2013 SCC-FCIAC Challenge being tripped up by details (updated)

The FCIAC voted Tuesday night to approve its cross-league matchup with the SCC in the 11-game 2013 season.

The coaches have long agreed to a tentative proposal that would have the two powerhouses play in opening week, with matchups to be determined after the 2012 season has concluded.

Though the SCC coaches are on board with the agreement as well, they want to play the games week 6.

Amity prevented a Week 1 agreement with the FCIAC because AD Paul Mengold wanted to revive the school’s long dormant rivalry with Seymour. The SCC accommodated Amity by giving it one of its nine byes.

So the SCC’s coaches are hoping to persuade the FCIAC to agree to switch the schedule to accommodate Amity’s desire to play Seymour.

The FCIAC coaches, however, are slightly perturbed by this point.

“The whole point of week 1 was to get everybody excited for football, it would have been a great way to kick off the season,” said one FCIAC coach. “Now we have to go to week 6 because of one school?”

Some of the FCIAC coaches have issues playing the likes of powerhouses Hand, Xavier or West Haven well into the season, in the middle of their league schedules. They’d prefer to play the games Week 1 while both teams are fresh.

“The whole point of moving this to week six is so that all 19 of our teams will participate in the FCIAC-SCC challenge,” SCC commissioner Al Carbone said.

So this isn’t a done deal just yet. But it’s close.

Then we’ll get to the other problem facing the crossover: fairly and accurately matching up the league’s teams.

Stay tuned.


Update (Wednesday night):

A few things to understand from the FCIAC’s side:

They want to make a big deal out of this with a big preseason buildup, including hype by MSG Varsity, which (I’m told) has agreed to televise approximately four games if they are held week 1.

By Week 6, the FCIAC argues, many of the matchups will have lost their luster, especially those involving struggling teams. In Week 1, however, everything’s new. The teams are unknown. There’s still excitement about everybody’s football program heading into the season. It’s  great kickoff event.

And, finally, the FCIAC was hoping to stretch the week out, perhaps play some games on Wednesday, some on Thursday, Friday and Saturday so fans can catch all of the games they want to see. By Week 6, the window to stretch the matchups out decreases.

So you can begin to understand why they’re perturbed.

Sean Patrick Bowley