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Week 4 Wrap: Congrats Presidents!

It’s tough picking games to attend every week. For somebody in my position, a sports reporter trying his best to gauge every team in his coverage area who can’t clone himself, you have to weigh a few factors: Importance: What are the team’s records? How big is this game for both teams? Is anything at […] [Read More]

Week 4: Deja Vu nowhere (except the FCIAC)

In a few months, when we look back at everything that went down on a Friday night in Week 4, we’ll remember it as the moment the 2009 season  became 2010. It was the night when our preconceptions about this year’s teams, culled mainly by taking what we knew about them in 2009 and applying […] [Read More]

Your Week 4 Primer – Battle on the North End, Mighty Markus, Live Updates

Trumbull 21, Central 0 – Looking back, it was probably the most perplexing result of 2009. Central limped out of McDougall Stadium a beaten team, pushed up and down the turf by what looked like a legit Trumbull crew. But then Christon Gill and Co. went on to pull a rare double, beating Greenwich and […] [Read More]

Week 4 Guide To This Week’s Games

Good day. Welcome to Week 4 of the Connecticut High School Football season. Let’s get right to it with our weekly Guide to This Week’s Games… TODAY VISITOR HOME TIME SKINNY Norwalk (1-2) Stamford (1-2) 6 Hey. Norwalk. Where’d ya go? Darien (3-0) Wilton (1-2) 6 Get the feeling Wilton might be due again. Trumbull […] [Read More]

Live High School Football Chat – Tonight, 8 p.m.

You know the drill by now, Dinner, chores, homework: Done early. We’re chatting live with myself, NewsTimes’ Kevin Duffy and maybe Stamford Advocate’s Dave Ruden (he’s got a deserved day off, but might show up) tonight at 8 p.m. Update: Gah. Just realized this was during the Yankees playoff game. Yes, I’m a Yankees fan. […] [Read More]

Bridgeport Central cheerleader outfit controversy goes global

Unbeaten Bridgeport Central is about to host the biggest game of its season so far when unbeaten and border rival Trumbull Friday night at Kennedy Stadium. But they’re being upstaged by the girls on the Central cheerleading squad, who have taken up a cause that’s suddenly sweeping the country. Their uniforms, they said, are a […] [Read More]

Week 3: Staples 34, Ridgefield 14 (The Movie!)

It’s that time again, campers. Grab some popcorn, dim the lights and settle in with your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend or husband. (Or, cuddle up with your boss if you’re at work). Our High School Football movie matinee feature is last Friday’s Staples at Ridgefield game from Tiger Hollow, won by Staples 34-14. Here’s what to […] [Read More]

The Elite 8: Week 4

Here’s our Elite 8 — The top eight football teams in southwestern Connecticut (FCIAC, SCC, southern NVL, Western SCC, Platt Tech, Bullard-Havens, Abbott Tech). TRENDING UP Trumbull — The Eagles wiped out Norwalk and have posted two consecutive shutouts. Only nine points allowed this season against moderate competition. They deserve the bump to No. 6 […] [Read More]

Week 3 High School Football Polls

Here are your Top 10 Polls from Week 3. Comments later: MEDIA TOP 10 (New Haven Register) Rank Team (First Place Votes) Record Points Prev. Rank 1. Xavier (16) 3-0 672 1 2. New Canaan (2) 3-0 610 2 3. Staples (2) 3-0 598 3 4. Masuk (3) 3-0 588 4 5. Central 3-0 474 […] [Read More]

Week 3: Adversity, destiny converge [Updated]

AFTER AN enormously successful 2009 season, an 8-2 record, a long-awaited state championship, St. Joseph was supposed to have all the pieced back for a glorious, second-title run. It was all anybody around these parts could talk about. St. Joseph, they’re supposed to be good. Like, real good. Like, excellent. FCIAC favorites, it was unthought […] [Read More]

Friday wrap: Same ol’ Staples; 50-point shenanigans and Saturday primer

There’s nothing quite like a trip to Tiger Hollow in Ridgefield, especially in the fall. It’s just a gorgeous facility built into small valley. It glows when the sun sets behind the low hills and illuminates the latent autumn clouds sweeping across the sky. Beautiful ‘burg, Ridgefield. Great place to visit. Unless you’re an opposing […] [Read More]
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Good Morning, It’s Pouring – Week 3 Primer & Scoring Updates

I didn’t need an alarm clock this  fine morning. I was aroused (ripped) from a deep sleep by the thunderous sounds of Niagara Falls pounding on  my roof and windows. Did anybody notice? It’s pouring out. Buckets. The tropical storm people thought we were supposed to get yesterday (which sent half of the schools in […] [Read More]
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