CPTV highlights: Xavier 35, Fairfield Prep 14 (The Movie!)

From the good folks at CPTV, highlights from top-ranked Xavier’s 35-14 victory over Fairfield Prep on Saturday night at Palmer Field.

See D’Angelo Berry touch the ball twice in the first two minutes of the game. See him race for a pair of touchdowns to dump Prep into a 14-0 hole.

See the Jesuits pick themselves up and battle back behind John Moten to get within 21-7 at the break and 28-14 after four quarters. See Boston College recruit and Xavier quarterback Tim Boyle throw an absolute rainbow for the clinching score on the first play of the fourth quarter.

See all you need to know!

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Sean Patrick Bowley

8 Responses

  1. GHS1973 says:

    Thanks for the video…The X QB looks like he has a big time arm, and Berry stumbled and they still couldn’t catch him…Moten on Prep looked good too…Two good teams

  2. JB says:

    Sean you are the man, thanks. My observation:

    X Defense? THIS YEAR. Prep drove the ball on Xavier to score 2 TDs with about 250 yds of solid total offense. LAST YEAR. Prep had less than 70 yds total offense most of which came in the 2nd half against the X 2nd team. Score Xavier 35-0 (all in the first half).

    X Offense? THIS YEAR. Xavier had about 350 yds in total offense. Nearly 200 yds came on 3 plays. The most striking thing … the Xavier first team was playing in the 4th quarter throwing the deep ball to try to put more points on the board (which it did) – a bit worried about that ranking mighty Xavier? LAST YEAR. D’Amato had the pads off in the 3rd quarter with the starting OL doing yoga on the sidelines. Xavier had 500 yds of total offense last year, with most of that in the first half. Where was the X-OL THIS YEAR? Getting ice after a Prep game … GULP.

    Conclusion: THIS YEAR. Xavier will be challenged for its #1 spot … showdown with Hand will be the litmus test … BUT neither team may be #1. Stay tuned.

  3. another fan says:

    Hand may beat Xavier,Xavier may beat staples in the LL , and windsor could beat Hand in L,leaving Ansonia #1

  4. mueller says:

    Sean first off great work as always, second could you possibly list your top 10 poll you submit each week for us to scrutinize and argue with you about ? haha, but seriously I enjoy looking at Pucci’s every week. Speaking of, he has Newtown pretty high, which I actually agree with, I am not one to disrespect Masuk, and I

  5. mueller says:

    do think they’re still the team to beat in the SWC but considering the fact that Newtown is looking very impressive, shouldn’t they garner more consideration for the top 10 state polls? And everyone acts like Masuk has a hex over the Hawks and they never lose to them, but they did knock them out of the playoffs as an underdog in 2009- think the fact that Pompy and Bunnell are way down hurts the league

  6. @meuller – ehhh… I have enough headaches. Fill in the blanks on the Elite 8.

  7. FCIAC lives says:

    mueller, they aren’t ranked as high as you hope becuase most know they are young and not too fast and their record is inflated due to playing in the SWC. They should beat Brookfield as most Class LL should beat Class M teams especially in the SWC and then you will get your rankings up their until they play Masuk.

  8. Paul says:

    @another fan….And finally, Ansonia deserves to be #1 based on what?Beating Torrington,Derby,Watertown ect…..Great team but won’t play a ranked team all year….#1 will go to either Hand,or Xavier or Staples depending how everything shakes out…..Ansonia will finish #2 based on the rest of the teams beating each other.