Guide to Week 5’s Games

We’re a little behind schedule what with the sad news of Jerry McDougall‘s death. If you haven’t seen all of the amazing words from family, friends and colleagues of the late great Coach, it’s worth checking out. Some heavy hitters have weighed in with their memories. If you have something you want to say, feel free to add your comments as well.

But the games must and will go on here in Shangri La.

Submitted for your approval, the guide to this week’s games.

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Sean Patrick Bowley

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  1. another fan says:

    Let me be the first. First of all everything I ever wrote on these blogs seem now to me to be small and insignificant compared to some of the awsome and touching stories I’ve read on this forum from former players,coaches and friends who were so generous to share their stories.I have much to learn.

  2. R-MAC says:

    The Masuk home game for tonite will most likely be played at sacred heart, It did rain hard last nite, and more on the way. They can also postpone the game to sat. Nite.

  3. Honus says:

    Regarding games involving teams in contention for a playoff, Xavier will destroy Prep (game over by half time), Ridgefield beats Warde at home but barely, Norwalk does for sure get run over by NC in the fourth quarter, McMahon finally prevails against a decent team in Wilton, NDWH again has Hand’s number (sports can be funny that way), Bunnell goes long against Pomp time and again, Masuk tapes one hand behind their backs to make ND-F a bit more challenging, Staples puts on a show in their home opener vs Danbury, and Trumbull fights Darien to the end but loses (reversed if game were in Trumbull).

  4. roto says:

    Last week, the computer stumbled in a couple places and my picks went 18-3, bringing my 2-week total to 35-3. For Week 5, I am too lazy to go to and transcribe the Massey rankings predicted scores. I’m just hoping the computer is wrong on one game: Hand 28, Notre Dame-WH 20

  5. Bay says:

    No preview this week. Could not find the time. You will have to find another source for snide put downs of teenage athletes.

    On a serious note, the tributes to the late Jerry McDougall have been truly touching this week. A legend in CT high school football, his legacy will live on.

  6. Spartans97 says:

    Hand 35 ND WH 21
    Prep 28 Xavier 27
    Hillhouse 49 Law 0
    Ridgefield 28 Warde 21
    Hamden 21 Amity 20
    Pomp 35 Bunnell 28
    Shelton 42 Guilford 7
    Masuk 49 Nd F 7
    St J. 7 Harding 6
    Trumbull 28 Darien 21
    McMahon 28 Wilton 14
    NC 21 Norwalk 14
    Staples 35 Danbury 7

    Yes, I know I am crazy with that Xavier score, but stranger things have happened. Prep might not be great on Offense, but they are real big up front and they have been using a double tight end set with both tight at 6’3″+ 220+ – could help on a rainy day…

  7. Honus says:

    Prediction analysis: X will destroy Prep – check; Ridgefield beats Warde but barely – check; Norwalk gets run over by NC – check. McMahon finally prevails against Wilton – check; Bunnel goes long against Pomp – check. Five for five with four games to go on Saturday!

  8. Honus says:

    Got a chance to see Danbury and Staples play today. A different bounce or two and Danbury maybe beats Darien or Norwalk, but Staples just stomped on them as expected. It wasn’t pretty and you didn’t say wow, but at 21-0 to start the fourth the kids all left to watch the soccer match next door. LOL. Talk about fans used to winning.

    Eight of nine isn’t too bad. Got Staples putting on a show, Darien winning the fight, and a Masuk blowout correct, but my big upset pick (for the only teams I’ve not seen play in person) for NDWH over Hand didn’t come through.

  9. Spartans97 says:

    Prep got spanked, I was dead wrong with that one, Darien beat Trumbull, I thought Hamden would give Amity a game, and Bunnell is real good…

  10. Iron Mike says:

    saw Staples v. Danbury, didnt expect to see a Staples team with 3 good RBs, 2 good WRs,and a real good QB,they have playmakers everywhere,also real good D and a good kicker….did not really see a weakness… Staples could be in for a rematch with Xavier,last time they played it was a classic!

  11. Spartans97 says:

    Staples is real good…saw them as well a few weeks back – not sure if they are on Xaviers level, but I would not bet against Coach Petroccio in a playoff game

  12. Honus says:

    @Iron Mike – Was also impressed with Staples Fab 5 as well, or more like Flash 5 with their speed. The QB looks fresh out of middle school but plays like a phenom. Defense still gives up lots of yards but not many points and is getting better every game. But they gotta get by Trumbull on the road, then probably an undefeated Darien, a tough Warde, the FCIACs against NC, then probably a one-loss Greenwich team first. Brutal. But it would be fun to see an FCIAC team be the one to knock off Xavier… and Masuk!

  13. Do you HW says:

    Staples could go undefeated and they still wouldn’t out point Greenwich in the FCIAC’s, Greenwich NC FCIAC Final if both teams take care of business, Darien might not even out point Greenwich.

  14. Chuck Norris says:

    there is a lot of football to be played before we start talking fciac championships. if we have learned nothing else from this year it is that the usual doormats of the fciac are having a revolt and are starting to give the perennial powers games. lets just wait and see how this weeks games pan out. i would however love to see staples play X and have it be an fciac team be the ones to knock them off the top spot.

  15. Honus says:

    @Do you (sic) HW – For an undefeated (in the FCIAC) Greenwich to outpoint and undefeated Staples, Ridgefield (4w), Bassick (0w) and Ludlowe (0w) would have to combine for more wins than Darien (4w), St Joes (2w), and Warde (2w) since the other teams are common opponents. Sorry, not happening. If NC goes undefeated, or even Darien, they would also outpoint Greenwich. You need to root for Wilton to beat Darien who then beats Staples. If you don’t make the title game, just pray you are in a position like NC last year to be able to knock off the FCIAC champ on Thanksgiving!

  16. JB says:

    Long way to go until FCIAC finals and States. Thought NC had an excellent game against Norwalk, showing much better balance and the O-line really stepped-up. Darien’s win against Trumbull was also impressive. And Ridgefield looks to be in the mix as well, so tons of key games to play in the FCIAC. McMahon, Norwalk, Warde or Danbury could be spoilers. But the FCIAC math is looking much better for Greenwich given Ridgefield’s emergence.

    Each week, teams have to come ready to play in this league. Whomever emerges from the FCIAC as the battle-tested leader will be really well prepared to make a run at States. Strength of schedule is more important than just showing-off for the polls, it is the experience earned that can enable a team to reach its full potential.

  17. jeb says:

    Does anyone really care who wins or plays in the FCIAC or The NVL, SCC etc. Bring on the states and do away with these meaningless games.

  18. jeb says:

    Top five teams: 1. Masuk
    2. Xavier
    3. Daniel Hand
    4. Ansonia
    5. Bunnell

    Worthy of considerstion: West Haven-New London-Staples-Cheshire-New Canaan.

  19. Brian says:

    I am the biggest Greenwich follower on this blog and yes they are screwed for FCIAC’s unless something unexpected happens. NC and Darien or NC and Staples will outpoint Greenwich. Greenwich’s schedule is awful. They have 4 big games and only 2 count towards FCIAC’s. (New London was non league and Staples is after the title game which is just plain dumb). The win vs Ridgfield was big but they are getting no help from those other schools they beat.Even Trumbull stinks this year so it really is only 1 big point game they have toward FCIAC’s.

    NC won’t lose to anyone until possibly thanksgiving vs Darien. Darien or Staples won’t lose to anyone except each other on 10/29. Greenwich could have sent Mcmahon a nice xmas card as they had both Staples and NC beat!!. (GHS better come to play that night or Mcmahon might just the knock the cards out of LL states as well). I think Greenwich should win out until T-Day vs Staples. GHS will have to win that game to make LL playoffs. Staples will have clinched a spot already before then if they beat Darien and are undefeated going into that game. I think Staples will beat Darien and then NC in the championship game. IF GHS was to beat Staples then on Thanksgiving it will be just like last year with the best team not play in the title game but beating the champ a week later. Tell me again how NC/Darien and GHS/Staples doesn’t factor into the championship?? Ridiculous.

  20. Chuck Norris says:

    @ Jeb – for a long time a lot of teams from the FCIAC felt that winning FCIAC was more prestigious then winning states. Doesn’t sound like it makes a lot of sense. however, if you were one of the people who believed the FCIAC was the top division in the state then winning that could be seen as more important. especially if you were a smaller school like a st. joes or a trinity catholic which ends up playing schools that are 7 times as big as them with a much greater talent pool. I agree with the deletion of a lot of meaningless divisions like SS and MM that the states are more important then divisional titles. you also must remember that for these kids its a pride thing. winners of each division should be given an automatic birth the state playoffs in my personal opinion. because if MASUK misses states because of strength of schedule people are going to be pissed off like something you have never seen.

  21. Norwalk JIm says:

    @Honus #12 and JB #16 – Last year, Trumbull, Darien and New Canaan of the FCIAC had their chance respectively against Xavier and Masuk. Those battle tested and really well prepared leaders of the FCIAC with strength of schedule and experience didn’t fare too well especially Darien and New Canaan against “just showing off for the polls” Masuk. They reached their full potential and Masuk beat them badly,just like they beat every SWC team last year.

  22. James says:

    Masuk WILL win out, and an undefeated Masuk is a lock for states. One of NC/Darien and Windsor/Farmington has to lose, and the Panthers will almost certainly outpoint Coventry/Windham Tech (who all football fans should be rooting against, as – at the moment – they’re the only real cupcake threatening to break into a freakishly good L field).

  23. Brian says:

    The one thing getting lost with this Xavier vs Masuk debate is the week to week physical abuse they each take. When Xavier plays NDWH,Cheshire,West HAven, Shelton,and Hand (who they don’t play this year) and some of those opponents are back to back on the schedule it plays a role. When Masuk plays NDFF,Immaculate, Weston,and most of those SWC schools they don’t get abused like the SCC schools do. Especially when the starters are out at halftime. I realize this is not MAsuk’s fault nor am I taking anything away from there recent success I’m just stating facts. If MAsuk played Xavier’s schedule above, the starters would not be out at halftime and the kids would be getting dinged up each week alot worse than they are now. I do think Masuk would win all there games but at least they would be challenged much greater than they are now. In any sport teams get ranked for beating good teams. Xavier beat many more good teams than masuk did last year and and will do so again this year. I was one all last year that said Xavier would have beaten Masuk in a close game. I still think the same is true this year. Xaver is #1 until they lose and it has no bearing on scores of the games. If Xavier played masuk’s schedule does anyone on here not think they would be pushing the cochran score rule each week as well? With all that said, I would love to see Greenwich knock off xavier in the LL final and give Masuk #1 in all polls. (ain’t happening though!!)

  24. tj says:

    Brian –

    I hear ya but the flip side is the are not battled tested for the big games at the end of year, but they have prevailed in the past, which is a testament to their coaching/preparation.

    Re: X vs Masuk – this is kind of out there but has some logic. The’09 Masuk team(Cochran’s first year at Masuk) almost beat that tremendous Pomperaug team in the SWC Champ game. That Pomp team went on to lose a heart breaker (phantom PI and bonehead pass in the flat) to NDWW in the Class L finals. So how much better was NDWH vs Masuk–not much.

    This year’s Masuk team is way, way better than their’09 team. How much beter is this year’s X team vs ’09’s NDWH? Frankly I think ‘O9 Pomp or NDWH beats ’11 X. Therefore,’11 Masuk better than ’11 X.

  25. ping pong says:

    it doesnt really matter, because staples is going to beat Xavier in states and NC is going to exact its revenge against Masuk also. Ansonia will end the year as #1. Just wait and see.

  26. Big Fish@Little Sea says:

    @24 2009 Xavier defeated Notre Dame
    2009 Notre Dame defeated Cheshire
    2009 Staples defeated Xavier
    2009 Staples therefore should easily defeat Cheshire
    There goes that logic as Cheshire defeated Staples in the LL Final

  27. Ah the old Transitive Logic. See how that works for everyone? Not well.

  28. Jeff says:

    @26 – Recall that the ’09 Staples team had lost their phenom 3-year starting QB to injury around whom they had designed and perfected the triple option offense. The offense was still very good, but their defense carried them. Otherwise, they beat Cheshire easily and we have QED for your logic!