Cochran repeats as Gatorade State Player of the Year

Casey Cochran

Masuk senior quarterback Casey Cochran has been named the Connecticut Gatorade Player of the Year for the second consecutive year.

He is the first repeat winner in the 27-year history of the Gatorade Connecticut football awards.

Cochran (6-foot-1, 205) has thrown for 2,801 yards, 36 touchdowns against four interceptions for Masuk, the state’s highest-scoring offense. He will graduate from Masuk this month and is committed to play football at UConn.

The Gatorade Player of the Year award is given to players who display excellence on the field and in the classroom and show exemplary character.

Cochran has maintained a 3.92 grade point average and is a winner of the Masuk High School Book Award for Introduction to Engineering and Algebra I and Geometry. Cochran has volunteered locally at regional food banks, as a youth football coach and peer tutor.

He is a candidate for Gatorade’s national player of the year.

“It’s a great honor to win the award again,” Cochran said in a statement. “I have to give the credit to my teammates for this award, though.

“My line has been great this year, and they have gave me a lot of time to do what I can. Colin has been running so well that teams have had to load the box and roll the dice which has opened up a lot of our passing game.

“My receivers have worked harder this off-season than I’ve ever seen. We have been working on our timing nonstop since last January. They have been tremendous. And I have to give a lot of credit to our defense, which has gotten teams off the field, put points on the board, and picked us up when we were struggling.”

This year, Cochran became state’s all-time leader in passing yards (10,501), and touchdowns (111). He is the only Connecticut player to surpass 10,000 passing yards or 100 touchdown passes in a career.

Masuk is 11-0 and is playing Hand in the CIAC Class L semifinals on Saturday, 7 p.m. at West Haven’s Ken Strong Stadium.

As a junior, Cochran threw for 3,345 yards, 40 touchdowns and 7 interceptions to lead Masuk to the school’s first undefeated season (13-0) and the Class L state championship.

As a sophomore at Masuk, Cochran threw for 2,968 yards and 26 touchdowns. He also previously helped New London, coached by his father, Jack, to a Class SS state championship as a freshman.

Sean Patrick Bowley

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  1. buddy says:

    “Masuk ‘junior’ quarterback Casey Cochran” is actually a senior…sorry

  2. WCC says:

    Can’t wait to hear from all of the CCC fans on this!!

  3. Yea. Thanks. I copied and pasted last year’s info, can’t you tell.

  4. go getter says:

    This is not an attempt to knock the SWC, but the above link will take you to footage of Newtwon vs Seymour scrimmage.

  5. Rusty says:

    The right choice,next year the right choice probably will be Arkeel Newsome

  6. Northern CT Fan says:

    @WCC – Windsor’s Fleeting has had a statistically outstanding season but i dont have any issue with Casey earning this award. Casey is deserving of the recognition and i congratulate him for it.
    The problem I have is with The Courant and other Hartford area media outlets (with the exception of wfsb3’s FNF segments) for their utter failure to give high school football the kind of coverage and analysis that the media outlets around the rest of the state do. Courant’s area rankings and state rankings are a joke. There is no one at the courant doing what mike pucci/joe morreli at the nhregister, spb here, polecat at the day, dave ruden in stamford (and others i apologize for not mentioning here but you know who you are) do throughout the season. There is no radio station in the hartford area covering high school football like weli in new haven does. Heck, there were several weeks that a sportswriter for the west hartford patch apparently didnt even bother to submit his votes to the nhregister for its weekly poll and his town had 3 quality football teams. The football may be better in the scc, fciac and nvl than in the ccc at present, but the football players in the ccc work just as hard as everyone else and are as proud of their teams and their teammates as everyone else. They deserve the same quality coverage and analysis as we get from SPB et al. It’s a shame they dont get it. The CCC probably deserves to take a hit here as well as it doesnt appear to do much to promote itself or its teams – perhaps because it is just too large for its own good.

  7. Jesse says:


  8. go getter says:

    cochran had the best high school career of any connecticut qb ever. his numbers and wins do all the talking. cochran is a focused and determined football player. best of luck to him in his remaining high school games and in the future at uconn. talent is one thing, but cochran also has a fantastic work ethic that will benefit him in college.

    newsome is going to be the elite player in ct in 2012, but don’t forget about sacred heart’s david coggins. coggins broke his ankle in a pre-season scrimmage, but had already received a verbal offer from bc as a junior. this is assuming he recovers from the aforementioned injury. thomas milone of masuk is going to also be among ct’s best players. milone can play a number of different positions and will be asked to carry the load for the panthers next year when masuk enters their a.c. period. as in, after cochran.

  9. R-MAC says:

    Congratulations Casey, you have been a role model on and off the playing field. The Masuk Panthers would not be the team they are without the leadership qualities that you bring to the game.

  10. High School Football Fan says:

    The only Connecticut player that I can remember to be a starting QB on 2 different State tile winners.Well deserved award for Casey.

  11. JB says:

    10,500 yards is an incredible football accomplishment … it is a tribute to all his hard work with great teammates and coaching that taught him how to read, react and win. Congratulations to Casey on a great high school career! We will be cheering for you at UConn, good luck and make us all proud.

  12. MXR says:

    Congratulations!. The GPA and quotes are better than the stats and, with the stats, just what UConn needs.

  13. CLASS L says:

    Casey Cochran, the quintessential gentleman and scholar. One of the hardest working scholar athletes I have ever seen. Thank you Casey for your example!

  14. goeagles says:

    Congratulations to Casey. It’s great to see he gets it done in the classroom and community as well as on the football field.

  15. Glass House says:

    go getter,
    what exactly is it an attempt to do? why would you post this here? I am confused by you. you are a clown.

  16. MasukRules says:

    He will lead the Panthers to another State Championship.

  17. Pablo says:

    Congatulations to Casey Cochran on a well deserved award. You are a class act and UCONN is fortunate to have you staying in-state (great choice BTW).

    @Nothern Ct Fan: I’m with you 10000%. We can change the attitude though up here. It is no different here than it was in FField county just 15 years ago. We’ll be the tea party of Conn high school sports. For starters, we need more Fri night games and something besides the Hartford Courant (i’ve given up on them completely for HS, but they do cover UCONN very well). I’ve got some ideas i’ll be pushing. And we can continue to recruit SPB to cover the CCC. Maybe Hearst can figure a way to leverage SPB and give him some more time and jack to include the CCC.

  18. Kab says:

    since when has cheating been considered “outstanding character.” He scouted out masuk to win championships and his father adopted his best receiver from new london where he used to play. Blame it on Murphy too for being a cheater. Karma is tough, good luck

  19. Kab says:

    oh yea, Algebra I? I took that when I was in 8th grade, what a genious

  20. moses says:

    congratulations casey!@kab,get over your small man issues and get some counseling!!

  21. Scotty N. says:

    i just did some research here’s what i came up with…
    Welcome to New Canaan High School…
    Math Courses 9-12: Geometry, Precalc, Calc 1, Calc 2 (respectively)

    Welcome to Masuk High School…
    Math Courses 9-12: Counting blocks, counting blocks with dots, counting multiple blocks, counting multiple blocks with dots (respectively)

  22. buddy says:

    @21 thats funny considering what masuk did to new canaan last year in the final. they looked pretty smart coming out of halftime and playing a shutout for the remainder of the game. and i wouldnt be surprised if they ‘outsmarted’ new canaan again this year(assuming masuk beats hand and new canaan beats windsor). please leave the BS out of this blog and every other blog regarding anything. comparing your imaginary school curriculum to football is quite childish.

    and i dont think casey, jack, or murphy have done any cheating there at masuk. that’s just complete baloney. if you asked casey today whether he made the right choice to attend masuk he’d agree in a second. he loves the school and over the three years he’s built a brotherhood. he’s been welcomed there and certainly feels welcomed. this ‘cheating’ talk is outrageous. murphy has built that program up from the ground for 16 years. these past few years have happened to yield quite good, no great teams. there’s no excuses for their winning other than being well coached, and well disciplined. they win games by 50 because 1. they can and 2.theyre trying to prove a point, that theyre the best team in the state.

  23. Masuk Alumni says:

    @Scotty N. No reason to diss the kids education, let’s be mature here and take it easy. After all, your New Canaan team did get spanked pretty badly last year in the finals. Masuk High School=1 New Canaan=0

  24. moses says:

    @scotty n and kab… to take cheap shots at young men that give a 100% in the class room and in practice are attributes of cowards!

  25. Pablo says:

    Masuk-Monroe is a terrific school and Cochran is as classy and very smart kid. NC has great schools and athletics, but parents need to guard against kids becoming arrogant and snooty – not to mention higher incidence/abuse of drugs.

    That said, let’s try to keep this on-topic (sorry).

  26. nvl fan says:

    now everyone knows what ansonia goes though year in and year out the cheating stuff gets outrageous and until there is proof shut the mouths.

  27. MXR says:

    I really don’t see a reason to take shots here at an individual high school player under any circumstances. The team stuff really belongs on another thread.

  28. PanthurPryde says:

    Can anyone get a hold of Casey for me?
    i Wana know if he got 16 dots on the block in question 2 for the math homework.
    That is All.
    go Masuk!!!

  29. lord voldemort says:

    The drug problem resides in Darien as far as I am aware.
    Go Broncos!

  30. Kab says:

    The kid is most likely smart and intelligent, extremely gifted as an athlete and he shows good qualities as a young man. Point being high school sports is more about awards and winning, it is about good sportsmanship. People just choose to ignore some major facts that should be brought to light for those who don’t know.

  31. tj says:

    Reason one million and one why I despise New Canaan.

    4th Quarter play-by-play Stats from lat year’s Championship game:

    New Canaan – Two possessions, 3 plays, 1 yd – TOP 1:17
    Masuk – Two possessions, 19 plays, 99 yds, 1 TD – TOP 10:43

    Total submission to a superior opponent (aka – quit playing).

  32. PDIDDY says:

    Look out Masuk tomorrow this is not Weston,Norte Dame of Fairfield, Immaculate or New Milford. You possibly could be in for a rude awakening from Daniel Hand.

  33. Weasel says:

    @32, Yo! Diddy,

    Look out, this ain’t Wibur Cross, Hamden, East Haven, Guilford, Amity or Lyman Hall. You could be in for a rude awakening from the defending state champions, Masuk.

  34. jeb says:

    Well done Casey. All football fans are very proud to have you represent us as Player of the year. Continued success at UCONN.

    Please disregard that stupid and insensitive statement by Scotty N. As a New Canaan fan we have nothing but respect for all teams and players especially one as talented and smart like Casey.

  35. ray brown says:


  36. Papa Dags says:

    Well said Ray Brown….My congrats also to Casey….well deserved….My only question to SPB is this–Is there someway for the fan to see the voting for this prestigious honor..I am curious to see how close behind Newsome was…I am assuming he came in second even tho only a sophmore as I feel he could have equally won the award…I would like to see others named in the voting as well if available to the public….Thanks SPB and keep up the BEST high school football coverage in the state hands down!!!!!

  37. Clip says:

    Well Masuk, you finally played a real team and got smoked!!! You’re lucky it wasn’t 42 – 14. You got man handled by a much better team. Well at least you can look forward to your Pop Warner schedule next year.

    I guess the question of who #1 is, is over!!! You are lucky you were considered at all in that powder puff league. YEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!