SCC-FCIAC football challenge for 2013 and 2014 begins to take shape

Football fans get ready.

A future clash between two of the state’s power football conferences took a leap closer to reality today.

Ambassadors from both the SCC and FCIAC met at Marisa’s in Trumbull this afternoon and adjourned with a preliminary agreement in place to match the leagues’ 38 teams together in the first week of the expanded 2013 and 2014 seasons.

In attendance were SCC Commissioner Al Carbone, Hand’s football coach Steve Filippone and athletic director Craig Semple, FCIAC Commissioner John Kuczo, Trumbull athletic director Michael Herbst, New Canaan football coach Lou Marinelli and Staples football coach Marce Petroccio.

“It was a good, productive first meeting,” Carbone said.

All that’s really left is to hammer out an official schedule, which Carbone said would be finalized and announced at a press conference in November.

A first draft of the matchups already exists, though Carbone declined to give any details. A source confirmed Staples vs. Xavier and Hand vs. New Canaan are among them.

The matchups, Carbone said, are still being discussed. They are being decided by number of demographic variables, including program performance over a three or five-year period, school size, and minor intangibles like school type, potential regional and historical rivalries.

He added that the SCC’s power scheduling of large and small schools versus the FCIAC’s more liberal scheduling of determined by a three-division setup and dictated by intracity rivalries, are being weighted in the discussions.

School size is one of the biggest factors. Only two of 19 FCIAC teams are currently ranked lower than Class L: St. Joseph and Trinity Catholic, which are both Class S. Six of the SCC’s 19 schools reside in Class M: Lyman Hall, Sheehan, East Haven, Foran, Law and Hillhouse.

“This first meeting was establishing criteria, creating matchups, a lot of looking at data and the way our leagues schedule,” Carbone said. “For example, Hillhouse is probably ranked second or third in our league in winning percentage, but it’s a Class M school. So who would fit them?

“We’re working to get on the same page.”

We’ll have more on this later. But what do you think the official FCIAC-SCC matchups should be? Give us your wish list below.

Sean Patrick Bowley

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  1. Mike Ditka says:

    Masuk – Staples is the matchup people want to see. To bad they didn’t play the last few years.

  2. dave k says:

    Shelton vs Trumbull is a natural match up. Last played 1995 LL title won by Gaels.

  3. CT Fan says:

    This would be cool to see as a fan. The SCC has the best top tier teams, but also have many weak teams. If the SCC wants to win this challenge, their top teams will almost have to run the table. Teams like Law, one of the worst coached (head coach) and uncompetitve teams I have seen in years, will have no chance in this challenge.

  4. Joe says:

    Masuk-Staples would be a good matchup in the SCC-FCIAC football challenge but there is one slight problem with this match-up taking place….Masuk is not in the SCC, they are in the SWC.

  5. Frank Russo says:

    Staples v. Cheshire
    Xavier v. Greenwich
    Hand vs. New Canaan
    Shelton vs. Ridgefield
    ND vs. St. Joes
    West Haven vs. Stamford
    Trumbull vs. North Haven
    Wilton vs. Branford
    Darien vs. Hillhouse

    Those are some good games

  6. JB says:

    It would be great to see power program match-ups that could not happen in the playoffs, something like the following:

    Xavier v New Canaan
    Hand v Staples
    NDWH v Greenwich
    Shelton v Darien
    Cheshire v Ridgefield
    West Haven v Stamford
    North Haven v Norwalk
    Hillhouse v Trumbull

  7. huskyblooz says:

    I’d like to see Shelton-Trumbull. Also Prep-St.Joe’s.

    As far as the guy who said Law has a bad coach. Wasnt he the guy who went 9-1 a couple years ago?

  8. jesuit23 says:

    I would like to see Prep vs. St Joes and Prep vs. either Fairfield Ludlowe or Fairfield Warde. It would be great to start some in town rivalries

    As for out of fairfield, I would love to see what would happen in a Xavier vs. Darien or New Canaan

  9. CT Fan says:

    @JB, I def like how you have teams matched up that could not happen in the playoffs and those are some goood matchups.

    @Husky, yes they had a 9-1 season, but he also went 0-10 last year and has had around 5-6 seasons where he hasn’t won more than one game. Look at the other Milford school, Foran, they are consistently around .500 or better, Law is just the league’s doormat.

  10. Ansonia Pride says:

    Ansonia’s Arkeel Newsome finished as the top runningback at jack cochran’s the program. What a great showing that’ll help his recruiting. Since he can not participate in any further camps/combines because his 18th birthday is approaching in july. The junior made the most of his little time and really went hard. Andrew Matos came in 5th for receivers. Can you say LOADED?!

  11. Frank Russo says:

    Ansonia- If you so “loaded” get out of the NVL and come into the SCC.

  12. ? says:

    Ansonia Pride, who cares how he did there. There are unfortunately academic standards at colleges. He isnt an 18 yr old sophmore cuz he does homework and studies. Get real. We all are. Newsome and casey cochran are the same age. Only diff, newsome is a JUNIOR and cochran is a freshman in COLLEGE. It’s impressive to watch newsome fake out a 15 yr old DB. Imagine casey if he stayed back twice, or Mckinnon? My point, newsome is a good player. Just too old

  13. Ballfoot says:

    Question to SB will the rb newsome from Ansonia be allowed to play as a 19 year old his senior year? If he can play, do you think its fair that he will probally play against kids 2 to 3 years younger? maybe more. You could have a 19 year old going against a 14 or 15 year old.
    scc vs fciac
    1. Staples vs Xavier
    2. Cheshire vs Greenwich
    3. Hand vs New C
    4. Ndwh vs ST Joes

  14. JB says:

    Newsome will PG his “senior” year. Needs to hit the weight room and get bigger; and then show his stuff versus other prospects … similar to Dobbs. Definitely has the skills, just not yet the size.

    I heard someone say the other day, “hey, I am going to red-shirt my 5 year old son so that when he gets to high school he is the biggest/fastest guy at his position.” He was serious. What is the world coming to?

  15. FCIAC Fan says:

    I think it would be great if teams played out of their class, seeing a team that typically they wouldn’t. I’d pay good money to see Hand face Staples and Xavier to play New Canaan. Not to mention Trumbull-Hillhouse or Norwalk-NDWH.

  16. ? says:

    No JB. Newsome is two years behind his classmates. His PG year would be this year. At the end of his senior school year he will be 20. Thats how old the ‘honey badger’ on LSU is!

  17. Pat McGroin says:

    Good for both leagues and their league heads to spearhead this. I think it’s a constant debate year in and year out as to who has the better conference, the SCC and the FCIAC. There isn’t another division that comes close to putting out competitive teams like these two conferences do.

    Why is Ansonia being talked about on this post? The title of it has nothing to do with the Non-Violent-League or Ansonia. I love how some pompous ego driven fans will do anything to get their school named mentioned. Hey Ansonia, schedule Xavier, Hand, ND West Haven, New Canaan, Staples or Greenwich. And if you do that, win or lose you’ll get respect.

  18. Hogs says:

    ST. Joseph vs Prep and Shelton vs Trumbull need to be played! Those games would draw 5,000 easy.

  19. tony says:

    They need to do this for basketball also

  20. I’m not seeing enough combinations from y’all. Give me some matchups.

    Let me start off with an obvious must (for me, at least): Trumbull-Shelton, two of the three major football schools at the SWC/SCC/FCIAC nexus of the CT football universe, a.k.a the “Moose Hill” nexus (because Moose Hill Road runs within a few hundred yards of the crux).

    Anyway, despite sharing long boarders and common community with each other, these three prominent neighbors rarely play each other. Now, with this agreement on the table, we get a natural, easy rival.

    Of course, I’m hearing that because of the formula I’ve detailed above, that’s not the matchup we’ll get.

    West Haven Ed McCarthy said earlier this week he was told the Westies are being matched up with Trumbull (though he and I both agreed that it should be Central-West Haven).

    Another coach told me that Trumbull would face North Haven, which makes little sense to me.

    Personally, I’d like to see Darien get North Haven, or maybe even Darien-Hillhouse.

    I’ll put out my mock list shortly. But let’s cast aside the irrelevant chitter-chatter and start throwing out some ideas.

  21. kris1 says:

    Yes, Newsome can play his senior year as a 19 year old. According to the CIAC Eligibility Rules, Section II, Article B (Student Eligibility), “The student shall not have reached his or her twentieth (20th) birthday. A student-athlete will not be allowed to start a season or compete during a season in which his/her twentieth (20th) birthday falls.”, Newsome is eligible. He will not turn 20 until after the school year (July 8).

  22. ? says:

    Great point Kris1. However, that is not what is being said. What is being said is that what he has been doing on the field is not that impressive being that he is 2 years older than his grade. In addition, being held back twice is HIGHLY correlated to extremely low academic acheivement. His recruiting appeal is not high, considering all the variables.

  23. ? says:

    My son is an emerging RB and is a soph. My son turns 16 in june. He is in the same class as newsome who is turning 18. Had my son been held back twice and be going into his freshman year at 16, as newsome was, he would be an extremely dominate player.

  24. kris1 says:

    It’s within the rules. Period, end of story. Stop crying.

  25. another fan says:

    Hey Groin, Ansonia usually finishes ranked higher than those teams you mentioned so it would be no problem for them to play,you think you’re a tough guy, SCC is top heavey like all the other leagues get real…they did have a good year last year though I will admit so go ahead blow your horn jack ass.

  26. another fan says:

    and that goes for you too russo…bring it on blowhards

  27. another fan says:

    Did I say SCC had a good year last year? What was I thinking?Sorry the FCIAC had a bad year bottom line and Masuk was overrated,so i take that back …The Naugatuck Valley League had 2 ,I said TWO champs last year that’s a tie last time I looked….go Chargers…oh sorry Sean, best match up….Shelton (Valley team) vs. Xavior

  28. another fan says:

    I mean Shelton (Valley team) scc vs. Staples (FCIAC)

  29. another fan says:

    Derby was in the SCC for years and finally they get a quality quarterback and joined the NVL and they did not do much better,so I guess the SCC is not all that powerful after all.

  30. another fan says:

    Sorry again Sean, Shelton(Valley team)SCC vs Greenwich FCIAC

  31. High School Football Fan says:

    Winning an S title vs Cromwell and a M Title vs Ledyard is not comparable to winning the LL and L Titles.Good try and keep telling yourself they are equal but about the only people that might believe this is a few NVL Fans…Maybe

  32. another fan says:

    @31 Gee, not covinced ,look at the state rankings history …I rest my case…duh

  33. Pat McGroin says:

    Haha, Class S and Class M are absolute jokes – look before last year, St. Joe’s gets in and they were above average in the FCIAC but never made it to the FCIAC title and handled Ansonia not once, but TWICE. So I will go it out my horn knowing what leagues are the most dominate.

    FCIAC had a down year absolutely, still had 2 State Finalists, Had 4 teams make it to the class LL playoffs…

    I don’t think anyone has to list of the SCC accomplishments of last year and prior years as well.

    So I’ll restate – Ansonia, you’re already respected, the most cherished, traditional program in the state. Now go play somebody. As before mentioned, this is great for the state of Connecticut Football, SCC and the FCIAC, the two most dominate leagues year in and year out to team up and create matchups. Whoever is matched up, whatever the situations are, this is a great, great thing for Connecticut.

  34. another fan says:

    St.Joe’s played against all sophmores and a few juniors and 1 senior. Speaking of St.Joe’s they have a larger pool of players from towns like Trumble and Shelton ,Bridgeport etc. they should be better than everyone eles,look what Montelli does year after year,which Ansonia beat for the Class L state championship in 1995 ,imagine a true “S” team beating a mighty St. Joe’s.Your somebody is an over rated league that in your mind and a few FCIAC and SCC minds are NFL clones that no one from the state of Connecticut can beat and they play them selves like all the rest of the leagues ,unfortunately you choose not to regard state polls (the only way to compair teams) as valid.This tells me you have blinders on and maybe even ignorant to the fact that Ansonia places teams in the top 10more than anybody maybe even the top 5.I wish Naples played Ansonia a few years ago instead of Greenwich but Greenwich has the money resourses to play that far away.
    When Ansonia does something to go out of it’s league it is either critisized or denied anyway so you can’t go there either .bottom line again look at the history of the polls.Oh yeah, almost forgot,Hand vs Staples would be nice,I would like to see Shelton’s speed againt a team like Norwalk as well.

  35. JB says:

    Sean, do these SCC/FCIAC games count towards the playoff points? If so, the winners will out-point most any “1-loss” team … Newtown, Pomp, Bunnell and/or Masuk may not make the playoffs the next two years (or ever again)!

    Hpothetically, had Shelton beat an FCIAC challenge team last year … they would have out-pointed Newtown for the LL playoff spot.

    This challenge series is big – maybe huge – for the playoff picture in LL and L. Am I right … your views?

  36. High School Football Fan says:

    @32 I was referring to 2011.Those classes were very weak.Holy Cross would have been embarrassed against most LL and L playoff teams in 2011.Ansonia would had a very tough time staying close to LL winner Xavier and L winner Hand.

  37. Pat McGroin says:

    State Polls is like the BCS – let’s be serious….

    You have blinders on if you think Ansonia is more challenged throughout the year in the NVL than an SCC or FCIAC school. Maybe Ansonia is always ranked so high because #1 they are always good, without question… number 2, their competition sucks… It’s undeniable to say that the NVL has been down recently – and it’s not their fault, they deserve credit and I’m giving them credit, but shut up if you think State Polls is the last factor in the equation… I would love to see Ansonia play an FCIAC or SCC schedule… bottom line.

    I am not starting anything nor do I think I have blinders on, I think I am stating facts that everyone else is thinking, Ansonia is a treasured program, one Connecticut Football fans are all proud of, including myself… But the NVL is no match for the FCIAC or SCC –

    Maybe you have blinders on if you think thats not the case.

  38. nvl fan says:

    St. Joe’s beat Ansonia in the 2010 Championship with a senior heavy team
    and Ansonia had some sophmores and juniors and 1 senior and was down by 6 points with 6 mins. to go. remember ansonia only had 1 senior that year.

  39. another fan says:

    @Pat,Sorry I can’t agree with you some teams are better because of geographics or even the size of the school boy enrollment.hand and Xavior were great last year from the SCC(that’s it)the FCIAC had a down year top to bottom,norwalk shined because the bigs were disapointing but it was fun to see some new challengers in that league. The polls reflected that fairly, not many argued that.
    To me it is tiering to hear how wonderful the SCC and the FCIAC is when they put 11 guys on the field like everybody eles the same age,the same size,the same skill,etc.but erroneously always compaired as superior to the rest of the state.I just don’t buy into that theory.I guess that keeps the fans and the dollars comming though.

  40. another fan says:

    Shelton High is in plain view for some areas of Ansonia, so, Sean you should add Ansonia to that Moose Hill nexus crux you have with Trumbul, Masuk and Shelton.Now that would be interesting.Power programs from each league within just a few miles of each other.

  41. I thought about it… And there’s something to it from Shelton’s perspective. But not so much the other two.

    Shelton-Masuk-Trumbull share broad common borders that come together at a point and and have common communities.

    Yet they’re all in different leagues, never play in football.

  42. another fan says:

    @33,no its not a great thing for Connecticut its a great thing for SCC and FCIAC .People like you try your best to make the rest of Connecticut inferior .It seems like it is pushing the rest of Connecticut out.Don’t you see it’s about fan base and ticket sales?duh

  43. Pat McGroin says:

    It’s one hundred percent a great thing for Connecticut Football – these two power conferences setting the example, going out of their comfort zone and doing this. It makes great sense for both conferences with 19 teams each to fill their byes. This is a lot like the Greenwich New London scheduling, and NOBODY thought that was a bad idea on this blog. They are matching up best on best in the leagues so it’s fair.

    And you are one hundred percent wrong @anotherfan
    “To me it is tiering to hear how wonderful the SCC and the FCIAC is when they put 11 guys on the field like everybody else the same age, the same size, the same skill, etc”

    Problem is – same skill? Same size? I’ll give you same age. But there is a reason for constant success – you can’t be good over a long period of time if you don’t have good players. And you may be right about geographical but it sounds like you are giving into my argument to begin with. School size, absolutely, the more boys, the bigger pool you have to recruit within your hallways – but the SCC and FCIAC up year and down year alike – are consistently shelling out the most competitive teams in the state – NOT THE BEST TEAM all the time, just the most competitive teams, which is my argument, which is why I would love to see an NVL team take on a SCC or FCIAC schedule, where’s Ray Brown?!?!

    Don’t forget about NDWH, West Haven, Shelton, and North Haven!!! – FCIAC was down but it was still a lot better than the NVL with teams like Greenwich, Darien, Stamford, Ridgefield, Norwalk (say what you want, it’s still an 11 win season– you are missing the entire point of my argument, which is to say, top to bottom, the FCIAC and the SCC both, put out the most competitive teams year in and year out. It would be difficult for Ansonia to be in the SCC or the FCIAC, and do what it has done consistently which is run the table in the NVL with little to no resistance. However, after an SCC and FCIAC schedule Ansonia would be set for states with points even with 2, 3 maybe even 4 losses because of the sizes of the school they would play.

    And you disagree because the boys are the same age, same size, same skill? And somehow you decided to tie in ticket sales for the SCC-FCIAC showdown… Sure, it’ll draw fans because of the matchups that are being made – what’s wrong with that again? And how is it bad for CT Football? If you matching up best on best, keeping everything fair, as fair as it can be…

  44. Rob says:

    To comment #10: what was the point of posting that comment in this section?

    It has nothing at all to do with this topic, and only serves to start an Ansonia flame war for the 233rd time (estimated) on this blog.

    If you are proud of Newsome, that is great. Keep it to yourself or save it for a post that is relevant.

  45. PatPatriot says:

    A good link to stat’s and rankings on the last 10 year’s worth of CT football. This may be akin to lobbing a grenade into the pit but enjoy:

    Looking forward to 2012…

  46. another fan says:

    @43 how is it wrong to say any team with the same composition as teams from SCC and FCIAC ,size,skill ,age, etc.can be as good as the SCC and FCIAC teams? My point is there are other teams throughout Connecticut that can match up statisticly.

    I would love an SCC or FCIAC team to fill an open spot on Ansonia’s schedule (just to humble you guys a bit),I don’t know what happened after the year Hilhouse played then they got Sacred Heart the year after? I think it was out of their hands though,some sort of league decision,but it was very disapointing nonetheless,but no matter what Ansonia does people are still going to hate them just because they can beat just about anybody with a smaller enrollment year after year and not being from the shoreline,(or Middletown)how dare they!They have what, 16 titles?That must drive you guys nuts.I would be pissed if I was in your shoes too.

    Yeah ,it would be great for Connecticut’s schools to play against other leagues all over not just SCC and FCIAC,even out of state teams would be interesting, but we need to schedule games on our turf too.I’m all for it.

  47. Pat McGroin says:

    Oh you’re still going on about this? I thought PatPatriot’s link to CalPreps pretty much summed up by argument…

    Quick Stats for you, or as I like to call them, quickie’s – in the top 14, 10 are out of the SCC and FCIAC – Ansonia is #1 and the next NVL team is #25…. And oh – Ansonia’s strength of schedule, 8.4 compared to the rest of the top 10 pretty much made my argument.

  48. another fan says:

    I go by our own state media and our own state coaches not a california web site that only SCC and FCIAC people like your self take merit in… quick stat for you ,Ansonia top 5 more than anyone in Connecticut history….how do you argue that? …Oh you can’t…case closed.What are you FCIAC or SCC…my guess is FCIAC because you can’t get off the SCC’s apron string.

  49. Informant says:

    My buddy that i played college football with is a coach at West Virginia. I asked him about Newsome when he was home for Easter a few weeks ago. He made me aware that everyone began recruiting him when they heard of him.

    With that being said, he then told me that he was being recruited on the fact that he was putting up amazing numbers as a soph. This had all the signs of the next adrian peterson. When the colleges began obtaining film and transcripts they removed him off of his list for several reason. I am not going into those reasons.

    He was a major eye turner from the div 1 colleges. But his recruitment is unfortunately almost over at the 1 A level. He has all the makings of a very serviceable slot rec at the div 2 or 3 level.

  50. another fan says:

    @Pat,As far as the NON-Violent-League comment , every one has heard that one ,it’s pretty old but you’re right they are not violent in the NVL, they play good old fashion hard hitting football just like every league does,some teams will hit harder .I was at the Masuk /Hand game last year and Ansonia hits just as hard as Hand hits but it’s all leagal..You want violence then go join the army, they will find a place where there is plenty of violence for you and whom ever wants to accompany you.

    Sean is well respected here(on this site) for his many years of coverage and local high school football knowledge ,he is paid to watch high school football and comment about the games and teams qualifying him as probably the most experienced in this field because no one sees more games than him in this part of the state.I respect coach “D” a little because he knows the footbal language but he is all SCC and that’s it.My point is that Sean, with all his experience, said himself these teams over-all are not that far apart and I believe he was saying all teams no matter which league they come from.I will agree the NVL has been more dominating in the past but the spreading out of towns (new high schools) that were already thin as well as a few great coaching legends now retired has hurt the league.

    You have no right judging and making mockery of the NVL the way you do then butter up your story (that goes for all of the other anti NVL blogers),I understand that some statistics will probably favor your case somewhat but these teams don’t play each other (NVL vs SCC or FCIAC)and you said your self rankings don’t count ( a statistic ),remember “like BCS”.There is really only one way to answer who is better(you may be surprised), that is on the field.I am all for it as I said before.I would love to see interleague play ,and it’s great the SCC and the FCIAC can make it happen (for them)but I never said it was bad for the state.I think it would be awsome for the whole state to partisipate in some manner as well.

  51. Pat McGroin says:

    Mr. Defensive – I mean @another fan… Sorry – somehow through your constant babble throughout this argument, you’ve somehow managed to say – in an earlier post – that all teams have even skill, even size… hmmm and now somehow you manage to bring up joining the army if you want violence…

    I’m sorry if I seem lost and puzzled… Let’s start with a simple, definitive question – oh and by the way, I feel like I’m the judge on My Cousin Vinny – if you don’t understand that watch this… Oh you would be Vinny.

    So let’s start with a simple question… Do you believe that the NVL top to bottom is as competitive of a league as the SCC and the FCIAC?

    That is to say, don’t look at records – if the SCC and the NVL or the FCIAC and the NVL matched up games the same way the SCC and the FCIAC will – do you think the NVL would win more games than either of the two of those leagues?

    I will give you my answer – No. Not even close to a .500 record.

    I will give you this tho, the NVL plays with 11 players, the same rules, the same size field goals, the same number of referees, the same size football, the same amount of pads and everything!!! That I cannot argue, you are probably right…

  52. Pat McGroin says:

    And in regards to our own state Media – we all use this site because Sean is who he is – I won’t butter him up like you did, in my opinion he needs no introduction…

    Even Sean will tell you that some Sports Writers who get votes in the polls, KNOW NOTHING, and vote for their area teams… So pardon me if I do not take that as seriously and as accurately as you may.

    The most accurate poll for this area is the Elite 8, made up by SPB, and well, do your research – on a blog where the SCC isn’t covered, only Ansonia has really been included in the Elite 8 consistently – not many others from the NVL…

  53. FauxRealism says:

    CalPreps Freeman Ratings:

    “The most important thing to understand about how our computer power ratings system works is that it is 100% objective… Cold, hard, and unfeeling, yes…but as accurate, objective and fair as is possible.”

    CT Dynasty Ratings (Last 10 years)
    Fact #1: Ansonia = #1 dynasty in the state
    Fact #2: Ansonia = weakest strength of schedule of any team in the top 10

    @ Pat – will you agree that Ansonia is #1 dynasty?
    @ Another Fan – will you agree that the Chargers SOS is the worst of all team in the dynasty discussion?

    There. Now we can all get along, and avoid the pointless bickering that pops up in every thread (regardless of topic) on this board.

  54. The only teams from the NVL eligible for Elite 8 are Ansonia, Derby and Woodland…

  55. another fan says:

    @FauxRealism,what ever that means,(for real?) but you are as transparent as Pat, he (Pat) already said how Ansonia is greatly respected and is a high school football treasure in the state of Connecticut(butter cup), but he always tries to make mockery of Ansonia football like you.Ok fine,I will agree to your first fact…there are you happy.Sigh,I feel like a ton off my shoulders, na, this is too much fun…

    I will not agree to your SOS (?)worst team of all in the dynasty discussion.I will always say Ansonia is the best team in the dynasty discussion.

    I feel sorry for you Mr. “I won’t listen to no body but myself”,reminds me of a loud mouth pompus coach named Lou.If you realy think I just babble then why do even reply?I reply to you because it makes my night go by faster.What’s your excuse?You’re FCIAC right?Can’t answer that?Like I said before ,I still like the idea of interleague games and wish the NVL could schedule some of those great teams you guy have there .

  56. johnnyribbs says:

    Yikes Sean, I know things have been tough on the hill at DeBarber Field…but Seymour “could” be in the Elite 8 no? They used to pop up here and there!

  57. Pat McGroin says:

    Never argued they weren’t a Dynasty – Great Program, Tradition is power.

    I agree they are #1 Dynasty

  58. JB says:

    great match up every year would be Ansonia and Shelton … T-day

  59. Weasel says:

    I thought this was supposed to be about SCC v FCIAC? Why is Ansonia being mentioned here? It’s completely irrelevant to this topic (and has to some degree ruined the discussion).

  60. kris1 says:

    @59. Been there done that. Ansonia is 53-10-4 all-time against Shelton. They’re 68-34-10 versus Naugatuck on T-day, and it’s one of the longest rivalries in the country, at 112 years.

  61. S.O.S. says:

    @another fan – What is your problem with Coach Marinelli?

    All this chat about Ansonia in an FCIAC SCC discussion… I don’t think there is any doubt on this blog where the better competition lies… FCIAC vs. SCC – the two best conferences going head to head, very cool.

  62. johnnyribbs says:

    @59 – BOTH Ansonia and Shelton have pretty good rivalries on T-day both 100+ years worth of history. No need to make a change there, thank you very much.

    Agree with you Kris1 on all time record v. Shelton, but when is the last year those two towns locked horns when it counted? Shelton is such a bigger town than it was decades ago. Just ask Derby.

    Don’t reference scrimmage scores either please.

  63. another fan says:


    What is my problem with Lou? This, I don’t like loud people who try to impress high school kids by being loud and obnoxious.

    If it was not him, then who was it? I am of course refering to the Hand/Masuk game when I sat next to about 10 players and coaches from New Cannan…Also, are you referenced in post #53? I don’t get the SOS in that one unless he (fauxRealism)is signaling for help.

  64. another fan says:


    The 2 most consistanly top heavy leagues (I’ll give you that). 2 or 3 deep on each,the rest are horible.

  65. kris1 says:

    I believe the last time Ansonia/Shelton played, during the regular season, was in 1992. Jason Tinney, returning from a concussion, rushed 24 time for 217 yards, 3 TDs in an Ansonia romp. Shelton’s first win against Ansonia came in 1935. They won 5 times when Ed Finn coached in 1950, ’54, ’55, ’56 and ’60 (he had ties in ’49 and ’52); they had wins in ’68, ’69, ’74, and ’86 (Doug Morrell, in his first and last season at AHS, was beaten by all the Valley schools that season.) Ansonia won the next six in a row before the series ended. If I remember correctly, ’89-’92 were all Ansonia blowouts.

  66. another fan says:



    Shelton had 35,418 people in 1990 and grew to 39,559 in 2010.
    Ansonia was 18,403 in 1990 and 19,249 in 2010.I think t-day should be left alone too. Ansonia vs Naugy is 2nd oldest in the state behind NFA vs New London.

    Shelton vs Trumbul would be a good (fciac vs scc)match up because they have so much in common,St Joe’s reaps their players from both of those towns,both are LL and both have great traditions, and are next door to each other.

  67. Xavier Fan says:

    My son plays for Xavier, Sean even though Xavier isn’t covered here, I love the website, you always give great insight. I was curious about the SCC and FCIAC matchups, so I began to read, and interested in the comments… I was at the Hand/Masuk Game and sat directly behind 5 or 6 New Canaan Coaches wearing those jackets, no players were there.

    We sparked conversation, Coach Marinelli was not there, however they couldn’t have been more friendly… They were talkative with my son, his friends and teammates who attended. Basically the opposite of what you are saying, and I had a first hand experience and encounter with them.

    I would love to see Xavier-Greenwich, Xavier-Staples, or Xavier-New Canaan… But this is far away, next year Xavier and Hand will be a great game…

  68. Since we got waaaay off topic on this post, let me redirect:

    Here’s how I’d do it:

    St. Joseph-Fairfield Prep
    Central-West Haven
    Darien-North Haven
    New Canaan-Hand
    Ridgefield-Notre Dame
    Warde-Lyman Hall
    Norwalk-Wilbur Cross
    Trinity Catholic-Guilford
    Bassick-East Haven

  69. JB says:

    @Xavier Fan … this FCIAC fan has total respect for your program as well – class coach with strong character kids. Hand program, same deal. I would love to see Xavier vs NC and Hand vs Staples. The SCC/FCIAC annual game could become an intra-division “challenge” matchup. Would need to also weave Greenwich and Darien into the same approach with the SCC’s other strongest A and AA programs. Concept could go further down the list as possible. And then rotate the matchups every two years. This approach would create intriguing games not otherwise possible and provide unique on-field input for the voters regarding the state-wide rankings.

  70. Dr. Von Nostran says:

    Any discussion on when the games would be scheduled? I’m hoping it’s two per week throughout the season…rather than one “challenge week”.

  71. Challenge Week. Week 1

  72. Dr. Von Nostran says:

    Ok…well….can we at least have four start times? (Friday night, Sat 10:30, 2:00, 6:00)

  73. Seeing as it’s the first week of the season, I don’t see how they won’t go Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday

  74. Dr. Von Nostran says:

    Even better.

  75. another fan says:


    Thanks for clearing that up.It looked like there were some players(NC) ,maybe they wondered away before you got there? Unless they were very young coaches.Xavier team mates were well behaved and respectful I might add.