SCC-FCIAC football challenge for 2013 and 2014 begins to take shape

Football fans get ready.

A future clash between two of the state’s power football conferences took a leap closer to reality today.

Ambassadors from both the SCC and FCIAC met at Marisa’s in Trumbull this afternoon and adjourned with a preliminary agreement in place to match the leagues’ 38 teams together in the first week of the expanded 2013 and 2014 seasons.

In attendance were SCC Commissioner Al Carbone, Hand’s football coach Steve Filippone and athletic director Craig Semple, FCIAC Commissioner John Kuczo, Trumbull athletic director Michael Herbst, New Canaan football coach Lou Marinelli and Staples football coach Marce Petroccio.

“It was a good, productive first meeting,” Carbone said.

All that’s really left is to hammer out an official schedule, which Carbone said would be finalized and announced at a press conference in November.

A first draft of the matchups already exists, though Carbone declined to give any details. A source confirmed Staples vs. Xavier and Hand vs. New Canaan are among them.

The matchups, Carbone said, are still being discussed. They are being decided by number of demographic variables, including program performance over a three or five-year period, school size, and minor intangibles like school type, potential regional and historical rivalries.

He added that the SCC’s power scheduling of large and small schools versus the FCIAC’s more liberal scheduling of determined by a three-division setup and dictated by intracity rivalries, are being weighted in the discussions.

School size is one of the biggest factors. Only two of 19 FCIAC teams are currently ranked lower than Class L: St. Joseph and Trinity Catholic, which are both Class S. Six of the SCC’s 19 schools reside in Class M: Lyman Hall, Sheehan, East Haven, Foran, Law and Hillhouse.

“This first meeting was establishing criteria, creating matchups, a lot of looking at data and the way our leagues schedule,” Carbone said. “For example, Hillhouse is probably ranked second or third in our league in winning percentage, but it’s a Class M school. So who would fit them?

“We’re working to get on the same page.”

We’ll have more on this later. But what do you think the official FCIAC-SCC matchups should be? Give us your wish list below.

Sean Patrick Bowley