Naugatuck’s Rob Plasky resigns amid investigation

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Rob Plasky, the longest-tenured football coach in the NVL, has resigned as Naugatuck football coach amid allegations that he violated CIAC rules by  providing money to the foster mother of All-American wide receiver David Coggins, the Naugatuck Patch has reported this morning.

Plasky submitted his resignation this morning to Naugatuck principal Jan Saam.

Here is Saam’s statement as provided to Naugatuck Patch.

“During his tenure, (Plasky) showed passion for the game and commitment to the students and program by working closely with administration and the athletic director. He was well liked by the players and his actions were always with the best intentions of the athletes in mind.

“It is a regrettable situation and I wish only the best for Coach Plasky. I am grateful for the many years he brought his expertise to the high school to build up the football program. Many students benefited from his instruction, leadership and caring both on and off the field over the course of the years.

“There is an on-going investigation into the events leading up to his resignation surrounding possible CIAC rule violations, so I am not at liberty to comment on the specifics of his resignation.”

Assistant coach Shawn Kuczenski is the interim coach.

A Naugatuck alumni, the 46-year old Plasky took over in 2001 and won two NVL titles over 11 seasons. He is alleged to have provided $2,000 to Meme Martin, the guardian of Coggins and mother of former Sacred Heart QB Javon Martin, for undetermined reasons, Naugatuck Patch reported late Thursday.

According to several reports in the Republican-American, the two players had withdrawn from from Sacred Heart-Waterbury and were attempting to enroll at Naugatuck. Meme Martin complained publicly to the paper she was having trouble finding residence in the town and owed money to Sacred Heart, which was withholding the players’ school transcripts.

The CIAC issued this statement.

“he CIAC has been notified by Naugatuck High School of a potential recruiting violation. The school will be submitting a report to the CIAC Board of Control. When the report is received it will be reviewed and acted upon. Prior to the report being received it would be inappropriate to comment on what action could be taken.”


The CIAC will undoubtedly investigate the matter once they receive Naugatuck’s report. Naugatuck could be facing serious penalties, including a hefty fine, probation and/or suspension of activities.

As for Coggins and Martin, if they end up at a Waterbury public school they will be forced to sit half a season due to CIAC transfer rules. There’s a slight chance they could sit for an entire season if it determined they were transferring for athletic reasons. That’s tough to prove, and anecdotal evidence already points to hardship.

There is also a sudden question of Coggins’ NCAA eligibility. If an investigation finds that it is true Meme Martin received money from Plasky, then Coggins might be forced to sit a few games (a la Ryan Boatright) when he reaches Boston College next year.

Sean Patrick Bowley