NHR Preseason Top 10 Video Adventure: Xavier’s No. 1 again

Xavier retains the top spot in the New Haven Register Top 10 poll, which was (kinda) released this morning by the good folks on Sargent Drive.

The higher powers decided this year to unveil grandaddy poll via online video with writer Mike Pucci and editor Mike Wollshlager counting it down for us.

A detailed poll won’t be released until later today because, well, NHR wants you to watch the video. If you want to watch it, click here. But I skimmed through it early this morning so we can skip the pleasantries and dig into dinner.

Once again, it’s a virtual dead heat for No. 1.

Xavier earned 13 first place votes, Masuk took 12. The final point tally was Xavier 724, Masuk 722.

Interestingly, Pucci lets us know that one wise voter had his Top 3 thus: No. 1 Xavier, No. 2 Hand, No. 3 Masuk.

[This space intentionally left blank]

So … anyway, the entire poll goes like this: 1. Xavier; 2. Masuk; 3. New Canaan; 4. Hillhouse; 5. Ansonia; 6. Staples; 7. Hand; 8. New London; 9. West Haven; 10. Trumbull.

Update: Here, finally, is the full monty.

1. Xavier (13-0) (13) 724 1
2. Masuk (13-0) (12) 722 2
3. New Canaan (11-2) 592 3
4. Hillhouse (10-3) 543 6
5. Ansonia (11-2) 503 9
6. Staples (9-2) 433 NR
7. Hand (10-2) 367 8
8. New London (10-3) 311 NR
9. West Haven (8-3) 299 NR
10. Trumbull (11-3) 257 5

Others receiving votes: Cheshire (5-5), 251; Windsor (8-2), 202; North Haven (9-2), 154; Bunnell (7-3), 134; St. Joseph (10-3), 98; Berlin (10-1), 87; Brookfield (9-2), 75; Darien (11-2), 68; Montville (10-2), 63; Greenwich (5-5), 59; Glastonbury (10-2), 51; Valley Regional/Old Lyme (11-1), 47; Southington (8-2), 46; Cromwell (7-4), 39; Norwich Free Academy (11-1), 34; Notre Dame-West Haven (7-3), 32; Shelton (6-4), 29; Middletown (7-3), 25; Conard (8-3), 22; Naugatuck (9-2) and Torrington (7-3), 17; Stamford (6-4), 16; Northwest Catholic (4-6), 11; Bridgeport Central (6-4), 10; Woodland (7-4), 9; Gilbert/Northwestern (9-3), Plainville (8-3), Simsbury (2-8) and Waterford (7-3), 7.
The following voted: Marc Allard, Norwich Bulletin; Bob Barton, New Haven Register; Bill Bloxsom, Hersam-Acorn; Sean Patrick Bowley, Connecticut Post; Don Boyle, Sporting News CT; Jim Bransfield, Middletown Press; Bryant Carpenter, Meriden-Record Journal; George DeMaio, WELI; Mike DiMauro, The Day of New London; Matt Doran, MSG Varsity; Kevin Duffy, Danbury News-Times; Tom Evans, Norwalk Hour; Noah Finz, WTNH-8; Ned Griffen, The Day of New London; John Holt, WFSB-3; Mark Jaffee, Waterbury Republican-American; Ken Lipshez, Patch/West Hartford News; Mike Madera, Elm City Newspapers; Joe Morelli, New Haven Register; Dave Phillips, Shore Line Newspapers; Mike Pucci, New Haven Register; Dave Ruden, Stamford Advocate; Tom Yantz, Hartford Courant; Mike Wollschlager, New Haven Register; Jimmy Zanor, Shore Line Newspapers.

There you have it. Unlike the CSWA, Cheshire’s completely out of this poll (hmmm) and there are a couple of teams I believe should be lower. But it’s preseason, so who cares?

Besides, it’s kickoff night. Seymour vs. O’Brien Tech at Derby.

O’Brien Tech? Yeah. They have a football team! Sounds like it should be an interesting night at DeFilippo Field in Derby.

There’s much more to do in the hours before then to be worrying about polls that really don’t “matter” until December.

On the homefront, we’ve run previews for the SCC, the NVL and the CSC. I’ll have the Southwestern Connecticut Elite 8 for you on Thursday along with the FCIAC previews and we’ll wrap up with the SWC preview on Friday.


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Sean Patrick Bowley

12 Responses

  1. jim says:

    Still no love for Ridgefield? All they’ve done is go 16-4 the past two seasons, have there QB, two all fciac-central running backs, and most of their o-line returning.

  2. Chuck Norris says:

    Hey maybe when they win a game that counts they can be considered. Lets beat Greenwich in week one and then we can start hyping them up k.

  3. gman says:

    It does seem that many of us overlook Ridgefield, but for good reason-they rarely beat anyone who is good.

  4. Re: Ridgefield – To quote a fellow Syracuse alum and NFL Hall of Famer: “Just Win, Baby”

  5. JB says:

    Ridgefield could use some of AD’s swagger.

  6. Pat McGroin says:

    SPB Can you let us know the the CSWA releases the 2011 Record Book?

  7. Brian says:

    The Greenwich QB is out week 1 and possibly longer with a concussion and the kid taking over has NEVER taken a snap in his life including the youth league !! lol. So 2 things 1) Not sure why a school with 1400 boys doesn’t have a real 2nd string QB ready and 2) Ridgefield better win this game or drop football. I think GHS will still beat them.

  8. Yes, the Greenwich QB is out for at least one or two weeks because of the hit suffered against Masuk on Labor Day.

    You can see the video of the hit on the Masuk on the scrimmage video we posted on this space. Or you can see the Greenwich Time’s report here, which also includes a clip of the hit.

  9. pompinsider says:

    #7- sounds like the Pomperaug situation. The projected starter-Delotto never took a snap in his life. He’s hurt now so it looks like last year’s JV QB will get the nod v Brookfield.

  10. hsfan says:

    I saw Ridgefield in scrimmage against stratford where they were beat. only a scrimmage but i don’t know if Stratford is good or Ridgefield is bad, but they looked small and slow which surprised me. With how they were last two years I expected them to be better.

  11. wegot_horns15 says:

    Big week this week, very excited as a highschool football fan! Watch out for nc saw a couple scrimmages they are going under the radar right now. They have young gunz like Ryan Mignalia and louis Hagopian. It could be a show thursday night at kennedy stadium. And serious question when was the last time Ridgefield was consistently competitive with the top tier of the fciac?

  12. Chuck Norris says:

    I am confused. New Canaan is flying under the radar right now? I am pretty sure every poll in the state has them at #3. Jeez. I bet a lot of teams would like to fly under that radar. As far as young talent, lets see them play some opponents and we can make some assumptions. Uneducated guesses are like round houses to the face, they look great when landed, but when they miss you end up doing infomercials at 3am for the ‘Total Gym’ with Wesley Snipes. Just trying to keep the youth informed.