2013 SCC-FCIAC Challenge being tripped up by details (updated)

The FCIAC voted Tuesday night to approve its cross-league matchup with the SCC in the 11-game 2013 season.

The coaches have long agreed to a tentative proposal that would have the two powerhouses play in opening week, with matchups to be determined after the 2012 season has concluded.

Though the SCC coaches are on board with the agreement as well, they want to play the games week 6.

Amity prevented a Week 1 agreement with the FCIAC because AD Paul Mengold wanted to revive the school’s long dormant rivalry with Seymour. The SCC accommodated Amity by giving it one of its nine byes.

So the SCC’s coaches are hoping to persuade the FCIAC to agree to switch the schedule to accommodate Amity’s desire to play Seymour.

The FCIAC coaches, however, are slightly perturbed by this point.

“The whole point of week 1 was to get everybody excited for football, it would have been a great way to kick off the season,” said one FCIAC coach. “Now we have to go to week 6 because of one school?”

Some of the FCIAC coaches have issues playing the likes of powerhouses Hand, Xavier or West Haven well into the season, in the middle of their league schedules. They’d prefer to play the games Week 1 while both teams are fresh.

“The whole point of moving this to week six is so that all 19 of our teams will participate in the FCIAC-SCC challenge,” SCC commissioner Al Carbone said.

So this isn’t a done deal just yet. But it’s close.

Then we’ll get to the other problem facing the crossover: fairly and accurately matching up the league’s teams.

Stay tuned.


Update (Wednesday night):

A few things to understand from the FCIAC’s side:

They want to make a big deal out of this with a big preseason buildup, including hype by MSG Varsity, which (I’m told) has agreed to televise approximately four games if they are held week 1.

By Week 6, the FCIAC argues, many of the matchups will have lost their luster, especially those involving struggling teams. In Week 1, however, everything’s new. The teams are unknown. There’s still excitement about everybody’s football program heading into the season. It’s  great kickoff event.

And, finally, the FCIAC was hoping to stretch the week out, perhaps play some games on Wednesday, some on Thursday, Friday and Saturday so fans can catch all of the games they want to see. By Week 6, the window to stretch the matchups out decreases.

So you can begin to understand why they’re perturbed.

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Sean Patrick Bowley

17 Responses

  1. johnnyribbs says:

    I wonder if the FCIAC coach complaining about accommodations being made for ‘one school’ is the same guy who has them make accommodations for ‘one school’ in the CIAC championship games at the RENT regarding start times for fans/teams traveling from Fairfield County.

    If Amity had an agreement with Seymour to revive what was a pretty powerful old rivalry, big kudos to the AD for keeping his word and sticking to his guns.

    Let’s be real here, Amity will get a better gate playing Seymour than ANY of their potential FCIAC match ups. We all have big excitement for top tier match ups (Xavier, Hand, NC, Greenwich), but the middle of bottom of the pack guys probably don’t much care about this cross conference stuff.

  2. Chris Berman says:

    FCIAC sounds scared, but it is ridiculous that Amity is keeping this whole thing from happening. I think this will be great for CT football, the best teams in the state (Hand, Xavier, Staples, NC, etc) need to diversify their schedules more instead of playing the same 10 teams every year.

  3. JB says:

    Amity calling the shots? Come on. Just dump them from the challenge.

  4. Frank says:

    Amity vs. Seymour: Is that a joke! Big LL school vs a little valley school. How is that a rivalry?

  5. As an Amity alum, I get Amity’s wishes to revive that Seymour game. Wasn’t a huge rivalry (Seymour usually won), but it was a rivalry in the Housatonic League days. Played every Saturday before Thanksgiving.

  6. JB says:

    Sorry, Sean … take my shoe off and insert into my mouth! No disrespect to Amity, but there are bigger fish to fry than Seymour in regards to the overall league “challenge” – no?

  7. johnnyribbs says:

    The school districts touch, and they played for 30+ years in the Housy. As SPB pointed out not the biggest/best of Housy rivalries, maybe each team’s #3 “rival”?

    But back in the early 90’s when the Amity QB’s mom jumped the fence at DeBarber to scream at Spoony for running up the score and beating on her kid to much……well it was a pretty good rivalry that day.

  8. @johnnyribbs – I think it was amity’s biggest. …and who, I wonder, was that mother who jumped the fence. Had to have been somebody I knew.

  9. johnnyribbs says:

    @sean -I believe the kid’s old man used to call the games on Cable 10, if that helps you get there……

  10. @johnnyribbs — Oh, man… er… I’ll have to ask my Amity football buddies. Early 90s was my era.

  11. Brian says:


    I’m assuming the above should read after the 2012 season not 2013. we can’t figure out the 2013 matchups after the 2013 season lol.

    Also I think they should set the games up now because waiting doesn’t do anything. If staples goes 10-0 and xavier goes 10-0 in 2012 but they graduate everyone then come 2013 when they put the two vs each other its not the same teams (other than name) so whats the point in waiting til after 2012?

  12. Rob says:


    Any info on the proposed SWC-NVL cross matchup taking place in 2013?

    Can I interest you in Ansonia vs Masuk?

  13. The impending SWC-NVL deal, which we haven’t discussed at all, is a Week 6 thing from what limited knowledge I have about it at the moment. Hence why the Seymour-Amity game can’t get moved from Week 1 to possibly help the FCIAC-SWC matchups (and, by extension the SWC-NVL matchups) . … I’ll have more on this later.

  14. Baron says:

    This would be a perfect time to end some of the Masuk hype. Why doesn’t Masuk play some of the big boys in the SCC. This way all the BS regarding Masuk being the best in the state each year will have some clarity during the year.

  15. The SWC-NVL will be crossing over (see post). So you’re going to see Masuk-Ansonia, probably.

  16. kris1 says:

    @10 Does the name “Brad Chernovitz” ring a bell?

  17. @kris – why yes, yes that does