Week 2 Primer and Live Updates

Welcome back.

Not a ton of questions were answered in Week 1 of the high school football season. So let’s take a look at what Week 2’s got in store for us.

Here are a bunch of goodies from Team Hearst CT (we’ve even thrown in a Brunswick preview for you prep school fans), links to other, relevant newspaper stories and places to watch and listen online:

And, of course, you can check the live blog below for all of your regional scores.


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  1. Honus says:

    My FCIAC week 2 lines:
    Greenwich -38 Bassick
    Ridgefield -30 Ludlowe
    McMahon -24 Harding
    Staples -19 Central
    NC -14 Trinity
    Darien -13 Warde
    Norwalk -12 Stamford
    Trumbull -10 westhill
    Wilton -6 St Joseph

  2. Rob says:

    My (not very) educated guesses for those FCIAC lines by Honus:

    Bassick +38: Greenwich takes it easy. Backdoor cover for Lions.
    Ridgefield -30: Ridgefield makes up for last week.
    McMahon -24: I will take thr Senators here.
    Staples -19: Wtreckers roll job.
    NC -14: I am reading lots of TC love on this site. Rams are still the Rams until proven otherwise.
    Darien -13: Wave is not super strong, but not bad either.
    Stamford +12: No clue on this. I will take Knights bc I like their logo.
    Trumbull -10: Hey, maybe Branford is really good (Hint: They are not)
    St Joseph +6: Hogs are spunky. Like them here.

  3. Guys, let’s not start posting lines please. This is high school and that’s not a line I’d like to cross.

  4. bball fan says:

    Rob… If you think Branford is not that good (but they are), then Trumbull is even worse. So why would you take Trumbull -10?

  5. Mike says:

    West Haven is big and fast.I dont mean big and bulky either.They are as athletic a group I have seen in recent yrs.West Haven will beat Hand.Game of yr in entire state might be WH at Palmer.Look out for Blue Devils

  6. Brian says:

    Where is Trumbull fan with that 3-0 Eagles team that was gonna beat Greenwich lol. First Branford now Westhill? Maffaei needs to resign.

  7. perspective says:

    Yea Brian I was actually wondering the same thing about that Trumbull fan, he is probably hanging out with the Ridgefield fans who were crowing on here all Summer

  8. Gminski Rules says:

    Cant find a game report anywhere on line, so please allow me to report:

    Milone! Milone! Milone!..5 more TD’s for Milone last night, 41-21 Masuk W over a feisty New Milford squad. Masuk went into power running formation for most of 2nd half, Milone/Bacarella churning chunks of yards. I don’t think anyone can beat Masuk this year when they go to that offense. NM did stop the big play to Milone, think his longest run was “only” about 30yds, but after last week’s couple of 80 yarders, they did contain the big play. In any event, let’s say the Masuk “most TD’s in a season” record is in serious jeopardy. 10 after 2 weeks,wow!
    New Milford should be pleased with their effort though, they played hard all night, defense battled all night and their offense showed some flashes, moved the ball very well at times. I saw the game last year and Masuk had starters out by end of 3rd Q..It was all varsity all night..actually a pretty good game, but another great Masuk performance.

  9. Giminski … The game report is in the

  10. Xhs says:

    Gminski tell that to Hand. They will beat you again.

  11. Xhs says:

    SPB got Prep in your elite 8? Or u going to wait until they play us next week?

  12. Brian says:

    We must put check points out for JAY. I said earlier this week if TC beat his “should have been ranked 3rd” rams we would have to guard the local bridges. JAY please report to us that u are ok even though the rams are not!

    Great job this week by the Stamford schools which we can’t say all that often.

  13. John Flynn says:

    @xhs tell hand to stop using h drol before semi-final games.

  14. UBilly says:

    @Mike – went to the West Haven @ Guilford game. West Haven not real impressive. Guilford banded them around. Lead was down to 6 points with 6 minutes to go in 4th Q, Guilford with the ball. Turned it over on a nice 4th down stop by WH D, but until then, looked like a huge upset in the making. I don’t know what was wrong with WH, but the Indians made them look very average except for the strength of their backs bouncing off tackles being the key to the win. I am not taking anything away from either team, just poiting out Guilford shut out by North Haven, but put up points in bunches against West Haven.

  15. Honus says:

    @Rob. Good job. When making high school predictions, one always has to account for the starters being pulled early in likely blowout games. I used “lines” because it was easy for me to highlight how close a game might be. I guess I’ll have to find a better way, per SPB.

    We all knew Greenwich, Ridgefield, Staples, and McMahon were going to pile on points, and they did. Of their opponents, I thought Central would have the best chance of scoring, and indeed they dropped two sure TDs and a Pick6 in half 1, but were throttled in half 2; both Staples and Central are capable of playing way better. The new Norwalk is Stamford; must be their uniforms. I thought Trumbull/Westhill and Wilton/St Joe would be close, but had to favor the teams that have had more succes of late. I had heard Trumbull was the weakest anyone can remember (no disrespect to Westhill) and we know St Joe gave Staples fits until they went into warp drive, but wow, what a statement by St. Joe, and kudos to Westhill. NC will get better, but future opponents McMahon, St Joe, and Stamford will as well. Circle Stamford @ TC on 10/13, a Saturday game.

  16. Xhs says:

    I can’t remember a year where only after two weeks class L only has 9 undefeated teams. For the past couple of years there were arguments that this might be the most competitive and dominant class from top to bottom. Surprised how things have changed.

  17. Weasel says:

    i saw Gminski put 56 in the net vs Weston in 1976. he didnt move well then, still growing into his body, but he was 6’11” and our center was 6’3″.