Oh, by the way: There is a 2013 SWC-NVL Challenge, too.

Lost amid all of the sudden bile and rancor over the finer points of the SCC-FCIAC Football Challenge in 2013 is that the NVL and SWC have hammered out a similar agreement to match their leagues against eachother during the 11-game 2013 season, as well. In fact, they have had an agreement since last year.

“We like to do things quietly here,” Bunnell athletic director and SWC Dave Johnson said.

Here’s how it breaks down:

The two leagues are taking aggregate records from 2011 and 2012 and ranking their teams 1-14 and matching them up to form the 2013 matchup schedule. The following season, however, the SCC-NVL teams will switch opponents. The No. 1 teams will play the No. 2s, the No. 3 teams will crossover to the No. 4s, and so-on.

“We might make an adjustment if there’s a gross mismatch at the bottom (of the standings) in terms of school size,” Johnson said. “But for the most part it won’t change.

The SWC-NVL games will be played in Week 6, Johnson said, because the NVL prefers to keep the date open for its schools to find non-conference games of their liking. (This is why Amity and Seymour have matched up in 2013 Week 1, throwing a monkey wrench into the FCIAC-SCC desires).

“We think it’ll be a fun break in Week 6,” Johnson said. “You might have a good matchup between teams that are doing well. And for the teams doing not-so-well, maybe you’ll get a good, fair matchup.”

So it’s possible we’ll get Masuk-Ansonia, Newtown-Holy Cross, Pomperaug-Wolcott, and so on. Then, the next season you’ll have something like Masuk-Holy Cross, Ansonia-Newtown, etc. Each team will get a home game in the agreement.

Sean Patrick Bowley