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Ansonia wins NVL Championship (with video) and your latest playoff musings

From the outset, it appeared if every notion about Ansonia-Holy Cross II would come to fruition. Holy Cross punt. Arkeel Newsome. One carry. One touchdown. By the time the Holy Cross coaching staff had finished screamed “C’mon! That was too easy!” at their players, Newsome added another touchdown on the Chargers’ second possession. The rout […] [Read More]

Live from Municipal: It’s rematch at the NVL Championship (and other Week 10 games)

Back in Week 4, a pair of unbeaten teams walked onto the Jarvis Stadium field anxious to make a point about their place in 2011 NVL season. Holy Cross struck the first blow. Ansonia countered. Again and again and again. The Chargers won the battle emphatically, 45-13. Six weeks later, we’re getting a do-over. Why? […] [Read More]

The Elite 8: Week 10

Lots to do today. And, since there’s been no movement, lots of playoff talk in this week’s Elite 8. We delve into state playoff scenarios for some of these teams. For the full breakdown, click here to head over to the Mad CIAC State Playoff Scientist’s laboratory, for the best, most comprehensive scenarios in the […] [Read More]
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ThE mAd PLayoFF scIENtist REtUrns! (Updated)

Welcome… to the LA’bor-atory. (THUNDERCRRRRRAACK!) HAAAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAAA HAAAAAA!!!!! The Mad CIAC Playoff Scientist has awoken from his year-long slumber, almost a week earlier than normal. But hey, he’s anxious to get this playoff party started. He’s warmed up to the arrival of the H.A.L (Levy) 9000 Super Playoff Computer. Now it’s just […] [Read More]

State Polls: Weeks 9-10

No real changes atop the polls for Week 10. Xavier’s still No. 1 (by 12 points) and Masuk’s still No. 2 as we head into the last week of the season. State Media Top 10 Others receiving votes: Greenwich (8-1), 224; Darien (8-1), 222; Newtown (8-1), 201; North Haven (8-1), 186; Valley Regional/Old Lyme (8-0), […] [Read More]
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That’s a Wrap Week 9: Setting the Thanksgiving table

The turkey has been basted and is in the oven. The potatoes are getting mashed. Cranberries are being diced. The stuffing is getting stuffed. We’re getting our good china out. We’re just over a week away from Thanksgiving. And we need just a few more ingredients before our yearly football cornucopia begins. The NVL title […] [Read More]

State Playoffs: The Clinch Is In for Staples, Newtown & Ansonia

I was told today in an email you had to “get through the Newtown-Bunnell” stuff to get the real important information for Week 9 in Sunday’s blog. Sheesh. Tough crowd, tough crowd. So, in case you couldn’t lift your fingers to scroll down or just plain didn’t see it, we’re re-posting the bottom of Sunday’s […] [Read More]

More OT Madness: Foran’s 47-41 2 OT victory over Guilford

Newtown-Bunnell wasn’t the only crazy OT game in Week 9. Though it didn’t pack the playoff intrigue as Saturday’s heavyweight fight in Stratford, Thursday saw a tit-for-tat battle between SCC Division II combatants Guilford and Foran, won by the Lions on Dave Yerxa’s TD run. This game was filmed by rogue cameraman RickVolk21, who’s gone […] [Read More]
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The sickest highlight reel of the year: Newtown 54, Bunnell 48 OT (The Movie!)

No introduction needed. This was the game of the year in the SWC, possibly the game of the year in the region. Newtown’s 54-48 overtime victory over Bunnell. It’s probably the sickest video I’ve ever produced. Great theater guys. It was a pleasure to watch. It clinched a state playoff berth for Newtown and added […] [Read More]

Newtown-Bunnell: The Day After (plus, state playoff clinchers)

After a delirious celebration on the eastern end of Bulldog Field, the thousands of previous events of the afternoon finally caught up to the Newtown football team. Panting, coughing, wheezing, chugging water bottles, they were at last told to get off their feet and gather around their coach. They did so, thankfully, utterly spent, leaving […] [Read More]