of Masuk being #1.

  12. Brandon says:

    Might still be early but would love to see a Masuk vs. New Canaan state championship. We would see if the beast of the SWC can hang with NC!

  13. High School Football Fan says:

    SPB,How would your final Elite 8 look IF Masuk and Staples both win The L and LL titles respectively and both end at 14-0.

    P.S. don’t blame me if it happens because you know my feeling on an open division playoffs.